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Author has written 2 stories for Darker than BLACK, and Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo.

Well I should probably start filling this thing out sometime,

I'm a young guy from 'the land down under', who's trying to sum up the courage and nerve to write something half decent, preferablely for either the Claymore,Evangelion, Mai HiME, Eureka Seven, Code Geass, D.Gray-man or Avatar the Last Airbender sections. I realise that that's a rather mixed bag, including a Classic, a Magical-Girls, a Mecha Series, a "Demon Hunter" and one Western Animation that just might be better than any 'real' anime...bar Evangelion, nothing beats that... They are also my current favourite 'time-killers'.

Others that I like are Naruto & Bleach (till the anime's of each went into boring filler mode, there was some good filler though, so I still follow them). I aim read/watch Full Metal Alchemist at some point. I've also read the whole Harry Potter series, but the 7th book kinda killed it a bit for me, if anyone wants to have a rant about it I'm always ready to listen... Other's I like are the Teen Titans anime/cartoon and the (not too far) Expanded Universe of Star Wars. Zoids is equally cool, though only Chaotic Century (including guardian force) and New Century. After that I kinda lost interest, as the cool zoids got replaced and out-dated.

Other Interests: Shakespeare (particularly the famous monologues, Hamlet, Henry V, Romeo & Juliet), Chess, Acting. Oh and Reading.

I see writing a story as a possible outlet for my spare time, of which I have quite a lot of right now. To further this goal, I am attempting a couple of TAFE courses on Short Story writing.

Other people put their "Preferred Pairings" list up, so here's mine:

I generally prefer pairings that don't mess with canon too much. I watch and read a lot of shows/books, and I’m a bit of a serial shipper. I see; I ship. As simple as that. The ones below are the notable ones I feel should have a bit of background on/for.

Harry Potter, I got sick of the Mass Harry and either Ginny or Hermione. The first was sort of rushed and unexplained, while the latter's trite and overdone. However, I did enjoy reading a Harry/Luna story once, as when she's introduced she got a lot of page-time. (This was due to her being set up as a foil for Hermione, but it made the above pairing rather more plausible, inadvertently of course!)

Avatar the Last Airbender - Maiko... no Zutara, while there is an argument for it, and I will hear it out, my vote is staying with Mai and Zuko, the trailer for Season 3 seals the deal...

Eureka 7 -Dominic and Anemone, their little mid-air reunion was the sweetest little thing I've seen in a very long time...

Evangelion -Rei & Shinji, I choose to ignore the possible elephant in the living room... They seem to gel better then Shinji and Asuka, in my opinion at least. I do get sick of the constant "over-bitchifiying" of Asuka in the stories though...yeah, she's a bitch but not a frickin psycho...

D.Grayman -The fairly predictable one of Allen and Lenalee, it's a Shonen series, he's the lead, she's the female lead, and it all falls into place... I do like this one quite a lot though, mainly because they're different in some aspects to a standard shonen series pairing.

Code Geass -I diverge from my love of the canon pairings here, I barrack for Kallen and Lelouch, I know C.C's the designated love interest, but I'd still like to be on this ship. Her unconditional loyalty to 'Zero' strikes a chord in me. Season 2!!!!!

Darker than Black -I like Hei and either Yin or Havoc, I can see how the Amber one works, but the other two click more with me. The Dependant blind girl who helps Hei in his work, and the tragic redeemer. Oh, how cliché, oh how they appeal to me. . . .

Zoids -Raven and Reese. I really like this one. (My first 'ship' if truth be told, sniff) Van and Fiona are ok too, if a bit bland. Bit seems to be paired off with Leena a lot, and I’m ok with that, but they didn’t interact romantically in the anime at all... to be honest, I thought Bit had more ‘points’ as it were, with Pierce. (The Backdraft Zabat-come-Stormsworder Pilot)

Claymore -Raki...and either Clare or Priscilla... I can see both 'working out', also the one "Female/Female" pairing that I really see plausible so far is Helen and Deneve, and that's in a kind of silent unspoken kinda way...

One last 'sin' to confess to... POKESHIPPING!!! There I said it!!!

Current Stories/Projects.

A Second Chance. Havoc's death in Darker than Black upset me alot. So I'm doing a "fix fic". After the second chapter I got writers block, so I sat down and had a think about who wants what, and I got a map of where I'm going with it planned out. I'm en route to the finish. It'll be about 10 chapters. Actually, scrap all that, I'm rethinking it now and it'll be crammed back up into one chapter but it'll be one of those 8,000+ word leviathan-ish one-shots.

Unnamed Raven & Reese zoids fic. This is the other one I'll divert my writing energies into. Rv&Rs holds a very special place in my heart, so I'll put something up. Probably some sort of kiss-fic, as most authors have one of those lying around so I'll put mine up there.

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