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Name: Vriell Vrekkari (name I use for most things, makes a nice signature too, I just have to sign VV)

Age: 22

Image: "King from Tekken" by Per-Svanstrom

So it anyone's been reading any of my fics since I started writing on here I wanted to thank you. It's been so long I don't even remember when I first opened up word and wrote a story. I just remember that when I did, I absolutely loved it. Just the idea of being able to revisit a world, or create my own with these preexisting characters that I cared about so much excited me. You can tell by my current age and the publication date of my first fic that I've been here quite a while now and with that time comes knowledge. Or I think, more importantly, with that time I can to reread some of my fics and realize just how awful they are from a literary standpoint. Conversations don't flow well, I linger too much here then skim over otherwise important events there. There's also a lot of misunderstanding as to how to really write a cohesive story. Do I just do it off the cuff? or do I make an outline then write over that? Neither method has really worked well for me but each also had their strong sides. The main reason that, despite the extremely long hiatus between stories I don't just delete them or send them along, is because they're important. I need them to remind myself that, once upon a time, I used to love writing these stories so much that I would have pages done within an hour. With my later fics, you could probably see some fatigue which was actually more along the lines of me being mad at myself. I hated that I could no longer do that, despite how much I loved whatever I was writing about I had to force the words out before they would finally reach something satisfying. Even then, I was still upset that I couldn't reach that word count that I longed for. The stories here are the stories of a child, even though I might not have been one at the time of writing them, they are wish fulfillment at their most primitive states. Because FanFiction has such a horrible reputation around the web, people would usually scoff at most of these stories and write me off as a joke, similar to My Immortal. Even reading some of my own tales I could easily see them being made fun of on streams as they do bad fic reading for fun. I wouldn't mind though, because these stories can immediately bring me back to a time when I was completely and totally in love with something, which I haven't really been in a long time. If I was ever disappointed with something in a particular game, move, series, etc. I was able to reconcile it with my own thoughts. Were they better? Probably not, but it was satisfying to explore what I wanted and share it with other people. Everyone's reviews, even the negative ones, really inspired me. It was the first time I felt like I wasn't alone in my interests, and that helps a lot when your surroundings are limited in people your age.

Mainly, what I wanted to get at was that I'm at somewhat of a crossroads with these fics. In some ways I want to continue them, but at the same time I want to preserve them. I keep getting emails of people following me for Guilmon, Keeper of Precepts, but I think readers could probably see that it went several places I didn't want it to go. There's things I love but almost want to rewrite it. Hardcore is something I need to finish, it wouldn't really be difficult I just need to sit down and think what would be a satisfying ending, not just for the story itself but for the readers who loved it and waiting so long and patiently for a proper end. Again, many of these stories on my profile are stories written by a child in a time when everything was great and I was filled for passion for those particular subjects. Now, as I'm older and almost finished with college I'm lacking a lot of that same passion that drove me to write. But, as I sit here just having finished my final essay for this quarter, I realize just how much I still love writing. I feel like after years of being lost in a transient state, I've finally found a passion to write again. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't want to make promises, I just want to ask those of you who still follow me and hang on to hope that I might continue one of your favorite stories, keep checking in once in a while. You might be pleasantly surprised one day when you remember old Vriell and find an unexpected update.

Just remember that I, and many other authors on this site, need a lot of help to become better writers. Someone once said to me that "writers are the only artists who think they can just come out with a degree and be great", the truth is it needs practice, just like everything else. Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument? Just try to pick one up and practice, a lot. Same with art, I've progressed from stick figures to passable sketches in just over a year, with at least an hour of just practicing every other day. Every art you can think of is going to require practice and feedback. Those two are incredibly important and FF.net provides the greatest resource for those, in terms of writing. Try to review and remember to try and bring your fellow authors up. It always makes me smile when I can see the improvements authors have made over time as they've grown and their ideas of characters and the worlds in which they exist change. We're here to make each other better writers, better authors as well as write our own fantasies of other people's worlds and characters. I love this site, it's an important part of my life, and I'm pretty sure other people feel the same way; let's make it a place for others to get better and not bring them down the way it feel like the entire world wants to do.

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