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First off, if you like my story The Savior, go check out the follow up, Tying Loose Ends, written by my friend Government Issues. It's basically what happened to Jen after she left Matt and Josie at the police HQ. Got peep it out, and leave him a review...

And if you did not read my story, read it first of course, and leave me a review too...

Name : Matt (also called bling-man by some friends, but that's passed the point...)

Origins : French, Canadian and native american (more french and canadian, but I like talking a lot for nothing)

City : Somewhere in Canada

Age : 16

Languages spoken : French and English

Video games I like : Resident Evil (all of them, exept the 4, wich is an very good action/adventure game, but it isn't a Resident Evil no more), Silent Hill (I only played the 3 and 4), Fatal Frame 2, Grand Theft Auto (all of them), Max Payne 1 and 2, Midnight Club 3 (the coolest racing/tuning game ever, and the only one letting you abuse of gold and chrome on your bumpers, dayton rims, and all the stuff), The Godfather, ...

Movies I like : Resident Evil and Resident Evil Apocalypse, The Land of the Dead, The Dawn of the Dead (I like this movie so much, it's only action, horror and blood), The ring 1 and 2, The Godfather (all)... I know, I am a zombie maniac...

Musical style : Hip-hop (you might not like it, like 95 percent of people over 30 years, and a majority of skateboarders)

Favorite artists (probably all rappers...) :Eazy-E (how surprising! This guy was able to do songs without talking of is chain every two lines, very exclusive) Tupac (more than a rapper, a symbol),by the way it's been 10 years since he's been killed (september 13 1996/2006), Snoop Dogg , Dr. Dre (with Snoop, in the 90s), 50 cent (even if he dosn't have much to say in his songs, I thinks he's a good rapper, if not of an abusive use of ''GGGGGGG-Unit'' and of the expression ''the ice 'roun my neck'' or something like that), Tony Yayo (much better than 50) Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Nelly (RIDE WITH ME!!), The game, Fabolous, Slim Thug, Eminem

Favorite sayings and quotes (that seems to be the new trend...)

Live like you own the world, one day you might do so. (Myself)

Life is nothing but straight line. The illusion comes afterwards, when you ask ''what if?'' and ''why me?'', when you look back and see the branches, like a forked lightning or a prunned bonsai tree. But if you'd done something differently, it wouldn't be you, it would be someone else, looking back, asking a different set of questions. (Max Payne 2)

Now on with the actual writting...

For my story Barry's Destiny, it has not been updated for a while, but I haven't forgotten about it. It's just that I really want to come up with something good, surprising for next chapter. For my so-called one shot The Pyramid of Violence, I will continue it soon, as I have already written a good part of the next chapter. I have plenty of ideas for that one. And it will be written in third person. Finaly, for my story The Savior, I just finished the final chapter. Tell me how you like it, I have just one review for the last chapter right now...I put my efforts now in my other Resident Evil story, Tied Until the End. It already has two chapters up. Leave your reviews, and send me private messages, I'm always happy to get feedback, or just a comment. And if you want to send me E-mail, my adress is noted at the bottom of the page, along with my IM.

Good reading! And please review, 'cause for 50 hits, I get one rewiew. That means 49 motherfu... I mean people... went to the page and didn't review (wow! How intelligent!)

If you want to send me a E-mail or MSN IM, my adress is ''gangster_mat32@hotmail.com''. (you can't see it because of the underline, but there's a _ between the ''gangster'' and the ''Mat''). I'm also on Yahoo Instant Messenger as gangster_mat320, and I need new contacts on both IMs, so come on...

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