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Name: Erin or Mrs. Aaron Stanford or Mrs. Zachary Quinto or Mrs. Jake Green or Mrs. Jason Biggs or Mrs. Shawn Spencer or Mrs. Peter Petrelli
Nickname: ...?...
Age: Almost fourteen
Gender: Female
Location: U.S.A
Siblings: James(fifteen), Travis(Eleven), and Cole(One)
Hair: Medium Black
Eyes: Brown

Color: Royal Blue
Car: Beetle
Tree: Willow
Animal: Wolf, Cat, Horse
Soda Flavor: Diet Coca-Cola
Series: Warriors, Bloody Jack Adventures, Uglies Trilogy
Non-Series: Fairest, East...
Fantasy Creature: Dragon and Elf
Movie: Pride and Prejudice, War of the Worlds, Narnia, POTC 1&2, Employee of the month, American Wedding, Fluke, Click, Big Daddy...
T.V Shows: Jericho, Lost, Traveler, Heroes, Psych, Drake and Josh
Channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, Animal Planet
Actors: Ricky Ullman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Jason Biggs, John Heder, Skeet Ulrich, Will Ferrel, Aaron Stanford, Hugh Grant, Zachary Quinto, James Roday, Milo Ventimiglia.
Quote: A good friend will bail you out of Jail, But a TRUE friend will be sitting next to you saying, "...We messed up..."
Live together, die alone
Evil or not, Sylar is hawt!
Saying: "Umm...Umm..And...Yeah"

Favorite Characters
Sylar (I have a thing for villians. They are so cool)
Peter (Loved him from the beginning)
Matt (LOVE him)
Nathan (I warmed up to him. I can't explain why I like him, I just do)
Hiro (How adorable!)
Kate (She's an independent, strong, and smart woman)
Jack (The thing is, I liked him SO much more before he got captured by the others)
Charlie (What's not to love?)
Hurley (Can you feel the love, dude?)
Jake (Love him to no extent)
Jimmy (Just do. No questions asked.)
Stanley (Do I need to explain?)
Emily (She has her moments)
Ted (He was cool)
Mimi (Again, has her moments)
Sean (His...stupidness is adorable)
Will (LOVE him to death!)
Jay (Don't we all love him?)
Tyler (Just do.)
Agent Borjes (Just do.)
Shawn (Duh! He is SO funny AND handsome. You don't find guys like that very often.)
Gus (Sensible. He keeps Shawn balanced.)
Lassiter (He's funny to watch.)
Xmen Movie Series
Pyro (All the way man. He was the reason why I started watching the series. Because Aaron Stanford plays him.)
Cyclops (I can't belive he's dead :( !)

Hated Characters
Isaac (I just didn't connect with him.)
Ted (Eh.)
Simone (I didn't like the way she bounced between Isaac and Peter)
Mr. Bennet (He's boring.)
Ben (Who doesn't hate him?)
Juliet (Arg!)
Locke (Gah! H.A.T.E him!)
Gray (...)
Eric (I don't like him because, he left his wife.)
Dale (Not feeling it)
Gracie (She got on my nerves)
Mary (Eh.)
Dale (SO annoying. Quite trying to act like a man!)
Juliet (She can sometimes get on my nerves.)

Favorite Couples
Heroes -

ClairexZach (Just like this couple)
NathanxNiki (I just like this couple)
D.LxNiki (Married, Duh!)
MattxAudrey (Just do)
MollyxMicah (How cute, young love)
JackxKate (Jate is Fate)
ClairexCharlie (Cutest couple on the island)
AlexxKarl (Awww...How adorable)
DaniellexSayid (Just do)
SunxMicheal (Just do)
SunxJin (Married, duh!)
SayidxShannon (That was hot while it lasted)
SaywerxJuliet (Kate and Jack is fate. Why not Sawyer and Juliet?)
Jericho -
JakexEmily (They love each other. Don't deny it)
RogerxHeather (That would be cute)
TedxHeather (Looked like chemistry)
EricxApril (I loved this couple)
HawkinsxDarcy (They need to fall in love again)
DalexSkylar (This was cute at first, but now it's starting to get on my nerves.)
Traveler -
JayxKim (This is one of those couples you can't hate)
Agent MarlowxAgent Borjes (? Can you blame me?)
WillxMe(Hehe) (I love Will and me's ship name. Will+Erin=Win)
TylerxNell (Sure)
ShawnxJuliet (It's fun to watch them interact, but I don't like her that much.)
JulietxLassiter (Now, that's interesting.)
Love Actually
MarkxJuliet (I looked forward to every scene they were in. Favorite couple of the whole movie)
NataliexDavid (So adorable. I love Hugh Grant. Amazing Actor)
JamiexAurelia (Adorable)
SamxJoanna (Cute)
Catch and Release -
GrayxDennis (Favorite Couple. Heck Yes!)
GrayxFritz (Why not?)
SamxMaureen (Adorable.)

Hated Couples
Heroes -
ClairexPeter (Thier uncle and neice for crying out loud! Not to mention she's 17 and he's in his mid twenties.)
SylarxMohinder (WTF?!)
PeterxSylar (WTF?!)
PeterxClaude (They. Are. Not. Gay)
HiroxAndo (I'm getting tired of these '//' couples)
PeterxSimone (He deserves better. To bad she died, though.)
Lost -
SawyerxKate (Uh-huh. Never will I like this couple)
DesmondxClaire (Nope)
SunxKate (...?)
JackxSawyer (WTF?! Who even thought of this?)
JackxJuliet (Never.)
Jericho -
HeatherxJake (Wtf. Never in a million years. He deserves someone more mature)
EmilyxRoger (When he came back, the spark just wasn't there)
EricxMary (Sorry...just don't.)
JakexMaggie (Never did. Never will.)
Traveler -
WillxMaya (I'm too jealous to like this couple.)
WillxAlex (Nada)
JayxTyler (God no.)
JayxWill or TylerxWill (Not a chance in heck)
ShawnxGus (Gah! No! I HATE '//' couples on my shows. Make's my skin crawl.)
ShawnxLassiter (God no.)
ShawnxHenry (Never in a million years)
Love Actually
HarryxKaren (Poor Karen. I cried with her.)
HarryxMia (I dislike Mia)
Anything with Colin (Don't like his character.)

Television Shows (In Order)
Jericho (I love this show SO much! I always will no matter what!)
Heroes (LOVE it! I came in around the fifth or so episode, but went back and watched those.)
Traveler (This is SO good! Great acting. I love it so much)
Psych (Hilarious! This is SO cool!)
LOST (This is a good show. I watch every episode thaat comes on)
Pirate Master (It's very interesting, and I'm a sucker for pirates)
Next Best Thing (Very interesting...and odd.)
America's Got Talent (Fun to watch and see what most people beleive talent is)
Drake And Josh (I ocaisionally catch this when I'm bored. Always makes me laugh.)

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He finds him self without a name. Without a memory of his past life. He’s lost, and there’s no one there to find him. Spoilers for S1. My version of what happened after the bomb. Includes Claude, Peter, Noah, Claire, Hiro, Mohinder, Molly, and others.
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