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A little blurb about me: I've been reading fanfiction since I was, well, younger than I should have been. I tend to favor odd pairings, the more 'unpossible' the better, as long as the writer is a good one. My favorite fandoms are:

Final Fantasy VIII
Harry Potter
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Sailor Moon

But that is by no means the limit to what I enjoy, or read.

My first story is complete, and can be read below. Eventually I may go back and re-edit it to clean up some of the stilted writing and other mistakes, but since it was my first bit of writing ever and I spent way too long on it already, don't hold your breath. Still, if you read it, I really would like your opinion on it, even if you didn't like it, I'd still like to know why (concise constructive criticism please. "I hate it" or "U SUCK" won't help me improve.)

I'm in the process of writing another story in the Final Fantasy 8 realm, this time focusing on Quistis. I know the game's time has come and passed, but I have so many ideas for stories that were never written that I can't help but try to get them out. I'm currently suffering from a bit of writer's block on this one, so who knows when it will be out.

If you've stumbled across this bio because of a review I've written this information may be interesting:

I'm currently working through my long list of fanfiction I've read in the past and going back to review. I've always been horrible at reviewing for a few reasons, namely that I never had the time to do it right and I didn't know what I should say beyond the unhelpful but pleasant, "great job, keep writing"—Ugh, stupid much? Of course now that I've actually written something and see the many hits without even that much to be said about my story, I regret being one of those readers. So I'm going to do my best to review everything I read. And since I'm spending the time to give concrit reviews I've decided I might as well review for the reader too. You can find those reviews on my Livejournal page, username Moonstruckkitty. I tend to stick to the fandoms and pairings I like to read, which probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm always open to requests. As long as I know a little about the fandom I'm willing to review anything. That also goes for stories here, if you've posted something and aren't getting enough feedback PM me and I'd be happy to look at your story.

Currently I'm in the mood for sappy romance so I'm reviewing Sailor Moon first season romance stories, for anyone interested.

IMPORTANT: (Sort of :P) If you're interested in having me beta I might be able to accept one shot works with 5000 words or less or a complete, chapter story of less than 2000 words per chapter. I have a full time author I work for and another that contacts me sporadically and they take precedence, but I've begun to have a little more time in my schedule for short jobs. My profile says on vacation (or should anyway) but if you want, I think you can still read it.

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