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Author has written 10 stories for Danny Phantom, and American Dragon: Jake Long.

Name: Tippi

Age: 32

Gender: female

Hair color: brown

Eyes color: brown

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 100 lb

Pets: 2 dogs-chloe Maya

I live in WI (Go Packers!)

Hobbies: writing, drawing, reading, and walking

Anime: Inuyasha, full metal..., naruto, ect.

Cartoon: Danny Phantom, fairly odd patents, Avatar

Here are three ideas for the next story read and tell me what you want to see next. E-mail or type you’re response in your review I don’t care how just tell me.

Voting for new story 4) Best in Show- When Dash insults Spook Danny challenges Dash in a pet contest to see who has the best pet. Sam thinks it’s cruelty to animals, Tucker’s happy Danny’s entering for some reason, plus Danny and Spook many not be the only ghosts in disguise at the contest.

3) Salem Field Trip- The sophomore history class of Casper High is going on a field trip to Salem for the weekend to live like they did in the 1600’s during the witch trials. Ever since Sam learned of her magical heritage she’s not looking to forward to the trip and her two friends aren’t much help. Tucker is freaking out because there’s no technology allowed. While Danny has his own troubles with his parents, sister, and Vlad are chaperones. Plus who’s going to take care of Spook and a vengeful spirit has awoken as is going to take her anger out on the Casper High class who she thinks are still the 1600’s Salem townspeople. complete

2) Kidnapping in the Snowy Summer- When kids start to disappear from Amity Park with no trace some people start to suspect ghosts. If it is a ghost Danny’s going to have to do something but he has nothing to go on until a memory challenged ghost shows up. Is he friend or foe? With each visit he starts to remember more. But when Danny gets to closes he may be the next kid to join the others on the wall of missing posters. Then will the ghost talking to Danny go to the other members of the Fenton family and will they even listen. Complete

1) Ancestor Fenton- Vlad has released five ghost brothers known as the five ghosts of fury. These five have sworn to not rest until every one with Fenton blood is either dead or renounced the name of Fenton. Vlad thinks it’s the perfect plan but what he didn’t know is Marcus Fenton’s ghost was sealed with them and he was the one that sealed them in the first place. Now he’s free to and he’s going to find his descendants to help them stop these deadly brothers. Just one problem he’s now a ghost and the Fenton’s are ghost hunters. Let’s hope Fenton blood is thicker than ecto blood. Complete

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A Dragon's Crimson Cry reviews
Slight AU At a young age Jake's life turns tragic all of a prophecy that only a select few even knows Exists. Is Jake destine for greateness or will he be cut down before his time? Rated T for safty in the first chapter.
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Feildtrip to Salem reviews
The students of Casper are going to spend three days in Salem like the people of the 1600's. But with Vlad and the Fentons on the trip and a ghost haunting the town things go from bad to worse. Even more so when Jazz and magic Sam become accused witches.
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When magical creatures start showing up in Amity Prak Danny meets a girl with magical powers. Is she a hero or villain and what do Tucker and Sam think of her.
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Kidnapping in the snowy summer reviews
Kids are disappering in Amity Park and soon it points to a ghost. A memory challaged ghost seems to come to Danny's help but is he trust worthy. And whose going to save Danny? A little D/S later.
Danny Phantom - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: 30,987 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 3/22/2009 - Published: 10/31/2008
Vlad just can't win reviews
Not a Christmas story but one for the holidays none the less. Vlad relizes not matter what he does the wrold like to use irony to make him lose.
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Descendant of a Hero reviews
Vlad unleashs the five ghosts of fury who want to end the Fenton line but Marcus Fenton was also set free will the Fenton's listen to him. Hope Fenton blood is thicker than ecto blood?
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Christmas dog reviews
Just some funny dribble about what the Fenton family does with Spook on his fist Christmas with them.
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Danny fights a time traveling ghost and is now his 5 year old self’s imaginary friend. Can Danny get back to the future and not ruin the past?
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Here's a spoof on the Wizard of Oz Danny Phantom style.Oneshot
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When Danny shows kindness to a pup it's soon to repaied it in more ways than one. Ghosts and buillies beware.
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