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E- Emotional

M- Meaningless Existence

O- Out casted

"Luvin'death, hatin' life."

Natsume Hyuuga hated his life. He had witnessed the murder of his parents first hand and his foster parents weren't helping either, seeing as they enjoy torturing him to bits. But what happens when he meets the new transfer student, Mikan Sakura? And she just won't leave him alone.


Dance Sport:

"When you fall during a pirouette, make sure your heart doesn't follow its example."

Mikan Sakura was your average tomboy... baggy jeans, over-sized tees and all... Until her sadistic gay teacher black-mailed her into entering a contest for the Intra murals, with a partner. And her partner is none other than the notorious Kuro-Neko. Can she make that last pirouette perfectly? Or will she fall along with her heart?

G.O.T.H.S. (posted)

G- Gutnie Chabi

O- Otanashi Yura

T- Tobita Yuu

H- Hotaru Imai/ Hyuuga Natsume

(soon) S- Sakura Mikan

"Where chaos is a fancy."

Mikan Sakura was the most notorious trouble-maker in her school until one accident caused her to be expelled. Now moving to a new school, she received the shock of her life... Some kids were already causing mayhem!


"Just because I'm a statue doesn't mean I don't have a heart."

Natsume Hyuuga was a very, very, talented sculptor and a women hater. Detesting the faults beyond measure which nature has given to women, he decided to make a statue that was so perfect in appearance, to prove to the world that women are nothing compared to his work of art, which was a girl, by the way. What happens when the statue comes to life, to prove to Natsume that women aren't so bad?

Based on 'Pygmalion and Galatea', a Greek Mythology story


Mikan Sakura was the biggest geek in Alice Academy. Despite the fact that she was the smartest girl in the whole of the campus, she was also an addict to an on line game. It was her only escape from the cruel life she led. But what if Natsume Hyuuga, the most popular boy in her school, happened to meet her during the game and... falls in love with her? Answer: Hell.

Man Hater (posted)

"I don't hate guys; they hate me for always breaking my heart."

Alice Academy was a school filled with... well... Alices. Mikan Sakura had the Nullification Alice, but, she had a talent that was really, really good, it was considered as her so-called 'Second Alice'. You know what it is? breaking boy's hearts. Every time a boyfriend cheats on her, she dedicates a special song to them and after that... let's just say her little fan club beats the crap out of the poor boy she just dumped. Natsume Hyuuga loves challenges... and Mikan Sakura was the perfect target.

Life After Near Death

"I'm not dead... yet."

Natsume Hyuuga is a very irresponsible teen: drinking, sleeping around, and being a rebel... until he rammed a girl into a coma in one of his night out. He was drunk, she was working late to support her crippled parents and he didn't really give a damn. Until she came to haunt him. She isn't a ghost, she's still alive... technically speaking. Her name? Mikan Sakura...

Joint projects: (Coming Soon)

With TheaForTherese:

For The Love of Earth Sci

"Hate the subject, love the subject teacher."

Being an Earth Science teacher is tough. Just ask Natsume Hyuuga, the 19-year-old teacher in Alice Academy. Experiencing annoying fan girls, giving grades, making lesson plans and dodging death in the form of love-letters... boy, has he got it tough. The bad: Mikan Sakura, who was the worst at his subject, just perfected an advanced exam. The worse: Ruka Nogi, the 19 year-old counselor, is falling in love with said student who perfected the exam. And the downright ugly: He might just be falling for her as well.

G War

It all started in the late 1980's when the idea of human cloning occurred. Back then, they called it 'Stem Cells'. Stem Cells, they say, if implanted with the nucleus and then placed in the uterus would develop into a human embryo. That idea started it all. Now, in the year 3000, cloning is is not only possible, it was the cause of the G War. The Gender War. If we, females, no longer need male chauvinists... why keep them in this world? They are now rendered as useless... but they are not stupid. They managed to create a way to clone themselves in the late 2400's. I think that is the year the war between Genders began.

Hello. My name is Mikan Sakura, captain of the Medic-squad in Japan. I am on the winning side of the G War, the females. And I will stop at nothing to help obtain Male extinction... not even with Natsume Hyuuga stopping me.

The next story posted will be EMO... After I finish GOTHS...

Still Burning'


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Guys I'm really sorry I haven't updated as much... well... so many things have happened and I'm not really sure if I could cope.. ToT

Anyway, first up is why I update so SLOW:


Yup, that's pretty much it. This year, I'm getting really serious (I'm 2nd in the First Grading's Honor Rolls)... and I'm afraid I'm more dedicated to my future than I am dedicated to Fan Fiction, but I will continue updating... no matter how agonizingly slow...

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When I get that new laptop, I'll be updating sooner... we aren't rich you know, and my parents have actually FORBIDDEN me to continue writing in this website because when I was in my First year (S.Y. 2006- 2007) I was so distracted by FF that I only topped 10 in the honor rolls (how embarrassing).

Please bear with me...

With all the love,


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