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I am the Authoress--Long live Erik!

A do believe a little introduction of myself would be appropriate at this time. My name? PrinceFaust (PF), previously luckii.jinx (LJ). I am plowing my way through high school with all it's ups and downs and pretty much learning about life.

Personal philosophy? Live in love.

Is that true for me right now? No, because I want to build a stable background and get a good education--but I'm keeping an eye out for my very own Erik.


Why Phantom?

Frankly, because there is no other novel that has had such an impact on me. I have read it countless times, and I own multiple versions. However, in all the "standardized" versions, the ending is always unsatisfactory to me as a reader. Have you associated with our masked and cloaked friend? How can one not feel the immense wave of pity, despair, love, and sadness that this great tale evokes? I write fanfiction as a way to express my love of Phantom and to share this with millions of other Phans.


My Works:

Phantom: A Retelling-- Bits of this work have been swirling in my head for some time now, and I have finally begun to publish it. It will be novel length, and I will attempt to cover every aspect of our beloved Erik. An eventual EC, this will be a journey of rediscovery...


My view on Phantom/Erik/Pairings:

Favorite Phantom? Gerry Butler, Micheal Crawford, and Hugh Panaro...I love all for different reasons, and appreciate the actors for what they have brought to the character. Novel wise, I am inclined to Kay, for while I do worship Leroux for starting it all, Kay's brilliant descriptions and detailed background really brought it to life for me.

Erik: My view on him? He is everything from being an angel to devil, murderer and magician--basically, he is everything that anyone could ever be. Yet he is still a man, and that is the part I want to learn about, develop, and write about. I want to see him go through a journey of discovery or transformation in my works--and I usually incorporate Christine as the catalyst.

Pairings: I'm a unwavering EC shipper and that's all you'll likely see from me, but I don't make it easy for them!


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