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IMPORTANT -- I changed my username to Blufle (a nickname given to me by a good friend) since "Blue Flame" was taken, and that's what I'm known as on the rest of cyberspace. Yeah. Well. Have a nice day.

Oh yeah! And the icon/avatar thingie I have was made by my amazingly talented friend, WL. So the credit goes to her, not me.

NEW!! Okay so I died on the whole drabshots idea. I might even just take that fic down. But yeah. I definitely got inspired and wrote another oneshot (a kind of KataangISH one, not entirely Kataang though) that I will be posting later today. It's based on a dream I had, which I thought was pretty cool. I don't really think it's one of my better works, but hey, I wrote it, so I might as well share it.

--Q & A About Inferno Below--


Due to certain circumstances, I will seldom be updating, if at all. This is in adherence to the decision I have made to leave; however, I know it will be very hard to just leave all at once, especially with so many fics of mine left unfinished.

However I am very active on the Avatar website "Kataang Forever." My username for the site is Blue Flame. Maybe I'll see some of you guys there!

About Unfinished Fics:

I know a lot of people like my fic Inferno. As a way to make my absence up to those fans, I will post what I had planned to write for the last chapter, so you can at least know how it would have ended. I'm truly very sorry but this is a decision I knew I had to make eventually.

For those of you reading Practically Fate, I am also very sorry. Although I did have an ending planned out for this fic, I will not be posting the last chapter. If you wish to know the ending, I guess I can put it in here... although I know it won't suffice for much of anything. Ann was going to end up with Cliff (of course; re-read the summary and the answer's right there). Jack was merely going out with Ann to appease his hurt feelings of what happened with him in the city; he would have eventually realized this and encouraged Ann to go out with Cliff since Jack didn't truly like Ann in the first place. And Jill was going to go back to Forget-Me-Not Valley and live happily ever after.

For those of you reading Western Skies, you are very lucky. I already had the entire fic typed up, I was merely posting it one chapter at a time. However I've now decided to post the remaining chapters so that everyone can read it from start to finish.

Special Goodbyes:

BlueSun91: You were my first FFN friend, and a faithful reviewer of my fic Secrets That Kill. I'm so thankful that you took the time to review on that story, even though you were often the only one. :) I'm glad you liked the oneshot I wrote you for your Sweet 16, and I'm sorry that I won't be able to keep up with your amazing fic, Red Malady. I'll try to leave an anonymous review here and there on your fic, because I really do like it and I want to know how it ends!

LayDownMyPride: Thank you so much for agreeing to be my BETA reader, if it was only for a short time! I'm glad you found my brief services as a BETA useful as well. Your new multi-chapter fic is sure to be a hit, and maybe I'll try to leave an anonymous review on it every once in a while. You've been a great friend here on FFN as well, and for that I'm grateful. I'll see you around on ASN and KF!

SylverEyes: Were it not for you, I would have never written that fic of mine, One Day. You stretched me as an author and helped me think in a way I probably never would have. It's an honor to be on your B-Friend list, and to be quoted in your profile! Not to mention you recommended my fic in your profile; for that I'm grateful. It was fun exchanging PM's with you during that conversation party of ours!

And a great big THANK YOU for every person who ever reviewed any stories of mine at all! You guys are the best.

This was a hard decision to make, but I need to straighten out my life. And this was one of the steps that needed to be taken. If I ever do come back, it will be a long time from now. But in the meantime, I wish you all goodbye, and good luck with your writing.


To TrueThinker: I'm glad we could reach an understanding. :-) And whoa, you have an account on here now? Good luck with your writing!

I can't just sit here and say goodbye to everyone that ever reviewed on a story of mine. I chose those three people to say goodbye to especially because they were good friends, not just because they reviewed on a story of mine. So sorry to anyone that was hurt by that.

Q & A "Inferno"

Did Mai and Ty Lee really betray Azula, or was it all in her mind?

Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore this concept in depth because of the time and chapter skip. Yes, they did betray her, although not in the way she thought they would. This would have been more obvious to the reader had the middle chapters been included. See below for more explanation.

So, since they did betray Azula, I'm assuming they had a plan, right?

Yes. Calling Azula into the Dining Hall with Ty Lee was a diversion as Azula expected, but not in the way she thought. It was merely to distract her while Mai stayed behind to speak with Zuko. The three of them (Ty Lee, Mai, Zuko) all had a plan to escape with Iroh that night, but they needed Azula out of the way to do so. Mai was working out the details with Zuko in his room while Ty Lee was distracting Azula in the Dining Hall. They knew Azula would suspect something, however, so they told Zuko to be on the lookout for a possible assassination attempt (that's why he wasn't in his bed when Azula entered his room). As Azula suspected, Mai and Ty Lee did enter Azula's room that night, but not to kill her; merely to keep her busy for the rest of the night (ie tying her up, knocking her out, etc.) to give them enough time to get away. Of course she wasn't there when they entered her room, as she had disguised herself as a Dai Li agent and gone into Zuko's room already to see if he was there. What happened in Zuko's room that night was not part of the original plan, but as Zuko said, "So be it."

So... why didn't you just let the reader see that all in the fic, instead of coming up with this backstory, only to not have it be told?

Since Azula is the narrator, it's rather impossible for the backstory to be told, since she has no idea about it. The reader only knows as much as Azula knows. For me as the author, it was helpful to come up with a backstory like that, despite it never being told, because that way I could execute the ending in a way that made sense, since I had facts to relate back to. It aided in the story-telling, to put it shortly. Besides, switching POV's in this fic would have taken away from the tone I had going since chapter 1. This is Azula's story, and needed to remain so.

I was getting deja-vu during that last scene with Zuko and Azula. Was that supposed to happen?

Try going back to chapter 1 and reading the particularly pleasant memory Azula has of Zuko, and see how many similiarities you can find.

I noticed you mentioned Zuko's dagger a lot in the fic. Was that of any importance?

It was something Azula always wanted, right? Well, she finally got it in the end. ...It was my attempt at irony.

Did Azula really die? You mention her wondering which element would get her first, but she never actually dies.

It's kind of hard to write a fic in 1st person and have the narrator die. That's why the fic ended right where it did. It can only be assumed that she did die, though one is correct in wondering if it's true.

Did Zuko really say "You're my favorite sister" to Azula? If so, was he being serious or sarcastic?

This was actually a reference to Azula's pleasant memory. I suggest going back and reading that portion of the first chapter for a better understanding. Since Azula isn't sure if Zuko really said it or not, and since the tone he used isn't described in the chapter, it's really up to the reader to decided if and how he said it. However, since it references back to Azula's memories, it can either be concluded that it's all in Azula's head, or that Zuko did hear Azula say this to Zuko when they were younger, and he was returning the compliment. It's really open to interpretation by the reader, though, so you can decide for yourself what kind of relationship you want those two to have in the end.

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