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About me? This is about me?? How the hell did you get here? Wow...never thought I would write a profile for myself before...well. Hmm. Lets say...ANIME! YEAH!

The fallowing is my top ten favorite anime/manga's along with my favorite character from them in order:

Place ...Anime/Manga ...Character

1st place: Yu Yu Hakusho...Hiei

2nd place: Bleach...Byakuya

3rd place: Naruto...Neji

4th place: Inukami...Keita

5th place: Full Metal Alchemist...Edward

6th place: DearS...Khi

7th place: Death Note...L/Ryuuzaki

8th place: Chobits...Chii

9th place: Wolf's Rain...Toboe

10th place: Fruits Basket...Shigure

Ta da! Well...that was fun I guess...There are more anime/manga's out there like Inu Yasha and Rurouni Kenshin that I like, they just didn't make it to top ten.Hmm. Now what?

Fanfics! Let's talk about fanfics now!

I like to read:
Genre: Romance and humor
Type: Yaoi, lemons, limes, anything really

Fanfic authors's lingo:
Yaoi/Shonen-Ai = homosexual relationship between two(or more) males. Man on Man. BoyXBoy. (very common in the fanfic world)
Yuri/Shojo-Ai = homosexual relationship between two (or more) females. Woman on Woman. GirlXGirl. (also very common. not as common, though.)
Slash = To the best of my knowledge...it means both yaoi and yuri. Don't quote me though. I've never read slash, so I can't say for sure. I read somewhere that it was, though.
Lemon = Explicit sexual activity. We're talking "M" (or R if you like) rated stuff here. It's when a sex scene is written out in full detail. Not little kid stuff. Adult only.
Lime = Not as explicit as a lemon., but contains sexual content. Some people consider "making out" lime. A kiss on the cheek isn't, but french kissing is.(if it's not explicit)
AU = Alternate Universe. Yes. This means that characters in the story live a life completely different then their original creator/owner intended for them. Ranges to anything. Demons could be regular school boys or girls, or harmless humans could suddenly become super powerful, and while it wouldn't be "normal" in their respective anime/manga, it's normal in this alternate universe.
OOC = Out Of Character. The character wont act like they were written in their original anime/manga. Sometimes only a little, sometimes alot.
Fluff = Goofy, silly, strange stuff. Usually contains OOC-ness.

More lingo: Common Japanese words: Here's some Japanese words that I tend to find/use in fanfics. Some people may not know them, so here are their fanfic translations.

nani = what.
gomen = sorry.
koibito = sweetheart.
youkai = demon/apparition
rei = spirit
ki = energy
hi = (pronounced "he") usually used for Fire but it also means several other elements too For Example, see youkai.
kitsune = fox
naze = why
konickiwa = hello
ne= is usually used at the end of a question (hence the punctuation), as to confirm something when talking to someone else. It's like saying eh? or right? or huh?at the end of your question. Example: "He's grown, ne?" Translation: "He's grown, huh?" #2 "You like apples, ne?" Translation: "You like apples, right?" (you can replace it with any of them.)
Ja = later or bye. As if to say "See ya later!"

Well, I can't seem to think of anymore at the moment that I've seen in fics. If you have a question or think of one I've missed, please, write me and I shall add it to my list. My email is at the very bottom of the page.

On to couples!

My favorite YYH couples are (in order): HieiXKurama (I'm extremely obsessed with this one...), HieiXBotan, KuramaXBotan, HieiXMukuro, HieiXKeiko, KuramaXYukina, YusukeXKeiko

I haven't thought of my favorite couples from much of anything else...I don't really read much of anything else...

Please note: I love reading/writing lemons. YYH is my favorite to read/write about, especially Hiei. Don't hate me for it please. I'm not forcing you to write/read it, so please be nice!

Boring statistics:
Birthday: March 12th, 1986
Gender: Female
Hair: Long, black, dark brown highlights
Eyes: Light hazelnut brown
Origin: I'm American, born and raised. Never left this damn country. My roots are German, Indian, and Irish. (Alchahol's bad for me, ne?)
Height: So close to 5' it's close enough to say "5' man." But to be technical, I'm 4'11 15/16".
Skin tone/race: I'm white, and I mean SNOW WHITE!! I can't tan worth beans! I burn pretty good, though. I'm not albino, though. I'm considered to be Caucasian.
Weight: ...Ideal for people like...3 inches taller than me. So it's not perfect...but it could be alot worse.
Medical stuff: I have chronic asthma and have been diagnosed with depression for about 6 years now so try to be nice. (mostly for the depression part. But don't make fun of me for my asthma either.) It's not extremely bad...but it's there none the less and I do get depressed from time to time. But usually, if I take my meds right, then I'll be ok.
What I do: I am a college student and have lots of homework. Sorry if stuff is slow to come in, but I have a job to keep too and life can be kind of time consuming. Please understand that. I work at a busy resturant and also withing my college.
Sexuality: I am straight myself, but I like to read/draw yaoi. Don't ask why, I just do. I wouldn't go with a girl as my partner though and I DO have a super awesome, sweet, handsome boyfriend, going on year 3 now. (tis very happy with him)
My pen name: Karen Kasai means Cute Fire in Japanese. Which is odd. Cuz my name is actually Karen. So my name means 'Cute' Over in Japan. (heh...as well as a string of other things, like 'pitiful'...T.T) The term my parents were going for though was Karen which means 'Pure' and is Scandinavian. Which I think is cool too.
My Music: I listen to just about anything as long as it's not rap or stupid shit. (like Black Eyed Peas. I hate stuff like that.) I do listen to Japanese music, from anime's. The character songs, ya know? In English, my most reoccurring all-time favorite band is...(drum roll) ...Greenday. Yeah...
My Art: http:/// While I don't have much posted, please feel free to stop by. I will have more soon. I've got a stock pile of awesome pictures to upload. I just got to get around to it...

My stories thus far:

My Love, My Light- a non lemon story. HieiXKurama yaoi, COMPLETE

If you would like to contact me, my email is [email protected]

And if any of you are brave enough to write YYH fluff fics, I'd adore you if you told me where I could read it. I love fluff! Thank you!

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