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Life is beautiful new chapter will be postpones to sometime in june, possible the middle or the end of june due to my pile of school work and stress of work and homework/assignments/exams/prom/parties etc.

Maybe, it's time for my readers to know a bit about me, and what's going on with stories and upcoming ones

Name: Summer nights

EMAIL: summ3r_nights5s@ HOTMAIL.COM

Now, speaking of stories...

Destined to meet part 2: It will be updated, but i'm having a writer's block on that one.

A love story to Cherish: I think I'm deleting it and making a better one

Life is Beautiful: Will probably be the most updated one.

Future stories?


Experiment 101 - I changed the summmary, where Sasuke is not a vampire, and is the same age as Sakura, the vampire story of SASUSAKU will be in Determination., look below this story.

Sasuke the elite streetcar, bad ass racer, a player and a rich son of a royal branch has a sudden unexpected encounter with a pink haired girl in the middle of the road. No words. No Actions. No pain. No emotions. The pink haired girl knew nothing, Sasuke afraid she'll be sick and his curiosity with her beauty brought her home to Kakashi, a psychiatrist, also a fellow teacher of Sasuke. This mysterious girl was names Sakura, with her pink hair it made sense. While teaching her words slowly, and how to dress and eat, Sasuke grew fond of the pink haired beauty. Only to find out she was an experiment, on the run, she was experiment 101. Learning about her past that she was tortured since she was a fetus, living in the dark with no one around her, an experiment to see how a human would react in this condition, she was fed by tubes and cleaned by water hoes, Sakura was a tortured experiment, treated like an experiment nothing else, injecting her blood with different chemicals. Finding out about her past, Sasuke is determined to take care of this experiment, and not let anyone torture her anymore. After her training sessions, her first words were Sasuke, and only Sasuke. This story is an adventure between two people, one treated as god, and the other treated as an experiment. Learn how the two fall in love, learn how Sakura can finally act as a human and learn step by step how to fall in love, how to be hurt, how to finally have emotions. A beautiful story about a heartthrob/hunk that falls in love with an experiment.



Night and day, all she did was practice, practice and practice, she was a dancer, a ballerina, people may say it's easy to dance, but it must be the hardest, if it was easy it' would've been called Rugby. The training is ridiculously hard, it takes a hard headed stubborn person to get it right. The injuries she had from training, falling and bleeding, and doing it over and over again. Sakura was a Beautiful girl, amazingly stunning that was determined to get to her dream, to make money and go to the most elite school there is to become a doctor.Her life is about dancing, reading, and studying. It was simple yet complicated. She had never given up on anything, and never will, because she is determined to do whatever she needs, no matter how many sweats it takes, or how much blood it takes, she's full of determination. Aside from determination her life is a wreck, she was a daughter of a raped victim, living on her own, mother despises her for being the daughter of the man who raped her. But she's never given up. Whereas, he had given up long ago, hating his life that was simply perfect to society, but a wreck to himself. Being the perfect gentlemen idol every girl wants and the perfect face and body that every girl would dream of, the money that everyone wants, the intelligence and abilities that everyone would dream of, he was the exquisite Sasuke. yet he hated his life. Scratch that, he didn't have a life, he was immortal, one of those myth monsters that people called vampires. Both the boy and girl were different, yet he a fascinated by her, her determination lightens everything up. They haven't really met each other person to person, but he's been watching her train and study. Watching her trip and have injuries, watching her get back up good as new, she was clumsy and naive, yet she's never given up. They've encountered each other in silent. Such as when she's training outside on the streets and the beautiful immortal walks by, no matter how good her blood smells, he wanted to keep her alive to watch her train and reach her goal. She was different from any other girl, she was different because in life all she had was determination. Two people from different worlds will finally clash in complications and romance, the day when she slipped in the lake when trying to do her triple twirl. She wasn't out of the lake for a good minute, luckily he was watching. " saved me" green eyes stared at onyx eyes, "I'm Uchiha Sasuke" " i'm Haruno Sakura, it's nice to meet you and thank you for saving me" "you amuse me" he said. That was the beginning of the forbidden love.


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"Fuck you Sasuke! You have no idea what I've fucking been through!" emeralds glared in tears, "And you think I was just living my life? I was torn too Sakura, you put me through hell! For fuck's sake, I wanted to end my life when I thought you were gone." His onxy orbs stared at her under his thick lashes. "That ring on your finger tells a different story" she spat back. SASXSAK
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