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Current Story: Dawn of Hope

Summary: In the midst of a fierce war of all clans, Stormflame falls in love with a ShadowClan warrior, and is soon pregnant. Thankfully, RiverClan shows mercy, and a kit is born. But Stormflame's relief to still be welcome in her home won't last, and Skykit has a difficult life ahead of her. "The flaming tempest will bring the dawn of hope, so embrace this pool of sky reflected blue."

Allegiences (not finished; I am accepting characters and I will also be making them up myself)


Leader: Rainstar—pale gray tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Flintheart—white tom with a heart shaped patch of black fur on his chest

Medicine Cat: Vixendust—pale golden she-cat; semi-long hair and almond shaped green eyes


Lilyclaw—small white she-cat with a long tail and beautiful blue eyes; Stormflame’s mother

Stoatfern—dark gray tabby tom

Apprentice: Leafpaw

Doveflight—pale gray she-cat

Apprentice: Aspenpaw

Emberbranch—dark brown tabby tom

Amberpelt—striking orange tabby she-cat

Kestrelsky—black tom with three white paws, a white tail tip, and a white chest

Apprentice: Nightpaw

Sootspring—gray tom with paler stripes on lower legs and tail

Russetdapple—dark red she-cat with blue-gray eyes; Stormflame’s sister

Mistspeck—tiny gray tabby she-cat


Aspenpaw—pale brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Leafpaw—pale brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Nightpaw—pure black tom


Stormflame—dark ginger she-cat with large striking blue-gray eyes, mother of Ashstep’s kit; Skykit—very pale gray she-kit with fluffy fur and striking light blue eyes

Moonmist—dark gray she-cat, mother of Sootspring’s kits; Honeykit—pale orange tabby she-kit, three moons old; Pinekit—gray tabby tom kit, three moons old


Swallowstripe—very old gray tabby she-cat with bad eyes


Leader: Speckstar—white she-cat with gray speckles

Deputy: Swiftstorm—white she-cat with brown tabby patches like a swift's wings and copper eyes. Has short fur and a lithe physique that's more suited for running than fighting. Has a thin scar below left eye. Personality: Calm and collected. Organized. Patient and a good teacher. Fiercely loyal to her clan. She likes climbing trees.

Medicine cat: Nectarmoon—long furred ginger tabby top with bright orange eyes, one white paw and tipped tail


Cloudflight-- long-haired lilac tabby tom with greenish-amber eyes. Has a sturdy figure with shorter-than-normal legs. Has a nicked right ear. Personality: Happy-go-lucky and cheerful. Likes pranking others. large crush on Swiftstorm.

Gravelshine—dark specked she-cat with later gray fur and blue eyes

Larktail—small orange tabby she-cat with a long tail

Beeskip—black tom with white patches of fur on his chest and face

Nettleeyes—gray tabby tom with striking dark green eyes

Daisyblossom—ginger she-cat

Ashstep—handsome gray tom with light blue eyes

Pinestream—dark brown tom with a white streak on his side

Hailswirl—white tom with darker swirls

Darkshade—very dark gray tom with brown eyes


Lightpaw—pale orange she-cat with amber eyes

Flypaw—small ginger tabby tom


Batflash—black she-cat with yellow eyes; mother of Nettleeyes’ kits; Sootkit—pale gray tom; two moons old, Ivykit—white she-cat; two moons old


Blackeye—old brown tom with eyes so dark they look black




Medicine cat:


Sleetwhisker—white tom, slender built and long whiskers and shining green eyes, Personality: Snappy, Unable to feel guilty about anything, Wants to be leader, and will do anything to get to that point, sly

Apprentice: Frogpaw

Sootsplash- black and white she-cat

Brightwillow- white she-cat with golden eyes

Junipertail- black tom with a long tail and green eyes

Waterstrike- blue eyed gray tom

Acornfall- light brown tabby she-cat

Beechnut- golden tom

Bounceheart- black and grey swirled she-cat

Vixenflash- golden she-cat with stunning amber eyes

Tumbletuft- fluffy grey tom


Frogpaw/whisker—black tom, speckled with white patches, green large eyes
Personality-Calm, speaks out of mind, quiet but has a good leadership




Leader: Quailstar--Brown and white tabby she cat with ice blue eyes


Medicine cat:


Thorntail- Golden tom

Lighningblaze- ginger tom with orange tabby markings on face

Dapplefur- dappled brown tabby she-cat

Snowstep- gray and white she-cat

Dazzlespark- black she-cat with stunning green eyes


Squirrelberry- ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes

Jaytail- brown and black swirled tom

Owlfern- light brown tom

Flintwhisker- dark grey tom

Bushfur- fluffy grey tom


Softpaw--small white she-cat with very soft fur


Stemtail- Gray tabby she-cat, mother of Owlstorm’s kits (Ivykit- gray tabby she-kit, Harekit- brown tom)


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