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Update as of 6/13/11

Its odd to think that it has been exactly one year since I last updated my profile. While this last year was better than the year before, it has also been a year of chaos. My husband started college, my kids are more involved with school activities, my work is highly demanding, and my mother is trying to control it all. Yet, somehow I have survived. Mostly thanks to my little sister devlinnreiko.

2 new stories are in the works, but after the disaster of Leaving's final chapter, I've decided to hold posting until they are complete. Maybe this way you guys will get better quality.

So.. Life is looking up, fics are in the works, and Chi is on the rise again!!!

Chi *.*

Update as of 6/13/10

This past year has been the Year of Murphy's Law for my family. We have lost loved ones, lost jobs, moved, lost loved ones again, lost hope... My writing has suffered and I hope that everyone can understand. I have been working on two new fics, but I worry that my quality has gone down due to heartache. I will not post here until the stories are done. For those of you who know me on LJ, you have read some of the fic but have been waiting a very long time for an update. I am sorry. I cannot promise when it will be done. At some point, I do plan to do a major edit on Broken so that fic might be taken off of the grid and reposted at some point. Hopefully it will be much better than the first feeble attempt currently posted.

Anyway, for any of those out there that keep up with my stories. Thank you... from the deepest part of my soul. You are what keeps me writing. I hope to have something for you by the end of summer.

Love to everyone...

Update as of 2/19/09

Just a few things to note. Um... Lets see, first, I've redone my homepage so if you want to know more of the inner workings of my mind, go see a psychologist because you're insane. Though, if you want to get to know me, it's the place to go.

Next, there is quite a bit of artwork that came about for my story The Dark Knight of GLU. I have an index page under my Personal Writings tab on my LiveJournal (listed as homepage on my profile here). The link is located in the sidebar (if you don't see it e-mail me and I'll get it to you). I just thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the wonderful things people did for me. A lot are icons, but not everything. Be sure to ask the artist for permission before taking their art. They should all have names listed, but if not, just say something to me and I'll put you in touch with them. *edit- the password to view this is DARKKNIGHT*

Then... for all of you guys out there that are absolutely WONDERFUL followers (LOL i feel like a queen or something) I have great news. I've just completed another OP short story. I'll have it posted tomorrow (you know me and Fridays). Unfortunately it's full of sex and I cannot post it here soooooo... If you want to read it you'll just have to go visit my LiveJournal. Beware of the warnings at the beginning of the fic because it might not be something that all of you will enjoy. I'm working on trying out other writing styles.

AND!! (yes there's more) I have another ZoSan AU in the works! It's a murder mystery/drama. There is one similarity to DK, but the stories are very different. DK had a lot of comedy where this one is mostly drama. You'll cry, laugh, scream, and in general want to kill me, just like always.

GRRRRRR, I just got another disgruntled reviewer for DK and had to post a review for my own story so that I could feel better about it. Do ppl not read the A/N's at the beginning of the fics? Bah. Idiots. Anyway... I have no idea if any of you guys even read these things, but since I can't just post a comment like i do a fic, this is the only way i could figure out to do it.

now... to go figure out what to cook for lunch.

hugs love you guys!!

I have 6 values that I feel are highly important to me.

I feel this is the most valuable of them all. You should remain loyal to friends, family, and loved ones. If you are in a marriage, be loyal to that person. If you are unhappy, leave. Same goes if you are just in a boy/girlfriend relationship. If they are not the one you want to be with, find another. Loyalty also goes to your beliefs, i.e. politics and religion. I am Catholic, but I openly admit that there are things about my religion that I do not like or approve of. I am currently trying to figure out if there is another path I wish to follow. As far as politics go, I firmly believe that if you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain. I am not even sure what party I belong to. I have not voted in many years. Partly due to moving, but mostly due to the fact that I didn't firmly believe in either party that was running. Therefore i don't complain about politics. (I also just don't like political discussions).

This is one that I personally have had to deal with. I didn't have a good HS life. I dropped out (I did go back and graduate) and was in a relationship that was mentally and physically abusive. I had to find courage to stand up for myself. It took me 2 years and getting pregnant, but I finally did it. I still to this day battle for courage daily. It doesn't come easy to me. I fight for it, but it's a fight that I'm happy to do. If anything in this life is worth having, it's worth fighting for. Stand up and speak for what you feel is right. Face your fears head on. If you need someone to be standing at your side, holding your hand, that's OK too. Courage is not doing things by yourself. Its facing up to things anyway you can. It's overcoming the hardships to stand firm for your beliefs. I often rely on my family to back me up. I don't think this makes me any less courageous, I think it makes me stronger in my relationships.

This is a combination of different values. One of the definitions is:

Principled uprightness of character; personal integrity. A code of integrity, dignity, and pride, chiefly among men, that was maintained in some societies, as in feudal Europe, by force of arms

A code to live by. A type of value system. To me its like keeping the promises you make. My husband describes it as "doing the right thing even when no one is looking." I liked that definition. Honor is hard to describe. It's a feeling of respect for one's self as well as the respect for other people, be they known or not.

Not everyone has the same beliefs in everything. Accepting is what sets you apart. My husband hates it when I go in here and write because he thinks I lock myself away too much. But he also knows that writing in here helps set things right in my mind, therefore he respects my need to be alone and write. Respect is definitely a give and take situation. Most of the time I give respect freely until a reason is given that I should take it back. There are a few times that I hold judgment in reserve until I better know the person. It's hard to earn my respect back if something has damaged it enough for me to take it away. That takes a lot.

Most of the time when people talk of faith, they speak of religion. Now, while this is one of the best examples, it's not exactly the faith I'm talking about. Faith is believing in things that you cannot see, or in ideas that have not been proven. Faith is believing that your best friend will always be there for you. It's the knowledge that no matter what, when you call that someone up, you will feel better about whatever it was that troubled you. Its even the stupid little things. Like, knowing that your car will start in the morning, or maybe that your dog will be happy to see you when you get home. It's also a forced belief sometimes. I have faith that my day will be better tomorrow than today. Tomorrow may suck, but if I go in with the belief that it will be better, the chances are much better that it will be.

I'm not talking about "I love Ben & Jerry's", I mean like love for someone special. It could be your sister, cousin, grandparent, parent, lover, or best friend. Love keeps the heart pure. It keeps you strong. You see on all the movies or TV shows where people have these supernatural powers. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the power. Love is usually the one that sends the power over the top. Nothing is stronger than love. The love of a mother for her child has proved that many times. I would gladly give my life for any of my children. I know it sounds weird, but I would not give my life for my husband. He would be too angry with me if I did. He has already told me that he doesn't want that, and I respect that wish from him.

These are the values that I try to live by. I know it may be silly to some, but if you go into life with a plan, life is much easier. My life has not been easy by any means, but I shudder to think of how it might have been if I didn't develop this system.

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