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Author has written 4 stories for X-overs, Batman, DC Superheroes, Power Girl, and Wonder Woman.

About me:

Disclaimer: I've read/watched/played a great deal of books, comics, video games, animation (Japanese & Western) to have been inspired by these entertainment mediums to write the main story (and any future off-shoots) that I've wanted to tell since my university days. I won't deny that this inspiration will probably be akin to direct lifting of source material. The stories that I tell will lift concepts, characters, and even dialogue from their source material, although I will do my best to reference them. It goes without saying that I do not own any of the characters that appear in these stories, save my original characters.

The 'Chaotic Worlds' Concept: CW is an attempt to marry many story elements of the above entertainment mediums into a cohesive whole. Inspiration ideas include but are not limited to:

- The private military peacekeeping organization Mithril from Full Metal Panic

- The concept of the Seven Seals and kekkai (reintroduced as the Spirit Shield) from X/1999

- The concept of many worlds or the multiverse

- The world of DC Comics, pre-New 52

Projects in Writing Phase:

- Chaotic Worlds was the start of it all, and as the date will tell you, I first started it in 2006 back when I was just starting university. Updating went slowly and it halted temporarily in 2010. I may have plans to either continue or do a soft reboot, but it will take a backseat to my other projects. In any case, I think it's at a good enough point to act as a launching pad to the other projects. CW's main purpose now is to act as an introduction of the Mithril Preventers and the Fanell family specifically.

- Chaotic Worlds: Chronicles DC is the sequel to Chaotic Worlds, and is the start of the story I really want to tell. The story will focus on Tim Drake's return to his home universe after being thought dead, and his efforts alongside his new teammates to stop the invasion of the Chaos Legion into his home universe. The DC Comics universe in this story will be based mainly on the comics, Pre-New 52. There are some influences of the New 52 however; the key concept being that Power Girl and Huntress are Kara Zor-L and Helena Wayne respectively.

- Chronicles DC: 2nd Gen is part 3 of the storyline and continues about 17 years after the end of Chaotic Worlds: Chronicles DC and focus on the children of the original heroes, in this case the Fanell cousins. The story will focus on the reuniting of the fractured Fanell family and Ashley Fanell's relationships with her siblings and cousins. 2nd Gen will be written concurrently with Chronicles DC.

- Gotham's First Family: Takes place in the same universe as my Chronicles DC fics, and will focus on the extended BMWW family. The main star of the show will be Alexandria Wayne, Bruce and Diana's only biological daughter, but I will rotate in the others to keep things fresh.

Projects in Planning Phase: While working on both Chronicles DC titles, I started reading up on DC Comics fanfiction on this website, focusing on Power Girl and Tim Drake, as these two were planned to be central characters. From there, my reading preferences shifted to the Batclan, eventually leading to BMWW. Yes, I am a proud BMWW fan, and this has/will influence upcoming chapters and projects. However, there are other fandoms which I have story ideas of.

- Mother & Child: Series of one-shots focusing on the relationship between Wonder Woman and her children, both adopted via marriage with Batman and biological

- Untitled Crossover with Halo & Mass Effect universes

- Untitled Crossover with Star Wars: The Old Republic universe

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