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UPDATE: 7-5-07- Just updating to let you know i'm not dead, and that my stories and favorites and such are really out-of-date because i've been to lazy to log in an add stuff for so long. SO yeah. Hello everybody waves. I'm spending much more of my time with original stories and my comics and such, and whatever i do write down for fanfiction it's really kinda random and i don't feel like uploading it. SO yeah.

UPDATE: I deleted two stories, one that was really just an experiment ( I Hate Everything About You) and one that i Think i'm just going to revamp ( arrow) because the first chapter was really jumpy and kinda drab. I am probably going to start focusing more on one-shots because as previously stated, my mind is a plot bunny farm and jumps around too muc h to be able to stay with one story. The only kind i can keep up with likre that are very slow and plodding, and i'd just rather devote that kind of energy more to my original stories. ( oh, and for stories like "crushed' and stuff? i KNOW it's jumpy, i've been having a MAJOR problem with transitioning, so...yeah. Bear with me. I 'll probably finish it and then revamp it or something...aunnoe.

UPDATE: 9-7-06- I'll probably be on a writing hiatus ( not that much of you care, but still) on my fanfictions- yes, i know, i am a horrible procrastinator. I might even delete some stories, because some of them I'm suffering a block on. I"m also going to try and get used to school ( and soccer- soccer's real important now. I'm on a traveiling club team, and the varsity team at my school- my school is middle school and high school,m so varsity is juniors iand seniors. It kinda sucks,m kuz you don't know anyone at first and they're all five times your size.)because it's my FIRST YEAR OF MIDDLE SCHOOL, and it's a super-uber preppy school, with uniforms w/ ties and all that jazz. Yeah- it's disgutsting.

Also, looking back, i HATE the way i wrote a lot of my stories ( yeah- i'm REEEAAAALLLLY hard on myself) so i might be deleteing or revising them if the moon falls down and the world ends which results in me having pleeenntttyyy of time.

See, i've officially dubbed my head a plot bunny farm, because they just seem to be popping up everywhere ( and not just avatar- which is a shocker- but original stories, too.) I mean, today i was taking the ERBs, ( some retarded begining-of-the-school-year standardized test that seems like it was written especially for my dibstick of a homeroom teacher.) and i suddenly got an idea. I'm probably going to be devoting a lot of my time to Original Stories, because i'm trying to cure myself of my procrastinator habit and actually finish a semi-lengthy story for once. I don't know.

Fandoms I'm Super Into- ( they're not really in any particular order, and i know i forgot some.)

Avatar: the Last Airbender


Teen Titans


Last Exile

Samurai Champloo

Cowboy Bebop

Full Metal Alchemist

Anything Ghibli


Eureka 7

Ouran Highschool Host Club


Rurouni Kenshin

Ghost in the Shell

Prince of Tennis

Harry Potter

And...lots of other stuff i can't think of at the moment. -

Survey About You!~basics~

Name: Kahlija

Nicknames: Kal, Kali, Jiji, Gretel ( long story,)

Height: aunnoe.4'11"?

Shoe Size: 4

Hair Color: Naturally dirty blond, but i dye it sometimes ( not wild colors like bright green, though. The occasional streaks of purple, black and red, etc.)

Hair Length:J ust past my shoulders

Eye Color: It changes regularly

Do you have glasses: no

Do you have piercings: my ears

Do you have tattoos: no


Where do you shop: at the mall.. i like old navy...

What kind of shoes do you wear: Indoor Soccer Shoes and Converse, and these awesome siders that say 'Buddhalicious'.

Do you wear a watch: no/ i hate watches

What colors do you wear: all of them

Color you NEVER wear : ...

Do you wear make up everyday: i HATE make up

Most loved piece of clothing : know, that's a good question... i'll get back to you

Do you wear belts: occasionally, but i don't like to

Do you wear hats: occasionally, but there a pain to keep from falling off

How many pairs of shoes do you have: ...aunnoe.


Fav. kind of music: I'm pretty much eclectic, unless it's something really trashy


How many CD's do you have: I have an iPod, so i don't really do the CD thing.

Do you download music: yes, but not illegally. My dad and my uncle are lawyers and my two other uncles are policemen, so i don't think i'd get away with doing anything illegal anytime soon



















Do you paint your nails:no- they're peices of dead skin, why paint them?

Do you like roller coasters:YES! ZOMFG THEY ROCK!1oneone

Pets:A dog and two birds...soon to be two dogs. And i have an older brother, does that count?

What time do you go to sleep:whenever i'm tired, which isn't often- i'm an insomniac

Do you do drugs:medicine...when i'm sick...

When is the last time you cried: Can't remember

Have you ever danced in the rain:yes, actually, i have - it was fun but then it was cold...

Have you ever been drunk: no, but I act like i'm high sometimes XD

Have you ever said no to a dare: NO

Have you ever made a prank phone call:YES YES ZOMFG THEY'RE FUN but only to people i know, XD...or the Operator. I love calling the operator.

What are you afraid of: dunnoe...i'm not to fond of Amish people...we went to a feild trip to an amish village once when my school went up north for a trip and they all looked at me funny, like they wanted to eat me or something...

Who do u trust the most: My Friends

OK, well, the above didn't come out to well- it was an html survey but FF.Net is evil.. so yeah...

It's a bit unevenly spaced and confluzering, but it's ok, you'll get over it.

Other than that, some things that the survey failed to ask-

Age: 12. Yes i am twelve years old and in eighth grade, bu ti have permission to be on here from my mom so HA IN YOUR FACE jk lol.

I am the youngest of all my siblings, with my Older sister at nineteen and my older brother at Sixteen.

I Like to write, a lot, and even when i have writer's block i write stories to try and get over it. I don't post much on here, though, or on fiction press. I'm just too darn lazy. I draw a lot of comics, too.

I HATE poems, not hate reading them i just can't write them for my LIFE so WATCH OUT. But i LURVE DRABBLES TO PEICES.

I speak a few languages...English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese, and i can understand Italian and Portuguese, but i need to see French written down because they only prnounce like half the word when they speak it. And i can follow soemtihng in Korean, i just gotta pay a ton of attention. I'm working on more though- i'm very fond of languages.

I've have a really messed up ethnic background, though, so that's probably part of the reason i've taken to languages. My background includes but is not only made up of- Cuban, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, Filipino, French, and Japanese. I there's some more asian in there, but i'm not sure of the specifics so i won't elaborate. It only further fuels my obsession for the orient. grins

I don't look like a Mr. Potatohead thrown in the blender, though. I'm pretty normal looking, with western features, but really cooleo looking slightly almond-shaped eyes. That don't stay one color. Sweet. And kinda yellowed skin..but only a bit. It kinda makes me look like i'm outside a lot- well, i am so it may be from that...[/rant

I like to pretend a lot, and most of my ideas that i get for my stories come from games or things that i've made up in my head. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE PROBABLY EVEN MORE THAN LIFE IF THAT'S POSSIBLE making up characters. I LOVE IT. I average 3-4 characters a day, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of them all, so spend a lot of my time writing and drawing them so i can put them in a special filing system that i created to organize them.

I sound rather unorganized in this profile and i apologize. if you want to get to know my better add me on MSN messenger: my screen name is . It's also my email so you can email me there too. i heart PM's and IM's and E-mails.

I"m working on a myspace, but here it is so far: if you have myspace ADD ME PLEASE! I heart friends. ( b/t/w/, no one i know has myspace, so that's another reason to add me!lol)

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