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Author has written 3 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and Lord of the Rings.


My name is Sarah Chante. (Please note that it is not my real name, but a character's name in my Batman Begins/Dark Knight stories "Friend Of The Knight)

Things I like: Read, Write, Go to the movies, dance, swim, play the drums, learn about American History (Yes, I'm a history buff. What are you gonna do about it_), quote movies to my friends (I do it a lot), do the Jack Sparrow walk (I'm the only person in this world who can do it up to Johnny Depp's standards), and lots more that I can't think of

Now the things I hate: Being disturbed out of my thoughts when I'm daydreaming, people who think they are better than others, preps (The ones who are mean, that is to say. I have friends who are preps), awkward silences (Especially when they are caused by me), nature drives (I like to dwell with nature when I'm not forced to), and lots more that I can't think of.

About Me: (Updated as of April 13, 2013)

I am a 22 year old Digital Media Major living in Utah, attending a private university AND a business college. So that explains a third of my busy schedule.

Right now, I am on Summer break until September, so I have more time to update and improve on my writing skills. But that's if, and ONLY IF, I have a flexible work schedule. Tuition can't pay itself, am I right?

Oh, yeah, plus I date a lot, so if I'm not updating, I'm on a date. Sorry ya'll.

I've just recently started school over due to tramautic life events that happened over the past couple of years. I'm thankful for that time, however, because it allowed me to think about what I want to do with my life. I love college. I love the oppurtunities it has given me. As of the end of this year, I am a co-director for a news broadcast for the school, and spend my week learning new things and meeting new people.

I am also starting two blogs: One on movies (since I love them to death) and one on fashion. This one is basically about how to be a "Saks Fifth Avenue" girl with a college girl budget. Once I have them both on a good circulation, I will advertise on here.

I am a 7th generation native Texan. I lived in Houston until I was 14 years old. There I was taught at a National Blue Ribbon school, with teachers who ranged from Harvard to Texas A&M to music teachers who played for the President in the White House. In fact, I had a better education there than I did when I moved up North.

And no, I do not have a Texan accent. No one rides their horses to work. I grew up in Houston, where art and museums and symphonies were my playgrounds.

So, that's something about me as a person.

Now, here's something about me as a writer.

My views, I'm somewhat of a purist, but it's OK if you change a few details.

As far as OC's go, they're good practice. In fact, I highly recommnend writing them. Now there are those who are opposed to writing them for fear of turning them into a perfect "Mary-Sue" or "Gary-Stu". That's OK. I've read some pretty horrible ones myself. But there is room for growth, and if you ever want my opinion on an OC, let me know. If they're "perfect", I'll tell you to dumb them down a bit. Flawless? Throw in a habit of theirs that may be deemed disgusting. Whatever it is, I'm here to help.

But the reason I write OC's is so that I can practice developing characters of my own when I get down to writing a story that isn't fanfiction, and I believe that I've gained good practice on that when writing my "Friend" series.

Now, I'm not an gung-ho OC fan. I just think there's a good side to most things. I've also read some pretty good fics where there were absolutely no OC's at all. I'm also all for that too.

For the things that I stand against, one of them is flaming.

I don't care what you call it, if you're flaming, you're a bully. I've already dealt with too much of them in the real world where I can stand up against them, and I WILL stand up against you if you're flaming someone just because they do something you don't like. If you flame me, I let it slide, but if you flame a lot of other people for no good reason without any constructive criticism, I will call you out on it.

Another thing I find distaste for is anything of the "smut" category...Guys, that's all I see on the recommended lists. It's becoming the thing that people will read the most. I mean, come on, "50 shades of grey" was a Twilight smut fanfiction and is now on the national best-seller list. I've read kindergarten picture books with more plot than that. (When I'm talking about "plot" I'm talking about the plot of "Twilight", not "50 shades of grey". I will not touch such trash)

Leave sex where sex belongs: In the bedroom, and NOT on a site where 13 year olds are allowed on. If you do write a smut story, that's fine by me. I don't care, but let's be role models here for the younger generation who thinks "YOLO" and Justin Bieber are the greatest things since sliced bread. (No offence, it's just my personal taste)

Again, I'm not a picky person. I'd like to think that I don't judge, but I'm no "Mary-Sue". No one's perfect. Not even those who hate them.

But I assure you, after careful examination of some of my stories and the opinions of other reviewers, the character's you'll find in my "Friend" trilogy have no traces of Mary-Sue's or Gary-Stu's.

Not all OC's are "Mary-Sue"'s.

Here's some pretty funny quotes from the author's life.

French Teacher: OK, everyone stay together, try not to get lost, and don't go outside. The last part goes double to Isabelle and Marianne.
Me: But Madame, it's only a block away! Can't we just go take a few pictures of them filming? Heath Ledger is there!
Kayla (Marianne): What about Christian Bale?
Me: I just want to see them film, Kayla.
Maddie: Heath Ledger? Madame, can I go with them?
--(French Field Trip To Chicago. They were filming the bank robbery scene from "The Dark Knight" a block away from where we were)

Kayla: Remind me again why you wanna go see them film?
Me: Because I think that if I at least go see them film a scene, that scene from my perspective, or rather in Sarah Chante's perspective, would be one of the greatest chapters in the sequel to "Friend of the Knight"
Kayla: ...You're not even halfway finished with the first one, and you're already starting to work on the sequel?!
Me: (in a sing-song voice) I'm making you a character in it
Kayla: ...Have I told you how much I think you're awesome?
--(French field trip to Chicago)

Me: Too bad we didn't get to see them film.
Kayla: Yeah. But hey. At least we were a block away from them.
Me: Yeah...Huh.
Kayla: What?
Me: Do you hear all those sirens?
Kayla: ...Yeah, I hear them. Wonder what they're chasing.
Me: I don't know. A clown?
Me & Kayla: (Laugh)
--(French field trip to Chicago)

Brittney: Ugh. This paste tastes nasty!
Maddie: Yeah.
Me: Come on. It can't be that bad (Tries some)...Water! Water! Water!
--(French field trip to Chicago where we stopped to have lunch at a french restaraunt)

Director: OK, Chad and Taylor. You guys have to be more in love.
Me and Ethan: (look at each other and shake our heads)
Me: Come on Michael. Can't we just have their relationship end with them saying to each other "I hate your guts"?
Director: Why?
Me: Because that's how Ethan and I really feel about each other.
--("High School Musical" at the Broadway Dinner Theatre. The guy who played my love interest and I hated each other for some bizarre reason)

Me: There's one for every girl in the audience! We don't have to fight anymore!
--(I said this out loud during the scene with a million Jack Sparrows from "POTC 3" after my ex-boyfriend told me to be quiet, and I saw that he was talking during the movie.)

Jessica: Hey, Sarah, what's wrong?
Me: I had this weird dream last night, and I can't get it out of my head.
Kayla: (to Jessica) I'll bet you 20 bucks it had Batman in it.
--(Long story short, Kayla won the bet)

Me: Hey guys. What's up?
Kirsten: Geez! How do you do that?
Me: Do what?
Kirsten: Come out of nowhere like that? What are you? Part ninja or something?
Me: Nah. I just watch too many Batman movies.
Kirsten: I'll say.
--(...I blame that habit from writing my Batman stories too much)

Me: You guys! You're never going to believe who's also going to be in the Johnny Depp movie!
Kirsten: Which one?
Kayla: The one they're filming here in the middle of nowhere!
Kirsten: Well, who else is going to be in it?
Me: Give ya one guess.
--(He did! I'm serious!)

Me: Well, what do you think?
Kirsten: ...I just found my twin brother.
--(Kirsten's first reaction to Joker in "The Dark Knight" trailer)

Band Teacher: Don't worry about anything. We've all practiced. Just play well, and don't upset The Phantom of the Al. Ringling Theatre.
(Noise sounds above in the rafters)
Band Teacher: All right, who ticked him off this time?
Jon: (points at me)
Me: (points at Jon)
Band Teacher:...Nice knowing you Jon.
--(Never, EVER, tick off the Phantom at the Al.)

Kirsten: Yeah?
Me: Why is Jessica dancing on stage in a cow costume?
--(Jessica, you were the best cow ever when we did "Joseph and the Amazing Techni-color Dreamcoat!)

Me: Go back to your Fortress of Solitude!
--(I said this to the guy wearing the Superman shirt at "The Dark Knight" Midnight Showing

Me:...All right guys. Where's the microphone?
--(Going on stage for my solo and finding no microphone)

Kirsten: Tell me you didn't!
Me: Didn't do what?
Kirsten: Tell me you didn't try out for the cheerleading squad!
Me: Oh, Kirsten, you know I'm a bad liar.
--(She later found out I was also made Captain of the Squad)

Band Teacher: Word on the street is you hit Troy in the legs with a bowling ball.
Me: It was an accident! Geez, I'm amazed at how fast word gets around this place!
Band Teacher: Oh...Well, just so you know, I would've paid you five bucks to do it.
Me: Just so you know, I would've wanted the cash up front.
--(I still say it was an accident.)

Band Teacher: All right. What's the problem this time?
Jon: She's always late for drumline!
Me: So what? He knows I have Bible Study every morning!
Jon: That wasn't even a problem last year!
Me: Oh yeah. There's one thing I forgot to mention. I also spend every night flying over rooftops and defending the city from evil.
Jon: Ha-ha. Very funny.
Band Teacher:...Sounds like a good enough excuse to me.
--(Band Director always did like me best. lol)

Me: I. Don't. Believe. It. I'm in the same newspaper as Christian Bale! This has to be the best day ever!
--(That WAS a great day. Haha)

Dad: Yeah?
Me: Would you mind telling me why there's a bat in the living room?!
Dad: No, but you know what I noticed?
Me: What?
Dad: Everytime there's a bat in the house, you always seem to be around.
--(Bats were always coming into our house...Especially in my room)

Me: Andrew, you know that kissing scene we have to do later?
Andrew: Yeah, why?
Me: Do you think you can try to dip me and then kiss me?
Andrew:...All right, who in the audience are you trying to tick off this time?
--(Even though he didn't dip me, he was still the best fake kisser I ever made out with. haha)

Biology Teacher: OK, who can tell me about escalation?
Me: Well it's sort of like two sides, opposite of each other, upgrading their qualities to, in lack of a better word, "out-escalate" the other.
Biology Teacher: Interesting explanation. Would you care to provide an example?
Me: Well...(thinks for a moment and then grins) We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics.
Biology Teacher: (grins in approval) We start wearing kevlar, they buy armor-piercing rounds. What else?
Me: (stands up and folds my arms in a courageous manner) And I'm wearing a mask and jumping off roof-tops!
Biology Class: *cheering*
--(That was the day I started to become friends with my Biology Teacher and Science class itself)

Me: I didn't sign up for this!
MJ: Quiet! Let me finish my speech!
Me: (groans) Now I know how Bruce Wayne felt when Ra's Al Ghul kicked his butt in "Batman Begins".
--(Yeah...I acidentally volunteered myself to help my third degree black-belt friend with her demonstration speech on self defense...But I did get a lot of extra credit)

Hailee: I almost kissed him, and then Joe had to go and steal his car!
Me: There's a sad word: Almost.
--(Joke between me and Hailee)

Hailee: Beware, for I am roommates with The Dark Knightess.
Me: I AM the Dark Knightess!
--(The nickname my roommates gave me)

Math Teacher: All right, settle down, take out your homework, and you (points at me) take that cowboy hat off!
Me: But the Cowboy's beat the Packers!
Class: Boo!
Me: Oh hush up! You know we're cooler.
--(Go Cowboys!)

Tyler: What happened to you?
Me: I broke a toe.
Tyler: How?
Me: If I tell you, you'll make fun of me for it.
Tyler: Oh, now I have to know!
--(Yeah, Tyler always did thought it was funny that I broke a toe while looking at a hot guy)

Tyler: Come on. I'll give you a piggy-back ride back to your apartment.
Me: All right, but, this doesn't make me your spider monkey.
--(And it still doesn't, Tyler! lol )

Bri: There's a rumor going around the school saying there was some kid in Joker make-up and another kid dressed up as Batman chasing each other around the hallways...You wouldn't know anything about that would you?
Me: What are you guys asking me for?
Kirsten: Because it's you.
Me: True. But I know nothing about it.
(Batman mask falls out of my locker. I grin innocently)
Kirsten: *glaring*...You've got some explaining to do, you little Dark Knightess.
--(The only reasons I was dressed up as Batman and running around the high school looking like that was because it was for a Video Production project and it was to tick off a few people. In the end, I got a good grade and my enemies were red in the face. XD)

Here's the link to the trailer I made for "The Dark Knight's Friend". I hope you like it!

With that, enjoy!

Here is grapejuice101's cover for The Friend Trilogy! Thanks grapejuice! I absolutely love it!! :D

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