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Hello and welcome.

I'm just an 18 year old Animorphs fan (once a fan, always a fan!) and part-time writer. I've even had some of my poetry published, though I doubt you really care about that. My interests include reading, physics, writing, philosophy, technology, poetry, and (obviously) fan fiction.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that 99 percent of the fanfics I read, especially Animorph ones, are either (a) incredibly depressing, full of angst, and unnecessarily dramatic, or (b) sappy, overly romantic, or plotless. Unfortunately, the depressing stories seem to far outweigh the sappy stories, too. I get rather sick of having to read half a dozen fics just to find one that's moderately well written, and then going through a dozen of THOSE just to find one that won't increase my risk of suicide. (Of course, I kid: I'm not suicidal. But still, do these things have to be THAT depressing? Isn't a war against evil aliens depressing enough?)

So, in response to this trend of hyper-polarized fiction (even if it's well written, like "Adventures in Clubbing") I am writing my "Animorphs: The Alternative" series. The basic goal of this series is to re-vamp the standard Animorph series by (1) adding a new character, (2) introducing themes of romance, religion, and (increased) cross-species understanding, and (3) elevating the level of writing from early teen to late teen, possibly early college level. I intend for there to be ups and downs, moments that are depressing, moments that are sappy (or both, maybe?) and many other kinds besides. The chapters will change points of view, similar to the Megamorphs books, but probably not quite as balanced as that. This series will involve (non-plot-essential) romantic and (eventually) sexual contact between Ax and Marco.

"The Alternative" and its sequels will be set at random points in the series. For example, the initial fic "The Alternative," is set sometime after book #30. Also, I have sort of retconned the influence of the Nice/Mean Rachel split in #32, because I thought that whole thing was rather silly.

My Homepage link will take you to the Sins and Virtues Avidgamers site, where I am currently constructing a roleplay board using the science fiction roleplay setting I have created (titled, of course, Sins and Virtues). If you're interested, the site is currently accepting applications, but there aren't any real forums to roleplay in yet. Within the next week or so it should be up, running, and active...but I can't say exactly when. You know how life is.

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