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Author has written 12 stories for Grey's Anatomy, and Legend of the Seeker.

A little bit about me

Apparently Legend of the Seeker has taken over my life. Was not expecting that.

I'm (pretty freaking happily) resigned to it though because this show is just that awesome. For serious, you guys. Go. Watch. Now. And then go to http://. And then, you know, come back and read my fic about it, k?

If you came here for my Grey's Anatomy fic, I am very sorry. My love for that show has died a very dead death. All this fic writing is my hobby, and it's meant to make me happy. Trying to keep writing for a show that I was just no longer connecting with at all was making me very frustrated and unhappy. (Obvi the opposite of the purpose of my happy, fic writing hobby.) So, I've stopped trying to force it. And I most likely will not be writing any more Grey's fic in the future. I'm very sorry about leaving Love in the Time of Science unfinished. If I ever get bit by the Grey's bug again, that will be the very first thing I tackle. And if you really want to know how it ends, shoot me an email, and I'd be happy to send you the outline for the remaining handful of chapters.

When I'm not busy abandoning fandoms, I go to school. At least, I do for the next three weeks. I'm graduating from college at the end of May, and am then apparently going to be trying my hand at this whole being an adult-type-thing. I like boots and coats and all clothes designed for the fall. If you want even more of me fangirling and being random, you can read my journal here: http://. And if you want to stay up to date on when there will be updates, you can follow me on twitter at @morgenwrites. I often tweet about how the next chapter in my fic is coming along.

A little bit about my stories

Finished Work - Multichapter fic

And It All Falls Apart - This would be my first attempt at a long piece of fanfic. Unfortunately, at this point I had yet to learn how to spell all the characters' names. (Sorry, Cristina. It was that freaking H.) It picks up after the season two finale and is largely Meredith centric. However it's also the closest I ever get to an ensemble style fic, following Izzie and Addison's stories as well to a lesser degree. Plot summary in a nutshell? Meredith and Derek's messy, somewhat adulterous attempt at reconciliation following the prom.

In Slow Motion, the Blast is Beautiful - Another post season two finale fic. I no longer remember how I managed to write two multichapter fics in one summer. Apparently I used to write really, really fast. (Sadly this is no longer the case.) This is a story told in first person, alternating between Meredith and Derek's POV. It's all about the cautious, confusing steps they take to get back to each other after the prom.

The World Turned Over - Oh, this fic is my baby. And it's about a baby. Funny how that happens. It's set back in the early days of season two, just after the arrival of Addison and the consequent MerDer breakup. Meredith's pregnant. Derek's got a wife. (I discover I absolutely adore writing angst.) It's all about what a pregnancy would have done to Meredith and Derek's not-relationship and why some secrets simply should not be kept silent.

Finished Work - One shots

Act of Contrition - So, Dark Derek. He's pretty much my favorite thing. I'm delighted that season five has brought him all kinds of depth he never had before. Makes for a much more interesting character. This takes place immediately after I Will Follow You Into The Dark (5.17) and looks at how Derek and Meredith deal with what he said to her at the trailer. He's full of lost hope and desperation. She only wants him to be okay. It's a bit of a departure from my normal style. Experimenting and all that.

Drunk, Vulnerable, and Good Looking - This is basically my first ever attempt at fanfic. It's my version of how Meredith and Derek met that night at Joe's. And unfortunately it's rather irrelevant now that we actually know how they met that night at Joe's. Oh well. You have to start somewhere.

My Lady's House - Meredith and Derek are engaged. Let's be clear about this, you guys. They're freaking engaged to be married. It calls for a celebration. Hence, this fic. Full of them celebrating. Obviously set right after Elevator Love Letter (5.19). It's Meredith and Derek finding happiness in their love for each other that night despite all the sadness that's been coming their way.

Porcelain Fists - Ooh, more Dark Derek. He really gets to me. Set immediately after An Honest Mistake (5.16), this is about Derek's grief and Meredith's determination to be there for him through it all in any way she can.

Remember Me as a Time of Day - I was one of those people who was pretty pissed after the season five finale because, after everything Meredith and Derek have been through, they deserve a legal marriage. Not a post-it. So, this is basically me making myself feel better after watching Now or Never (5.24). It's something of an ensemble fic for a change, although still centered around the MerDer story, and it focuses on what could happen if one of the fab five really does die.

The Weight of Water - So, I'm in love with the drowning arc. Always have been. Always will be. This story directly follows the episode Walk on Water (3.15) and is my take on what could have happened between Meredith and the water that day.

Upon A Midnight Clear - Okay, this is technically a two shot, not a one shot, but it fits better here than under the multichapter header. So, whatever. Defying the system here. It's a Christmas story told in two parts - the first Meredith's, the second Derek's. It's fluffy. And happy. Without so much as a drop of my usual angst.

Indefinite Hiatus

Love in the Time of Science - This starts after There's No I In Team (5.05), and it's essentially my big, therapeutic, make Meredith and Derek have all those conversations they never had but really should've fic. (Because that's not a mouthful.) This is them as a couple, their love story. It's how they cope with the things they've left unsaid when life throws them headfirst into a situation that is anything but easy.

Work In Progress

Storm Born - This is Legend of the Seeker fic. It's my new baby. The story is a much darker twist on Touched (2.04), and takes Richard and Kahlan down a very brutal, painful road to save the world. Because that's what our heroes do.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Storm Born reviews
It was supposed to be their one chance to be together. Instead it plunged them straight into a nightmare. An alternate look at what could have happened in "Touched" and beyond. R/K
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