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Author has written 8 stories for Army Wives, O.C., Twilight, and Remember Me.

All for Ryan and Marissa couples I think they work and I love them together. But I also go for Seth and Summer anything involving the core four works for me!

Favorite OC Quotes

Seth: Doom's a knocking


Seth:A knocking

Doorbell rings

Seth: Or a ringing

Ryan: Yeah?

Kaitlin: So I show up at my house to surprise my mother and this persian dude answers the door.

Ryan: Um i'm sorry?
Kaitlin: I figured he was the new butlar but then I looked at his shoes...Prada. So I thought maybe he's my new step-dad and I was like about to give him a hug and then his wife showed up. No matter how rich the guy is my mother would never join a herum. So I'm like Persian dude what are you doing in my house and where's my mother? and he's all like whose your mother? So I tell him and then he tells me that my mother moved and all her mail is being fowarded here.

Ryan: Um I think you may have...

Kaitlin: Are you gonna invite me in or what? Geeze Ryan I see Newport hasn't improved your manners at all

Ryan: Oh my god...

Seth: Oh my god Kaitlin Cooper?!

Kaitlin: Weird kid next door...Hi

Seth: You uh you grew up

Kaitlin: Boobs?

Seth: I uh well no...Oh its a knocking alright

Julie: Dr. Kim you know my daughter tall, pretty, wears Chanel not exactly what you would call Gangsta

Seth: If you were this sensitive and neurotic when we were daing maybe things would've worked out.

Sandy: Don't ever get married!
Ryan: I've heard that from you before.
Sandy: Oh, you'll hear it again. I'll be at the bar.

Seth: I love you, but if I have to spend my senior prom with you playing video games, I’m gonna kill myself.

Seth: You’re taking all that? You only own, like, a wifebeater and two hoodies.

Seth: Yes. Kumar Zimmerman. I’m half Indian, half Jewish. I am a Hinjew

Summer: What am I thinking? Kids at Brown don’t wear sparkly scarves. Maybe on the way to the
airport, I’ll stop and get some sort of angry piercing.

Seth: The way things have been going, I bet that's Oliver.

Kiersten: I've invited the Nichols or the Cooper-Nichols or whatever there called these days.
Sandy: They're called Gentiles.

Summer:..Suddenly my family, not so dysfunctional
Marissa: You do know this is my family too?
Summer: Right, sorry I forget sometimes it’s... its confusing

Seth: I think you and I have a lot to be grateful for. Most of all, that we didn’t start dating
Lindsey: Oh, yeah 'cause that would've been gross... on several levels

Seth: Hey man, what’s going on?
Ryan: Studying
Seth: Will you punch someone please? For old times sake?

Seth: I needed to borrow a wifebeater for tonight and I thought you had several so...

Eyan: He had a report to finish I think... 'The History of Agriculture in 20th Century California
Kiersten: Wow, that’s specific
Sandy: Hey kid, I was a public defender for many years. I've been lied to by the best. He snuck out to see his girlfriend didn’t he?

Seth: Before I say eureka again d'you see any other potential flaws or holes in my plan?
Ryan: No
Seth: Then eureka Ryan. Eu-FREAKING-reka... Turn this music off its depressing me

Seth: Oh by the way, our ex's are dating each other now... Marissa and Alex, no longer welcome in the red states
Ryan: That I wouldnt've predicted. Think it’s for real?
Seth: God I hope so. I just want them to—nevermind

Seth: Ryan and I are trapped in the mall and we're gonna spend the night here, now I know that credit card use is for emergencies but I may have'ta shell out for a few supplies... It's a little something I like to call the truth

Seth: I will stop with the teasing when you confess
Summer: And I'll stop punching you when you shut up

Seth: You know I gotta say this year...not as good as last. We all tried some new things and that was fun — yard guys, illegitimate daughters, less fighting, more live music
Ryan: Well maybe you remember last year as better cause it was all new?
Seth: So you think I've sentimentalised the past all out of proportion?

Seth: Ahhh, see your punchin people that’s very last year.

Seth: We had this big great kiss in the rain upside down and I don’t know, I thought maybe what if after that everything was a let down for you... you had buyer's remorse or something
Summer: You are so neurotic
Seth: Exactly...unlike Zach who’s anxiety free with his big smile and natural athleticism... that guy makes me feel very Jewish.
Summer: ...And you, with all your little flaws, and your little quirks, somehow you keep drawing me back in.

Ryan: How’s the poolhouse?
Marissa: Weird. You know the only time I’ve ever slept in that bed I was with you.

Sandy: Good afternoon Newport beach, and welcome to the OC-pseudo-charity-non-yard-sale

Marissa: How many people would you say you invited?
Summer: Four
Marissa: Yeah me too
Seth: I don’t even know four other people

Seth: The only music they had in Chino was the sound of gunshots and helicopters

Seth: My friend Ryan, he's really cool, okay? He's very anti-establishment. He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, punching people, and not smiling.
Ryan: And that's how you see me?
Seth: Yeah. Except more so.

Seth: Seth is dressed like a pirate Summer and I are at war.
Sandy: A pirate war?

Sandy: Hey Summer how are ya?

Summer: Better than the 2.8 million americans under the poverty line

Sandy: Who knew out of all of you she'd turn out to be the young Sandy Cohen

Marissa: What your friend Megan needs another abortion?

Kiersten: Wasn't it in kindergarten when Seth would only answer to Bobo Fett?

Summer: Eating breakfast are we? Does that mean your going to school this morning or do you just need the extra strength for all the small children you and Volchok plan to mug?

Seth: What locked? When did this door get a lock? Hey listen Ryan I hate to have to do this through the door but um Volchok's been hooking up with Marissa

Marissa: Summer please do not ask me if Ryan and I are getting back together

Summer: I'm just worried okay god Coop you've eaten like 4 peanuts and a bannana in like the past four days and you spend all your time on the lifeguard stand staring out at the water like your a naval widow

Julie: From now on, if someone needs to be manipuated we put me in charge!

Julie: Honey you might have understood your your fathers daughter. Kaitlin's me she's not gonna want our life

Summer: One more pervy word about Coop's not so mini Coop and I may have to staple your tounge to your collar

Summer: She'll get swallowed up by Newport Union its like the Bermuda Triangle

Summer: I'm dating Cohen my patience is infinate

Seth: And that was the last they ever saw of her

Seth: Your the badboy, the outsider. Your supossed to be leading me into temptation not homeroom

Summer: Just explain it to him. He left, and suddenly there was a hot, hot yard guy in the yard. And he was hot

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