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Theodore Bond A.K.A. T Bond A.K.A Bond, T Bond Agent Double O Heaven


What can I say...Ive been here since there were like 400 fics in the Wrestling section which makes me a all star of dramatic proportions haha. Just kidding of course. Anyways you wouldn't know that Ive been here since 1999 mainly cause my old account got deleted for some reason causing me to have to re-post a lot, well that and the fact that I hardly ever update anything anymore.

I'm currently living in St. Johns, Newfoundland. I'm 27 years old, yup I'm old enough to be someones grandfather, or at least that's how it seems. I went to college for two years a did a course in Visual Arts, which I kinda... er'hem... Yes I will indeed finish it one day, wasn't my fault in the first place damn it! I heard of students not going to class before but when a teacher decides he doesn't want to go to class its time for him to be fired! Ok touchy subject. I work as an assistant manager at a video store, which is pretty kick ass.


Its really tough to describe my writing style. If you look though my stories you will see a lot of different genres of stories. A lot of serious stuff and a lot of not so serious stuff. I prefer to write comedy, it comes naturally to me. I grew up watching comedy all the time and loving it. I guess I have some style of comedy but its very broad. I have a huge love for almost all types of comedy from the very smart to toilet humor. I guess my favorite type of comedy is smart comedy that's disguised as stupid comedy. Monty Python is the obvious reference. I also love planting a seed early in a story or chapter that just seems like a quick joke that pays off as a much bigger joke later on. The serious stuff I write is all over the place, I mostly do it just to flex my writing muscles. I had a great action/adventure/super hero story called "Mighty Molly: A Quest for Justice" which was a great mix of all types of writing but had a lot of action in it. Sometimes it can be very dark like "Dirty Magic" or "Jeff's Obsession". My weakest genre is probably romance, I have only really tried my hand at that with stuff like "I'm Not That Different" or "Perfect Strangers" but the romance in those are just small parts of a much bigger story. I have done horror with "The Legend of Bloody Molly" and have at points even considered doing a sequel for it but usually dismiss the thought. Of course I have enjoyed creating an original character or two in my massive story "The Inner-Rage" which will always be one of my favorites so much so that I'm even planning a re-make of it, to make it the way I had originally envisioned it to be but have it updated for current times in the WWE, a lot has changed in TEN years. So whats my writing style? I guess its a little bit of everything.


Ok I love me some wrestling stories but sweet crap in a hat man, every single story in the wrestling section as an almost identical description. I'm sure you have noticed. It goes something like this "Insert popular wrestlers name here, have given up on the idea of love but when insert original character name here joins the WWE they find out that there might just have one more chance at love." Of course the wrestlers name and original characters name are in interchangeable spots. Of course there's another slightly different description that has the original character being the daughter of a random wrestler who falls in love with another wrestler. Either way its still pretty similar. So what the hell do I pick to read!? Please if your reading this and you have a story with a description like that change it up a bit, it will make it a hell of lot more interesting for possible readers. Or at least thats my opinion on it anyways.


Why would you take my word on any of this when I seem to only update just one story every year the last few years? Well I wouldn't take my word for it but here's the "plan", just don't expect it to happen, you know just in case.

Everybody Loves Somebody: I seem to get one chapter of this up a year, I LOVE this story and I do fully intend to finish it. Maybe I should stop writing my articles for Retrojunk and actually finish this one hm? Chapter 10 is coming "soon."

Supernatural Wars: This hasnt been updated in THREE years. How embarrassing. Once again I plan to continue this one, sad thing is I have plans for this story that seemingly goes on forever, to bad I have no work ethic for writing these days.


NOTHING. Ok so I might get bored one day and throw out a one-shot or something, but I wouldn't expect that to happen.

If you want to IM and goad me about my lack of writing despite my many plans to do so then I more then I fully endorse it, it might just be the kick in the ass I need to actually write something. Aside from that I love talking to new people, in fact talking to others who like my writing, causes me to investigate there writing most likely bringing them a new fan while giving me an extra shot in the arm to write more often then I do. Anyways if you want you can get me through AIM, MSN and E-Mail.

AIM: tbondrage99
Yahoo Messenger:
: tbondrage99@hotmail.com
: tbondrage99@yahoo.com

So please I encourage you to drop me a line. Like I said I love talking to new people!

-Theodore Bond A.K.A tbondrage99 A.K.A The worst writer when it comes to updating ever.

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