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About myself:
I'm Italian and not revealing my age to anyone.
I'm quite shy and easily intimidated; despite this, it's virtually impossible to make me do something I don't like, since I can undermine everything with Gandhi-like passive resistance. But, above all, I'm incredibly, horribly LAZY.
I'm a chemist -a job that forces you to meet strange and insane people- and an amateur musician -a passion that forces you to meet strange and insane people.
I'm currently writing a book about my tragic experiences during both my activities; I hope this piece of evidence will help me if I end being charged for some kind of crime someday.

About what I like:
I love listening to almost every kind of music provided it isn't too loud, playing recorder (a sort of flute) with deranged friends and spending a lot of time with my PC.
I like old videogames and fantasy books; T. Pratchett and S. Donaldson are my favourite authors (the funniest and the saddest!)

(And, of course, my grammar is far from perfect)

The Monsters reviews
Crono has just been resurrected and Gaspar hands him a long todo list. Meanwhile, Flea is getting depressed at Ozzie's castle. But for someone else being enslaved by the Mystics has been an improvement. COMPLETE.
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