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Brimstone: Hello everyone, allow me to give you all a background history on myself...

Violetstar: Eh, what about me... you're not going to let them think that you're the mastermind around here! twitches

Brimstone: Err... Glances around nervously Oh of course not, I would never... ANYHOW... Allow me to introduce myself and Violetstar and give you a background on both of us!

Brimstone: Violetstar's real name is Jen, she grew up in central Minnesota. She is 24 years old and happily engaged... lol, not really, but she'd like to be- (Right Violetstar? huh, huh?) moving on... she plans to go to college for either writing or singing. That's right... she wants to write songs. Besides writting she likes to; sing (Duh!!) and dance (shhh... she doesn't know I said that...) she likes to go out on her ATV and play around with her dog (aka her baby)

Brimstone: Now, about me! I grew up in Northern Minnesota and Okinawa, Japan. (though I'm not japanese, so don't ask... I'd like to be though!) I am also 24 and I plan to attend the University of Alabama to get a bachelors in Theatre and Languages, and a minor in English. My hobbies include but are not limited to: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Painting and Volunteering.

Brimstone: This is our first story together, and our first fanfic. We really appreciate the input you all have given us... please bare with us on the typo's and mistakes we made... that is something we tried to avoid but obviously failed. Never the less... we hope to make corrections to them and soon bring you the rest of the story.

Brimstone: Well... we will be back later to finish this up... so stay in touch!

Violetstar: Hey, don't forget about all that other stuff I like to do... Oh, and by the way- you didn't give them your name. Tsk tsk. HER name is Tara, or Cantaré which ever you all prefer. laughs! Oh ya, more about me, the promising writer of the duo-

Favorite color- Violet (duh)

Favorite foods- Cheesy Pizza, (YES I said cheesy... so if you'd like to bribe this writter, send 10 boxes of pizza my way! Not to be shared with Brimstone) Mac & Cheese, and Teriyaki raman and POCKY!! LOVE THE POCKY! erm... you catch my drift...

Pet Peeves- Not getting reviews when story is read. (How can a writer write without feedback to make it better?) My mother, because she's a retarded bitch, thinks she can tell others what they can do to/with me. (Oh wait did I say retarded bitch... erm I ment... no, I don't- and I'm sorry to all dogs, and dog lovers. I feel for you, I really do!) Annoying co-workers whos names shall not be mentioned, even though they don't come here... because they HATE Harry Potter! (That's about it... for now)

Brimstone: Brim (aka Tara/Cantaré)

Favorite color- Blue

Favorite foods- Cheesy Pizza, cheesy... and Teriyaki raman, Strawberries, Fruit, Peaches, (Yes peaches are their own food- not a fruit) Stir Fry, Egg Rolls, (cause Chinese New Years is coming soon!) and Violet's POCKY!! I, I LOVE THE POCKY! (I shall spare you from reading the rest of my fav foods... for now)

Violetstar: Um... WHO says you get MY POCKY?! Glares Evily

Brimstone: Moving along... Ignoring Violetstar

Pet Peeves- Boy's... jk I love people! Hugs everyone!! People who hate Draco, Ginny, Hermione or anyother character I love! People who think they know everything, Knowing everything... (Wait, that's me- and my hobbies... Excuse me while I move this!) My mother! (Partly because she thinks she knows everything, and partly because she is a control freak... I mean, I LIKE POWER, not Submission. So does Violet, that's why we're a great duo, but she thinks she is the mastermind... I am the real mastermind, but don't let her know!)

Violetstar: twitches Ugh... you're the retarded amazing bouncing ferret. You and your hugs! I swear, I'll get you a straight jacket, then you can get and give all the hugs you want... to YOURSELF!!

Violetstar: If we haven't scared you away yet, come back later... we'll be sure to then!

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