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"If the darkness grows so deep that we cannot see the light, then we shall rise up and become the light!"

Hey everybody, this is Highlord Langslock. I a massive fantasy-adventure nerd who spends 95% of my time awake in my own head where dragons, wizards and alien samurai run rampant. I started writing fanfiction in order to gain important experience for when I become a published writer. Stilllll working on that.

Story Ideas:

Big Sister Marinette (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir): Without warning, Paris is attacked by a new supervillain who is not an akuma and holds no relation to Hawk Moth what so ever. In the aftermath, the heroes discover the answer to a question they had wondered about for ages but never dared to ask: the power of the Ladybug cannot bring back the dead. Now Marinette Dupain-Cheng must learn how to help take care of her new baby sister Manon while struggling to explain to her why her mother is never coming back. All the while, she and her partner wait with baited breath for the return of a monster they may not be able to defeat by themselves.

Concept: A rather sad fic dealing with death, grief and trauma while also exploring how Marinette/Ladybug learns to deal with her first great failure as a superhero, with a bit on the side about Chloe dealing with her own traumatic experience. It includes two major battles set at the beginning and the end. Set just after Sapotis and will take the storyline in a completely new direction.

RWBY: Remnants Collide (RWBY): Pyrrha Nikos should have died at Cinder's hands during the fall of Beacon, except she was saved by none other than her and Jaune's own daughter from the future. Except that she isn't technically their daughter, on account that Pyrrha was going to die, but rather one from an alternate timeline where Pyrrha never needed saving. The good news is that now Pyrrha and Jaune have a chance for kids of their own. The bad news is that the kid doesn't know how to get home. Also, she kiiinda broke the barriers between realities with her stunt, causing all of the multiple versions of Remnant to merge together. Whoops.

Concept: Team RWBY and JNPR have to travel across Remnant to deal with some crazy stuff from countless worlds similar to their own but very different while trying to find a way to fix everything. Meanwhile, Salem has her own plans for this unexpected new development. Will mostly involve stuff I make up myself, although I might base some of it on Coeur Al'Aran's White Sheep and Relics of the Future if I can get his permission.

She's Venom (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir x Marvel): Chloé Bourgeois's life has hit an all time low for her. Thanks to her disastrous decision to team up with Hawk Moth, she has lost the right to ever wield any Miraculous, the only two friends she ever had want nothing to do with her, everyone else hates her more than ever before, and her parents won’t stop locking lips long enough for her to make them do anything about it. Things cannot possibly get any worse. Except that they do when a glob of sentient alien goo with its own problems merges with her body, dragging her and the rest of Paris into the crosshairs of a gang of extraterrestrial monsters with plans that spell certain room for earth. Paris has plenty of heroes, but this might be a job for an anti-hero.

Concept: Chloé bonds with a new version of the symbiote. This is technically a crossover between Miraculous and Marvel, but the symbiote mythos will be taken apart, discarded, and stomped on to make room for my own version. The effects of a symbiote merging with a human will be based on the Venom movie, because the idea of someone like Chloé screaming about voices in her head and eating raw meat is objectively hilarious. This will not be a story about Chloé becoming a kinder person and earning Ladybug’s approval, but rather a story about her finding an alternative path to being a hero while learning that the rewards don’t necessarily require anyone loving or adoring you.

Miraculous Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail x Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir): By some twisted alignment of the stars, Hawk Moth creates an akuma that poisons the kwami of all five of Paris’ heroes. When Marinette uses Luck Charm in a bid to save them, it transports the team to a world of magic and adventure beyond anything they imagined. In order to save their kwami and get back home, they must join a guild of the craziest wizards ever who show them that the bonds of friendship can produce the greatest of miracles. Their name: Fairy Tail.

Concept: Team Miraculous gets dumped on onto the Fairy Tail universe and join the titular guild. With their kwami out of commission, they will have to learn alternative magic from their new guild mates. Marinette learns requip from Ezra while Adrien strives to master a new way to harness the power of destruction under Gildarts’ guidance. I have yet to decide what the others learn. Additionally, Marinette will use the insanely gorgeous women of Fairy Tail as models for her new outfits, and Chloe will discover that it is next to impossible to act like a brat under Ezra’s iron fist, which just makes Marinette admire the woman even more. Then there is the pressing question in everyone’s minds: what is the kwami’s relation to Earthland?

World Building

This is the bread and butter of a all fiction. Whether the story takes place in an entirely different universe or just a single town, the qualities and history of the setting play a role in the characters’ personality, motivations and development. If a story lacks a proper background, then it is little more than a tale about a bunch of random characters reacting to a bunch of random occurrences with no context behind them. It is for this very reason that I take care to flesh out the history, culture and even the landscape of the settings my stories take place in. The following are examples of stories, shows and movies that I feel pull this off.

1. Harry Potter

This is the series that got me hooked on fantasy literature, so it’s only natural that it goes first.

What sets the wizarding world of this series apart from the norm is that it is a place that exists right under our noses instead of some other realm. You wouldn’t think an underground society could be big enough to have its own developed government and economy, but it helps when you have spells that can alter memories and make things bigger on the inside, and oh boy, does the wizarding world get its mileage out of them.

Another important element is wizard society’s attitude towards non-human magical creatures. I read that author N. K. Jemisin describes world building as a lesson in discrimination. I haven’t read anything she wrote yet, but I have to agree with her sentiment. One the most prominate case of racism in the wizarding world is the situation of the house-elves, those creatures who are magically compelled to serve a wizarding family for their whole lives. Most of the more morally-sound characters are sympathetic towards house-elves, but even they rarely see anything wrong with them serving as a family’s slave so long as they are not being outright abused. To be fair, there is no evidence that this servitude is enforced by anything besides the house-elves own nature, but the fact that wizard society as a whole allows it to continue reflects just how little respect it has for the other races. They even had the audacity to take it upon themselves to classify them as either “being” or “beast”, with little to no regard for the wishes and opinions of the people they were discussing. And it is unlikely that the lot of the other races who received the “privilege” of being labeled as “beings” is that much better than the house-elves. Is it sny wonder the centaurs actually requested to be designated as beasts just so that they could have as little to do with wizards as possible?

2. Amphibia

Right off the bat, the show establishes just how incredibly dangerous the land of Amphibia is thanks to its version of mother nature being as high as a kite, as well as the sort of mentality living in such a death world would groom in it’s residents. Hardly an episode goes by without introducing yet another animal, plant or inbred hillbilly cannibal clan that would love to have you for dinner and snack on the leftovers. The population is so inured to people dying in horrible ways that respond to news of such deaths with irritation rather than horror, and even a baby is able to accept their death from an apparent illness with absolute calm. From there, the show then slowly explores the political landscape of Amphibia, which functions as a rudimentary caste system. Frogs like the Planters are at the very bottom. Above them are the toads who serve as the military and municipal government. Officially their job is to protect the citizens from the countless predatory monsters roaming the lands, but in reality they are just thugs running a large-scale protection racket while rigging elections to an hilarious extent in order to keep their lackeys in power. Finally, we have the newts. Little is known about them so far, but those we’ve seen, barring one posthumous character, all seem to have glamorous jobs and fancy clothes, suggesting that they serve as the elite upper crust of Amphibian society. Their personal city Newtopia serves as a shining beacon of knowledge and enlightenment in the world, and is said to be home to the “wisest of all newts.”

Season two adds a new layer of complexity with the discovery of ruins that strongly hint that Amphibia was once a much more technologically advanced place in the distant past with factories capable of producing futuristic robots. This can come as quite a surprise considering that Amphibia was firmly established to have magic, although it was not wildly features in the first season. For now, all we can do it wait for answers.



I have deleted all of my old stories and will be replacing them with newer ones I have written over the years. Most of them will be part of my "Harmony and Valor series". You can look it up here on Tv Tropes.

That's enough for now. You all know what you came for.

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