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Author has written 4 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Tsubasa Chronicle.

Current Status of my stories:

Card Captor Sakura stories

Held in Captivity - in progress - chapter 12.

Not what they Seem - in progress - chapter 6

Tsubasa Chronicle

The Green Witch - in progress - chapter 4

Ideas for stories:

Principal Hiyamai

Li Syaoran becomes head of Hiyamai high school, but he’s not your everyday principal. He meets young, vivacious Kinomoto. Problem is though, she’s a student. She does her best to get him, he does his best not to fall. S and S

Life’s too Short

Syaoran is a doctor he has dedicated his life to helping the ill. A young girl is diagnosed with a brain tumour. She is given two months to live without treatment. Both take a liking to the other but doctor and patient relationships are against the law. Will Syaoran risk his career for a ward fling? S and S

More than just a pretty face

Sakura is tired of being judged by her looks, she sets up a company where men must embrace a girls mind. Along comes Li Syaoran arrogant, boastful and handsome. He challenges her idea. She hates him, he lusts for her. Can narrow-minded and stubborn mix?


There was an act passed in England called the ‘Abolition slave act’. Sakura who had been a slave herself becomes an active campaigner to get the same law passed for china, but one man believed that it was a loony idea. Both go against each other, who will win and who will fall? S and S

In her light

The Li clan and the Ji-Shan clan are sworn enemies, their leaders hold a secret past. Syaoran desires nothing but to fight, he meets a wondrous person who captivates his interior. This mysterious person must choose between her clan and her heart. S and S

Under the Camouflage

Li and Kinomoto are both in the army, both are the best at what they do. One problem they are on opposite sides and are currently fighting a war against one another. They struck up a friendship through army chat. What will Li do, when he discovers that his army buddy is the enemy and a girl? S and S

A Glimpse of her wrist

Kinomoto Sakura was born into a normal family, somehow she strayed off the path of normal. Now she struggles along alone, she has one desire; to become a geisha. She exists to please not to love. When an old flame walks into her life, will she be able to resist? S and S

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