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Hi, I'm bloodrose197, don't really want to give out my real name. But I love writing stories. They are pretty good. But beware of one thing though...once u start reading my stories u'll be hooked and won't be able to look away from ur computer screen. lol. But I usually take a long time to write my stories because I have a life and don't have the time anymore now that I graduated high school. But once I do I know u'll be happy. I love to read books.

Fav authors

Christine Feehan

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Susan Grant

Robert Frost: "Poetry"

Meg Cabot

and so on...

Fav Movies

Hansel and Gretal

Pretty Women

Rugrats show and movies

anime movies and shows


Sailor Moon:anime

Blue Crush


Saw 1-4 haven't seen 5 yet

Of mice and men

Romeo and Juliet: the one with Leonardo in it

Are we there yet

Are we done yet

A series of Unfortunate Events

Charlie Chaplin dvd set. ( he's hilariously funny)

and so on


reading, writing stories and poetry, blah blah blah

My Career

After careful consideration and a lot of pain about thinking what I want for as a career...I decided on being a Child Psychologist. At first I had wanted to be a teacher then I said ah, what the hell I might have beate those kids for being annoying (I'm not a very patient person). Then an artist...blah...then I had it set on as being a family lawyer. Yeah, that worked out great for me. Not. I just started having second thoughts and I'm not that keen on math so that would have blown my chance when taking the Bar exam. And I do love kids and like being around them and vise versa and all. So I thought why not a child psychologist. I had thought about being a Social Worker but...nmph...So a Child Psychologt it is! Phew! lol.

Update on my life

I have no life but on the bright side...OBAMA IS NOW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. YESSSSSSS! AMEN, GLORY TO GOD. THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS HAPPENED. THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN IN HISTORY TO BEING PRESIDN! I was freakishly excited last night...Tuesday November 4th...when they had announced it at around 11 something. Me and my cousin's screamed our heads off like there was no tomorrow. And even my grandmother was excited, she kept on yelling OBAMA! God it was like a weight came off of my shoulders. I thank the Lord about how the outcome has turned out! And I've also been reading the Georgia Nicolson books and I can't stop laughing my head off. It's tht funny.

Have to read books

The Georgia Nicolson books they are as followed

Book 1: Angus thongs and full-frontal Snogging (snogging means kissing) And Angus is Georgia's evil cat. That cat has issues. lol

Book 2: On the Brightside I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God

Book 3: Knocked out by my nunga-nungas (nunga-nunga's are breasts of course)

Book 4: Dancing in my nuddy pants (which is called birthday suite down here. Meaning dancing naked)

Book 5: Away laughing on a fast Camel (nmph)

Book 6: Then he ate my boy entrancers (nmph)

Book 7: Startled by his furry Shorts (furry shorts? lol. rolling on floor laughing then gets up Eh, wasn't that funny.

Book 8: Love is a many trousered thing (nmph...Erlack)

Author: Louise Rennison

And there was a movie made as well. Check youtube

Shout Out

To all my long time readers and to my new readers thanks for putting up with me. I will have you know that I am going to write more of both stories today and hopefully up load them. I know how long you guys wait for me to write (please don't kill me), and all the cliffy's you've had to endure (I am a human being I'm not perfect), and I thnk you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me, for reading my storie's. Your sacrfice will not be in vain. lol. WELL TTFN!

Upadate on life 11/07/08

Nothing really new happening. Bored at home. No school and yeah. blah. But at my church the youth (which I'm in) teenagers, were having a bake sale and since my church is also having a 50 revival (too freaking long. Whatever happened to the 40 day revivals? huh? I ask you? Wht happened to them!!lol. I know. I'm crazy) were hoping to have a lot of sales. Were gonna have cookies, cakes, cupcakes, finger sandwitches, bigger sandwitches, refreshments, a play area for the little kids to play, entertainment, and all that good stuff. It's gonna be great! I can't wait. It this upcoming Sunday after church ends. I can just taste the cavities that I will have after Sunday. lol.

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