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my name is elli

i like:inuyasha ,FMA ,poker ,hiking,soccer,READING(!),writting,horses,&CHEETOS!

nicknames(here we go)elli,little lady,little bit ,shorty,munchkin(sw),PIPSQUEAK,SAR'S,sasa,sarizzile,squisy,HAWKEYE&baby gap(dont ask)there are many more cant think of them right now.

here's my story in the family i grew up in every one is artisticly talented ,except me so...i took up writing.

(unfortunatly i cant spell either)

even though i pretty much grew up with anime i dont know very much about it. My first real anime was Slayers but i havent seen it in years.The anime that really got me to be a fan was Inuyasha unfortunatly being 14 means i never have enough money to do anything so i have only seen the first 60 or so.

i also happen to be a major book worm. i was writting a book when i met my,now ,best friend .

we met in gym , she had a pic of Inu on her shirt .i said "hey i luv Inuyasha ."she was stunned

see at school im a preppy girl.only becuse my sis will not take me to school unless she approved the outfit.

so anyway she almost passed out .then she said"YOU!know who Inuyasha is!""ive been whatching it since 3rd grade!"

ever since we have been best friends .back to the point.so ive been writting a book(80 pages)still am .so she told me about this site

so here i am i dont have a story yet but im working on it.

now i am also mormon so if you are wondering why there is no cusing in my stories thats why.

i dont have any fics out yet but i will soon.

Good Characters

Elli:(sara)a very EXTREAMLY powerful,very sarcastic,extreamly short,deaf,princcess.with a totally freakin alsome sword,who likes to kick butt.& can

controls fire & water.normal form :brownish -blondish -redish hair.eyes that never stay the same color.

ultimate form:silver hair & eyes .2purple stripes on cheekes &,a sign of a raindrop with a lightning bolt through it,on her forhead both hands ,&collar bone.

Tarja:(kelsea) ellis older nicer sister who was just as powerful with a totally freakin alsome bow.

normal:brown hair green eyes ultimate:black hair blue white eyes.

controls minnarals &air.green mark of a whirl with dimond in center.

Edward Elric:(kelsea)extreamly short brat who swears way too much.but is totally alsome with alchemy.

specilizes with metal .blonde hair(in braid) gold eyes always wears black except for red jacket.afraid of winry & her trusty wrench.

Alphonse Elric:nice, loves cats .specilizes in martial arts

brown hair,brown eyes .

Roy Mustang:lazy,flame alchemist,colonal.wants to be fuher

Maes Hughes:good friend of ed al winry&roy. LOVES his daughter.

Elicia Hughes:Hughes daughter

Armstrong:strong arm alchemist.SPARKLIES

Riza Hawkeye:(sara)totally freakin ALSOME! loves her gun & dog.

Winry Rockbell:TRUSTY WRENCH need i say more?

Jean Havoc:chauffeur

Heymans Breda:afraid of dogs

Vato Falman: human dictinary

Kain Fuery: WIMP

Maria Ross:nice,smart

Denny Block:clueless

Izumi Curtis:SCARY!

Sig Curtis:Izumis husband

Nina Tucker:CUTE!



Sango:Freakin sweet loves miroku.

Miroku: pervert but loves sango

Shippo:cant do anything but cute

Kirara:Wicked alsome!

Kaede:kaede- baba

Sota:kagomis brother

Grandpa:dido grandpa

Mom:dido mom


Hojo:likes kagomi

Myoga:coward if he 's with u ur safe!

Evil Characters

Dante:body-swichin evil witch

Hohenheim Elric:dido ed & als dad

Envy:SIN !BOY! for those of u who do not know

Wrath:sin need i say more?


Sloth:DIDO Witch

King Bradley:Furher (pride)


Kimbly:just plain EVIL!


Kikyo:HATE HER she died stay dead!

Sesshomaru:Inuyasha's evil yokai brother


I dont know characters

Scar:Ishbalan tried to kill Ed many times BUT saved Al

Law:greed 's henchman chimera (part human part bull) as strong as Armstrong !

Dorochet:also henchman & chimera (part dog)

Lust:sin but wants to be human

Greed:good guy but is very greedy!(he was made that way can u blame him)also sin

Gluttony:sin but LOVES lust(dont hurt his lust)

Kagura:is only evil beccuse of naraku

Kanna:kagura's sister

Koga:almost killed inuyasha (can u blame him) loves kagomi

Totosai:made tetsiega but i just dont like him too bad for him

Kohaku:sangos brother is controled by Naraku lost memory

Rin:ADORABLE but follows sesshumaru around & acts like he is a god


Characters who arent characters

elli :me

Kelsea:my best friend

Japanese Suffixes& Terms

Nii-san: older brother

Otouto-kun:younger brother

-kun:after boys name

-san:after any name means respect

sempai-:means senior

-kouhai:means younger


-Baba:old lady



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