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Author has written 6 stories for Powerpuff Girls, Codename: Kids Next Door, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Total Drama series.

Other websites I'm in are Youtube, deviantArt, and tumblr.


Real Name: I'm not telling you, but most of my friends call me Kris, Kay, and dizzymae...but mostly Mae for short.

Age: 23 (Birthdate: November 19th, 1993)

Goal in Fanfiction: Make sure that everyone in my stories are in-character and trying to improve my grammar/errors. Also to bring out most of my brilliant ideas out into stories one day, just like when I first came onto fanfiction...except they won't be TOO fangirlly and fan-brat material anyways. O_o

List of shows I enjoy (in no order): Steven Universe, TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Dragon Ball/Z/Super, The Powerpuff Girls (original), Yu-Gi-Oh!, Wander Over Yonder, Futurama, Teen Titans (original), RWBY, Codename: Kids Next Door, Total Drama (won't recommend this show to anyone anymore btw), Death Note, Sailor Moon, Gravity Falls, The Loud House, We Bare Bears, Ed Edd n Eddy, Samurai Jack, some Disney Afternoon shows, and many other shows I didn't list on here.

Current fanfiction project: The Total Drama Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Along with a couple of friends, I've been working on this project on and off these past several years.

Set in a crossover AU, these set of stories pit the Total Drama contestants into situations that Yugi and his friends have gone through in the manga and anime. Not only do they play Duel Monsters, but they get dragged into helping Yugi and his friends deal with whatever their against, even if it means life and death...which they soon to get used to.

Since this is an AU, it fixes many things concerning the canoncy of Total Drama, as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! to an extent. There's going to be four story arcs, with The Last Duel currently being the last of the series. Keep in mind that I don't consider Total Drama to be my all-time favorite anymore, and that it has many problems, I still consider it a guilty pleasure, and the fact that I still enjoy the characters. Not to mention how much I enjoy writing the crossover series, and the fact that everyone enjoys them so much despite the stories having some...problems, with the majority of them in Battle City Tournament, so this project is one of the top things on my to-do list.

As of now, my BFF JustTJ and I are in the process of re-writing each chapter of Battle City Tournament. However, we had to place it on hiatus due to a number of things and projects we have to do.

Battle City Tournament: Part 1. The selected seven contestants of Total Drama have to win one final challenge before going home: enter the Battle City Tournament, or suffer from humiliation and embarrassment. But not if some new friends have anything to say about it!
Status: Original is complete, the redux is on hiatus.

Virtual Reality: Part 2. Takes place during the Virtual World saga where everyone's been captured by Noah, and have to do what it takes to find a way back to the real world!
Status: Complete; may also be rewritten

Enter The Orichalchos: Part 3. Takes place after the TDWT season finale where old and new friends must join together to save both the Earth and the Duel Monsters world from an unknown enemy and its allies bent on stealing souls and reviving a powerful beast millions of years ago! Do they all have what it takes to save the world once more, or will the heated drama get in the way of it all?
Status: Hiatus; may also be rewritten to fit canoncy with the first two stories.

The Last Duel: Part 4, and the final story of the series. Taking place before the Memory World Saga, everyone has been invited to take part in a very special season of Total Drama, while they compete in the World Championship Tournament! Some old faces return as well as new ones from the two previous seasons (Revenge of the Island and Pahkitew Island), and they must have what it takes to duel their way to become the new King/Queen of Games. All the while, Gwen discovers a dark secret concerning her necklace, and is just about to be further wrapped into something far bigger than her and everyone else... ALL-STARS NEVER HAPPENED!!!!
Status: Haven't started yet

Pics of Alex Nakamura (full credit goes to Nicktoons4ever)

Having the old family curse (drawn by Nicktoons4ever)

Alex in DOMA Arc (drawn by Nicktoons4ever)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the shows from these fanfiction stories. They belong to their respective owners, and I am also not making money out of them. Please support the official releases!

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Total Drama YuGiOh!: Battle City Tournament Redux reviews
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