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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, and Vampire Knight.

Who reads this anyway?

The works that I have currently kept up are to meet the Beta Reader requirement and for nostalgia reasons. I look at these from time to time and laugh at the spelling errors and train-wrecks I took pride in at one point. Eventually I'll get back to writing.

Anyway, enjoy!


Will You Smile For Me?:
Sakura was the woman getting married to someone and Sasuke was the man getting married to someone else. It's been a while so I can't remember who the other people were. I think it was Neji and Hinata or Naruto and Ino. I'll leave that up to you
Lash says:
Looking at it now, it's alright. I'd like to redo it sometime to make the language a bit more colorful since it sounds a bit dull to me.

When Fangirls Attack:
Basically it was something me and my friend Musical Meme, did in our obsessive days. I don't think I'll ever continue it since the whole concept of it is a silly craze that I'm not sure anyone else is apart of.
Lash says:
If you'd like to add on or pick up where we left of, feel free to contact me.

Our Love:
A story that popped into my head after I got tired of the same story over and over. Purely humorous.
Lash says:
I feel the work is poor seeing that there are a lot of spelling errors and grammatical flaws. It could have been done better but I guess it's just a short shot of low dosage humor. Wouldn't add anything or change it other than fixing the language of it.

Life on Ninja Farm:
Naruto put into Harvest Moon. I read a fanfic a long time ago that I loved but the author never continued (yes, I know how it feels). It reminded me a lot of Harvest Moon. Since I saw that no one else wrote a Harvest Moon like story with Naruto (that I liked anyway), I decided to do it myself.
Lash says:
On Hiatus. This is something I'd love to continue. If I did continue this, I'd continue in the far future and change much of the story.

Because of Him:
Kakashi and OC. It was basically something I dreamt one day and decided to write it as a fanfic. At the time, not much was known about the 4th Hokage so "Arashi" was his "supposed name" at the time.
Lash says:
I lost inspiration and it became directionless after the first chapter. I have no interest in furthering the story as I stopped watching Naruto and have no idea what I could write about. I do like the language used. If you wish to further read the story check it out on their page.

Her Gentle Thank You:
Yuuki and Aido centered. Taken place during the year gap in the manga.
Lash says:
No, I do not like this couple. I prefer Kaname and Yuuki by far. I made a tense mistake by putting, "He" instead of, "I" which was bothersome, but miniscule. Personally, I can't believe how many views I've gotten for that story. Although I don't think many people like this pairing, I thank you readers for checking my story out so much.


Thanks for reading


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