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I'm Jenn (Amazing is also an option)

So..I'm just this kid who eats and stuff.

Feel free to worship in my every step.

Because I think I'm cool.

And I'm really not.









Fullmetal Alchemist

Vic Mignogna(Eds Voice Actor): -has Roy and Ed plushie- ... -in an attempt at Roys voice- "Fullmetal." Eds voice: "Yes Colonel?" Roy: " you know I love dogs?" Ed: " Do you know I love to kick you in the face?" -makes Ed plushie kick Roy plushie-

Edward Elric: Fine then tell him there's no chance I'm dying before you, you morally bankrupt colonal with a god complex.

Roy Mustang: That's a stupid question Havoc, I say it because it's true. When I become fuhrer there'll be changes. That day all female officers will be required to wear tiny mini skirts!

Edward: Damn it all, i need more limbs, it's gunna suck if i have to start crawling after her.

Edward: It's hotter out here then two chimera's mating in a boiler room!


Inuyasha: Damn that Shippo, he takes my food stuffs it up my nose then kicks me with a dum grin on his face.

Inuyasha: Blah, blah, blah, the guy starts swingin a big new sword around and suddenly he's lookin for a soap box to stand on and preach to the world.

Sesshomaru: Your stupidity knows no bounds, run and hide while you can, that and only that is the only chose left to you, then again perhaps you should stand up and face your death, at least you would die with honor.

Inuyasha: I'm gonna rip out your insides and put em in a bowl!


Isshin: Goooood Moooorniiiing Ichiiiigooooo!!


Naruto: Believe it!!

Kakashi: A cute girl stopped me on the way, so i danced.

Kakashi: (about Sasuke's new technique) You'll wet your pants.

Sasuke: Hey Naruto, are you hurt? Scaredy Cat...

Sasuke: It wasn't meaningless. To me, you...have become my best friend.

Kakashi: How should i put this, my first impression of this group is're a bunch of idiots.

Gai: Now run into the setting sun, and suffer, but dont mess up your hair.

Sasuke: (making fun of Naruto) Believe it.

Gai: look into my eyes and except my deepest apologies, and while you're at it look at my handsome, manly features.


Dr. Cox: (to JD) Look, Tammy, as far as your love life goes i normally couldn't care less who's laying your quivering body down by the fire while your lips whisper "no no, no" but your eyes scream "yes yes oh big daddy yes!" but when you're dating Jordens sissy-poo it forces me to spend time with you outside the hospital and i just wont have that so sheers the deal, dont wanna have dinner with you, dont wanna go bowling with you and i never ever again want to walk into my kitchen and here you say "OH it's waffle time it's waffle time wont you have some waffles of mine!". Bottom line, we'll be bestest friends for everest if you just keep YOUR face out a MY face! uh huh!

JD: I'm feeling so good today! -falls- I'm still feeling good cause nobody saw me fall.

The Hills Have Eyes

Bobby: Could you hand me a twinkie?

Bobby: I'm gunna kill those fucking mother fuckers!!

Bobby: Aw come on Dougy, just one shot, it makes you feel kinda powerful you might like it.


Absence Of Fear - I've been wanting to do this one for a while and just started it recently, I'm sure I'll finish it with enough inspiration!

Whispers of a Nightmare - I LOVE Horror. Especially ghost stories! I'm looking forward to writing more chapters for this fic. :)


Absence of Fear

Apathy / Oliver - PICTURE / PICTURE

Grace - Picture unavailable

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