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Heya! Voilet girl here..

First of all i'd like to say that i'm NOT bi. Although it's VERY hot, i'm not intrested in these kind of activities. AHaha! I don't noe why the hell i wrote that, but i just felt like it, i guess. You noe..just to say that I am perfectly normal. No offence to those people out there...i don't hate it either. I'm not much of a yuri fan though. Yaoi is an exception, a BIG exception. Especially when the lovers are handsomeXcute, but when it's handsomeXhandsome, i'm just not comfortable with it.

I'm a girl by the way..if you haven't catch that. And i'm not even 15 yet. How ironic.

Well, there's not much to talk about. My dream is to become a famous musician, as a keyboardist, or maybe a drummer, although it's pretty much impossible when you're living in a country like BRUNEI. I used to go to a strict private school, where i USED to like studying..imagine liking to study. When my parents decided to transfer me to another private school, GOD! everything just shattered! This new school, of course, i did'nt have a hard time finding friends but, the education SUCKS, the teachers SUCKS, some of the students doesn't even deserve to take the science stream, including MYSELF! I was'nt that much of an 'A' student. Not only that the teachers rarely comes to class, (some of the hags even blames US for not reminding them to come to class..So it's us to blame for their own fucking carelessness now.) the principle can barely utter one word in english. I just felt sorry for my parents, when they pay so much money to the school, even more than my previous school, and this is what they get. Well, it's too late now..may as well accept it. I'll try hard anyways, thankyou to those who read my confession of fraustration, (kinda rhymes.)
coz' i just wanna let it all out. It's been botteled up inside ny heart for almost a year now. Sigh...kinda felt better now.

Ok, i'm not much of a writer, and i only write when i'm really, REALLY free. I'm always busy all the time, well...i don't noe what i do most of the time actually. I wish i can video tape my principle during one of his speeches and distribute it to the whole country. That would definitly be a dream come true...

Nope, no boyfriends. I'm not even, ever in love with someone. Although there are a few offers, i'm not mentally ready for a relationship (Yup! and if you're reading this mar, it's 100 truth.). I'm looking for that ONE, TRUE love. You noe, that kind of love.

So back to square one, my favorite author is ANGRYBEE! Pianissimo butterfly is by far, my most favorite story, where Yuki died in the end. NO! That story left me spaced out for about, 2 hours, when i finished reading it. Is she a girl?or a boy i wonder..Heh..doesn't change the fact that i love her/his story. Her words are so deep...just like the ocean. Ahaha!

My favorite anime is, no doubt, Gravitation. Maybe it's coz' it's somewhat related to music...maybe that's why i like it...


Not even half the reason. The reason is coz' Shu-chan and Yuki is so georgeous together!

Ok, i'll end this here. Thank you to those who are willing to read this crappy profile of mine, despite that, i still appreciate it. Maybe i'll write soon, when i have an inspiration. I'm having writer's block most of the time, eventhough i'm not even a writer yet. Not even close.

~Ja! matta o!~ Tango la camisa negra..

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