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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Name: Take a guess

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Where i come from: You will never be able to guess where i come from

Where do i live: England, London baby best city in the world

Likes: Manga. Anime, Comics, Games, Family Guy, Simspons: basically i am a class A geek and love all that geeky stuff

Dislikes: YAOI and that supid M-Preg, god if i see another crappy Yaoi fic i dont know what i will do. A-Level's i hate that crap with a passion makes me wanna cry doing that stuff and i had to pick Econmics aswell and Biology (even though its the easiest science out of chemistry and physics) Geography though is cool. on a side note funnily i don't do english as an A-Level , hated that subject in school, i really did not like it and i only got a B for GCSE. but i love writing fanfiction

Dreams for the future:I have none really, i have no real motivation.

Side Note: Even though i am a guy i like some romace but NO YAOI.

Ok i am going to start uni so there wont be freuqent updates. I will try and finish of Unreahable star within a couple of chapters. I would have expected many people to dislike my stories espcially Raging storm. Reason being is that it is a concept that has been done quite alot of time. Where Naruto trains whens hes young, becomes superpowerd. Alot of people have done that and it really pisses me off when they dont pull it off properly. Like he super owns Sasuke with one move. I really am surprised my fic is quite popular. I mean there are a dozen stories that have been done on this site which are like 50x better and they dont get the deserved reviews or praise. Also i would like to know how popular both my fics are, if someone could tell me i would be really happy.

Raging Storm: I Have a clear way of ending it but still hazy on how i will bring the story to the end. Ok i know how to make this more enjoyable by bringing in the new villian.

Unreachable Star: I know how i am gonna finish this and whats happening, just for my fans expect a huge war. There will be some super ownage from one side and some tear wrenching moments. i am trying to make this fic really good. hopefully when people chat on forums about good stories they will recomend one of mine.

Kryptonian Naruto: Some people have said that this is a good concept, i hope i am able to make this into a great strory

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