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My actual name--the one used most commonly--is Adelpha, and one I've grown fond of. It's Greek--whoopee... Elphie is what I used to hear most of the time. Now I hear Elpha. Or just Adelpha, whichever. I'm fifteen. Yay. I tend to get obsessed with things easily, and right now, I'm obsessed with Wicked. I've been that way for three years, but it's ebbing away. Maybe it'll bounce back like a hyper basketball when I see the musical.

Quotes of the Week: (because I'm a rip-off-artist like that)

Violet: Are you tired?

Me: (yawns) No, I'm bursting with fruit flavour.

- From Me. And Violet.

Amelia: I see dead people.

Me: So? I see stupid people all the time, so stop hogging the glory.

- Amelia and I!

Ria: There's something wrong with my ear. It's attached to something...

Me: Yes, it is! You noticed!

- Ria being an airhead, and me being me.

Me: So yesterday, after Gilmore Girls, I was so mad at it for leaving me at such a cliffhanger that I chucked a colouring book at the screen.

Ria: What? A cliffhanger? (confused) How'd you get there?

- Ria and I.

Quiet, fool! (slaps said fool with something)

- Me!

Whatever Pola wants, Pola gets.

- Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.

Favourite Books:

Wicked by Gregory Maguire (Read four times, almost five)

Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire (read it twice).


Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Courteney Cox Arquette, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Adam Sandler, Matthew Perry.

Television Shows:

Friends, Gilmore Girls - my current favourite, Everybody Loves Raymond, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


I have no clue which one.

Card Games:

Rummy 500.


WICKED, Idina Menzel, Carole King and Louise Goffin (Gilmore Girls theme), The Rembrandts (Friends Theme), Nelly Furtado.


"Hush, you useless boy, before I remove your testicles with my foot."

-Elphaba (book).

"I'd give a lot to achieve fun. The best I usually hope for is stirring, and when people say that they're usually referring to digestion."

-Elphaba (book).

"I don't cause commotions. I am one."

-Elphaba (musical).

"You're not so bold at all.You're about as bold as tea made from used leaves."

-Elphaba (book).

"Looks are only looks."

-Elphaba (book).

". . .You give me dyspepsia, Avaric. You and the beans we had at lunch."

-Elphaba (book).

"Behold the male beast roaring in the jungle for his mate. See how the female beast giggles behind a shrub while she organizes her face to say, 'Pardon dear, did you say something?'"

-Elphaba (book).

"In the morning, I will have bags under my eyes that should have TUMI stamped on them."

- Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.

Luke: I haven’t raised the price of my toast in seven years, Kirk. It’s still a bargain.
Kirk: I’ll give you a dollar four.
Luke: No.
Kirk: A dollar five. That’s my last offer.
Luke: Do I look like e-bay?

- Gilmore Girls

Kirk: You overcharged me for the toast. It’s only supposed to be a dollar.
Luke: I didn’t overcharge you, Kirk. I raised the price of wheat toast. It’s a dollar ten.
Kirk: You’re kidding.
Luke: I don’t do toast humor.

- Gilmore Girls. (Too much on the toast, I know, but I like the toast humour.)

Luke: Where we going?
Lorelai: To Funkytown.

- Gilmore Girls.

Paris: But what does a t-shirt say about me?
Lorelai: Well -
Paris: More importantly, what does it say to Doyle about me?
Lorelai: Sweetie, it's just a t-shirt. They don't tend to be that chatty.

- Gilmore Girls.

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