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Author has written 12 stories for Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHOLiC, Vocaloid, Final Fantasy X-2, Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei, and RWBY.

Quote: "Normality is boring. Boredom is deadly. That's why only the crazy survive."

Hi! I'm IceQueen987, or Icy for short. I love writing. The problem is getting the stories down... Anyway, you have stumbled into my clutches and won't be able to escape until you read my fanfics! MUAHAHAHA-!

Fai: Stop scaring them.

Icy: Oh, fine. (grumbles)

Tomoyo: I want to say something too! (clears throat then turns to Icy) Nice evil laugh. Not as good as mine, though.

Fai: (sweatdrop)

Yuko: Shouldn't you actually be introducing yourself?

Icy: Oh yha! As you can see, I'm very in-touch with the characters I write about.

Tomoyo: (mumbles) THAT'S an understatement...

Icy: (babbles on about fangirlness of Tsubasa and Holic)

Yuko: (sigh) Here's what she wanted to say. Mokona!

Mokonas: HEAR YOU GO!! :)

Author Bio

Pen Name: IceQueen987 or Icy for short

Gender: Female. Let's be honest; I've NEVER seen a male fanfic writer. Ever.

Fav. Anime: Fruuba, xxxHolic and xxxHolic Kei, CCS, FMA, Chobits

Fav. Manga: xxxHolic, Tsubasa RC, and Cresent Moon

Fav. Charecters and Why

Fai: 1 word: HOTT! And I know how it feels to be isolated. Damn grade school...

Kurogane: I love it when he's being messed with. It's too funny!

Al: Aww! I want him as a little bro. Even though he's bigger then me in that suite of armor...

Yuko: She's my role model. I know she's fictional, but come on! She beautiful, smart, and elegant. Who DOSN'T want to be like that?

Watanuki: I love when he spazzes. Hehe... XP


Tomoyo: She's my sister separated at birth, I swear.

Chii: She's the only character I've ever wanted to dress up like a Barbie Doll! She's so cute! glomp

Story Summaries

Frozen Reflection: Selena lives in our world. On day, she's pulled through a wall-turned-frozen-mirror to Yuko's shop where she makes her wish: to never go back to her dimension. As she helps get Sakura's feathers back, she discovers things about herself she never knew and finds her out her part within an evil man's plot and her role in the legend of the Goddesses, all while trying not to fall for a certain blond-haired magician. In Progress. Hiatus.

Bleeding Lies: A collection of drabbles. Set between Infinity to Nihon. Each chapter is told by a different person and their views on everything that's happening. Includes main characters of xxxHolic. Completed

The Hidden Princess of Nihon: This was a challenge I saw. Dedicated to Tomoyo-hime, my fave female character along with Yuko. Slight KuroxTomoyo in a few of the chapters. Time line ranges from before Tsubasa to the Nihon arc. Completed

Parallel on 4 Sides: A oneshot with Fai as he reflects on what he and his travel companions have in common. Angsty. Completed

A Forced Date: Yuko decides to have a little fun with Watanuki and force him to escort her to the Inter-Dimensional Ball Little does she know about the feelings brewing inside of her young helper. WataxYuko. Completed

Their Life in My Hands: A collection of drabbles and reflections involving myself and the characters of Holic and Tsubasa. Weather the conversations are real or not is up to you. Deals with deep-probing and complex subjects. On and Off. Updated when it strikes my fancy.

The 5th Alice: My cosplaying friends and I find ourselves in the Vocaloid song Alice Human Sacrifice. What will happen to us? Will we make it out sane and alive? And who "is" the 5th Alice?

First Drink: Kurogane forces Fai to drink his blood. Told from both points of view. No pairing, but I'll bet all my Tsubasa manga yaoi fangirls will take it as KuroFai. It's not.

Random Things I Agree With

Things in () are my thoughts

99 percent of all fanfiction, AMVs, fanart etc are Yaoi. If you are part of the last 1 percent that believes in non-Yaoi pairings, copy and paste this into your profile. (I am against yaoi, no matter what. 2 guys CAN have a close relationship and NOT want to have sex with each other. Anyone who says that's untrue is either on meds or needs them if they arn't.)

If you've ever wondered what you are like in another dimension, copy and paste this in your profile. (You can blame Tsubasa, Yuko, xxxHolic, or CLAMP. Take your pick.)

If you have ever felt the undenilable urge to slam your head into something, weather it is another person or not, copy this into your profile. (Every single day. Too many idiots in the world...)

If you are a OC creator and fan, copy and paste this in your profile! (Hells yeah! I have Selena for Tsubasa, Ella for FFX and X-2, and Artimis for Naruto.)

STRESS: A condition brought on by over-riding the bodies desire to choke the living daylights out of some jerk who desperately deserves it. (Probably everyone wants to do this at one point if not often.)

FRIENDS: Never ask for anything to eat or drink. BEST FRIENDS: Help themselve and are the reason you have no food. (I do this to my friends ALL the time. XD )

FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail. BEST FRIENDS: Are sitting in the cell next to you saying "Damn that was fun!" (Ahaha, the illegal things we do with our friends... ;P )

Shh...I'm plotting...(with Fai on how to take over the world! XD FWR: That's my job!)

If you've ever threatened a computer or video gameconcil, past this into your profile. (Just my comp. It seems to hate me. My PS2 loves me though. And my MP3 player, dispite the countless times I've dropped it.)

If you wish that a fictional character was real, copy and paste this to your profile.(Yes!! I want Fai to be real so bad it's not even funny. Also Yuko and Tomoyo too, but mostly Fai... (sigh) WHY CAN'T YOU BE REAL DAMN IT!! NO GUYS HAVE THE SAME CLASS AS YOU!! (goes off into a corner and laimaints) )

"The 6 truths of life...

1. You can't lick all of your teeth with your tongue.

2. You just tried to do the above.

3. The first truth is a lie.

4. You're smiling now because you're realizing you're an idiot.

5. You'll copy this into your profile for some other sucker to read it.

6. There's still a stupid smile on your face. XD

( I actually did this and couldn't stop laughing. I was like 'This is going on my profile.)

The following is simply amazing~ I'd bold the rules I like but that would be bolding every one ;~; So every so often I'll just bold rules I like.

I found his very amusing. I bolded rules I agree with and anything in () are my thoughts.

Everything I Learned In Life, I Learned From CLAMP

1. If you're not angsty, you should be ( XD )
2. There is no such thing as coincidence. (All there is is hitsuzen.)
3. Evil takes the form of four Japanese mangaka. (You mean good... right? If They were evil, they wouldn't have finished Tsubasa.)
4. Everything's better in alternate universes. (Now you know why I write fanfiction. XD )
5. If you're precious to your brother, you're probably doomed.
6. Actually, if you're precious to anyone, you're doomed.
7. In fact, you're probably just doomed anyways.
8. Treasure your eyes. You never know when they'll be taken away. (Poor Fai. And Wata-kun.)
9. Subtext really does equal buttsex. (BS!! BS I say!!)
10. Everything has a price.
11. The most powerful people are alcoholics. (Aka Yuko pwns all.)
12. Never trust the bunny/pork bun.
13. True love always prevails. Usually.
14. Love comes in all forms. (And levels!)
15. At least you’re not Subaru. ( XD )
16. Nothing says love like agreeing to be somebody’s primary food source. (What?! That makes NO SENSE!)
17. If someone comments on your eyes being pretty, you will probably lose them several chapters later.
18. Even if you and your beloved are a canon couple, by the end, you still won’t have kissed.
19. Even in other series, you still will not kiss. (LET SAKURA AND SYAORAN KISS DAMN IT!!)
20. If your grandparents are constantly on vacation, they most likely don’t exist.
21. Never carry your most treasured item around with you.
22. Everybody has an evil twin. (But... Real!Fai wasn't evil...)
23. Tokyo Tower is, more than likely, the source of all evil. (Or at least will appear soemwhere in the manga.)
24. If you’re good-looking, you’re doomed or angsty. Probably both.(Fai reference.)
25. Don’t expect to live a happy life. You’ll only be disappointed. (Fai again)
26. The more they smile, the harder they fall. (Fai 100)
27. Your fan base is directly proportional to how angsty you are. (Man, most of these involve Fai...)
28. Everyone is pretty, even when bleeding or in agony.
29. Torture and mind games are just another way of showing you care. (I'd just feed them chocolate personally.)
30. Your boss is bad for you. (WTF?)

31. The world is split into three genders: male, female and androgynous.

32. Blood is aesthetic.
33. It’s not real magic unless you can conjure a two-meter-wide magic circle.
34. Flat strips of paper can reach the same speed as an F1 race car.
35. Fire doesn’t burn unless the plot requires it to. (Ahahah... lights paper on fire Didn't work...)
36. No matter how ripped your shirt gets, it’s not coming off. (No, no, in Tokyo, C!Syaoran's shirt was really close...)
37. Men with black hair and glasses (including sunglasses) cannot be trusted.
38. Anyone who says having magic powers is cool could not have been more wrong. (So... I'm wrong?)
39. It’s possible to store two swords and enough clothing for four people inside the mouth of a pork bun. (And probaly much more!)
40. Who wears short shorts? Little boy detectives wear short shorts! (Isn't Case Closed NO done by CLAMP?)
41. Four leaf clovers aren’t as lucky as they’re made out to be.
42. If you’re a character voiced by Megumi Ogata/cool/fan favourite/bishounen, you’re doomed.
43. Hell, you’re in a CLAMP anime. You’re doomed.
44. Remember your dreams- they’re the key to the plot. (Always. Even in fanfiction and non-manga books.)
45. If you can’t whistle, “hyuu” instead. (Can I go "hyuu" even if I know how to whistle?)
46. If you feel someone’s watching you, they probably are.
47. If he’s tall, dark and handsome, he’s taken- by the outrageously cute boy standing next to him.
48. Feathers have the ultimate power. Buy a chicken.
49. If your series is happy sugar-coated fairies and gay, you will most likely all die a horrible death at the hand of a psychotic clone.
50. Everything will be alright.
51. Just because you return from a journey, doesn’t mean you’ll return in one piece. (Fai reference. And Kuro too!)
52. Everything happens in Tokyo. (Or at last in Jaan. Hey, CLAMP, could you make somthing take place in Europe or the USA? Thanks.)
53. Cute stuffed animals make the best magical servants. (That, or chained-up mages and/or vamps. ;P )
54. Swords longer than your height are easy to manage. (Kuro ref #2)
55. Attack names/chants are more important than actual skill or experience.
56. Cherry blossoms are a sign of good luck.
57. Cherry blossoms are a sign of bad luck.
58. Cherry blossoms are- sod that, if you see cherry blossoms, run. (So THATS why everyione hates Sakura!)
59. Even after your heart is pierced by someone's hand, you will still have plenty of time to divulge deep dark secrets/words of wisdom/angst/last words before you actually die. (Kuro... you made Tomoyo pregnent... Kuro: 0_o )
60. Show your true love not by exchanging rings, but eyes.
61. No one is really happy. They’re just hiding some dark secret. (This is like, the 8th Fai reference! Did we lean EVERYTHING from Fai?!)
62. Dressing someone up in cute but outlandish outfits is a sign of great love and affection.
63. The easiest way to solve a love triangle is to kill somebody. (Or just call the common interest a pimp. Looks at Kuro )
64. Inanimate objects have feelings. (OMG, Sakura got some love! Sakura: ? )
65. Eyes, especially magic ones, are in high demand.
66. Cosplay is completely normal in Tokyo.
67. Love your parents while you can.
68. The general public is oblivious to strange/supernatural/inexplicable/mysterious events/people/objects. (No kidding.)
69. Don’t give your name to strangers. (Syaoran ref!)
70. Wherever you are, there is a Miyuki somewhere in the background. (She's running from the hetero bunny chick.)
71. Apparently, magic allows you to eat other people’s eyes like candy.
72. Walking between a fence and a lamp-post will send you to another time/dimension. (Really?! (tries) Hi Yuko-senei!)
73. Never trust shop owners. (Too late!)

74. If you have a twin/clone/someone who looks like you, most likely one of you will die before the series is over. (Not true! Neither Sakura, Syaoran or Fai died.)
75. It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye- then it's a pairing. (So C!SyaoranxFai is a pairing?! 0_o I'm pretty sure NO ONE ships that.)

(I always knew this was true, but no one ever listened. So to those of you who pick on my spelling; shut up.)

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty
uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal
pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a
rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't
mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the
olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer
be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl
mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed
ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling
was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile

It's you and me against the world. (puts on helmet) We attack at dawn. (THIS. IS . SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (All of Tsubasa gang girve me a 'WTF?!' face while Selena laughes))

You KNOW You’re Obsessed with xxxHolic and Tsubasa When… (made by me)

1) You want Yuko’s wardrobe

2) You attempt to recreate said wardrobe

3) You own all the volumes of both series

4) You own the whole anime of both series

5) You own the movie of both series

6) You say ‘Hyuu~’ at random intervals

7) Your hair is cut like one of the characters (mine’s like Yuko!) *Taken from Asuka Neko’s list*

8) You can follow the timeline of the plot of one series while reading the other

9) You write a fanfiction about all of Tsubasa

10) You play with the idea of writing a Holic fanfiction

11) You have more pictures of either/both series then will fit on your wall

12) You believe in hitsuzen

13) You can spell hitsuzen

14) You always tell your friends that everything is hitsuzen

15) You think Yuko should have her own cult/following

16) You fast-forward through the anime to watch Watanuki spaz

17) You want to bang one of the characters (Fai…*blush*)

18) You know all of Kurogane’s nicknames

19) You know all the scenes by heart

20) You own a plushie of your favorite character

21) You have the spin-off book of Holic

22) You get your friend addicted to either series

23) You understand the plot as well as the author

24) You’ve read the manga more than 50 times through

25) You color in the chapter pictures just to see the characters in color

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