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Update: 9/25/14

Dear Readers,

HELLO! I promise I'm not gone forever!

The shortest answer to explain my absence from fanfiction is that I have been very ill. I was diagnosed with breast cancer the summer of 2012 and, while I'm doing phenomenally well, I'm still fighting. I also suffered a brain aneurysm/stroke in May of 2014 (related to my cancer meds) and have struggled for a while to recover. I'm still on chemo injections for now, but the end is in sight.

Yes, I promise that I do still have plans to continue my fanfic stories, I think about them all the time, but for right now I'm just sooo limited on how much energy I have. The good news is that my kids are growing up and I'm getting stronger...so eventually :) However - my daughter (Kaytalia13), who is in HIGH SCHOOL now, is also writing fanfiction, just not Power Ranger fanfiction...so you're welcome to check her out as well... and my good friend KJ is also phenomenal!

Also taking up my time is my real life book series (The Sentinel Dawn Series). Books 1 & 2 (Hollin's Heir and Kricket Hollin) are out and can be found at all major booksellers worldwide. A prequel is in progress and should (I hope) be out next June, books 3 & 4 are outlined, AND * I'm in negotiations with a publisher who is looking to turn the first book, Hollin's Heir, into a comic book series!!

So very good news for my real life career as a science fiction writer, but not so good news for my poor fanfics - but I promise to TRY and not ignore them too much longer!

Thank you everyone for sticking with me. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years!!

Take care,


(L.G. Ransom)

Real life books at real life stores are: Hollin's Heir, Kricket Hollin, and Conquering Mt Tata.

The Alternate: A Zeo Beginning: Chapter 8: Still In Progress

Next Chapter of Hartland: Chapter 15: In Progress, coming AFTER Zeo


I'm not on Faniction.net nearly as much as I'd like to be these days, but I really do appreciate all the reviews and everyone who's still reading my stories.

The Sentinel Dawn Series:

If you liked the Alternate, then you're gonna LOVE the Sentinel Dawn Series (Book 1: Hollin's Heir Book 2: Kricket Hollin) . It's a kind of Voltron meets Robotech/Power Rangers/Super Sentai like story, but all from my very own imagination. And YES the Rheigans ((From the Coins series pronounced Rah-hay-gen are in it!))

About my fanfics:

1. The Coins:The Coins was my very first fanfic ever and is a celebration of 15 years of Power Rangers in the US. It begins at the MMPR 10 year reunion at Angel Grove High and takes them on a wild ride with every kind of villain from a new Rita and Lord Zedd to an intergalactic sorceress named Teeg, to an interdimensional demon version of Kimberly named Kemora. The Rangers are all 10 years older and have all gone on with their lives, but once a Ranger, always a Ranger; right? It mentions a lot of standard pairings, the most significant of which is Kim/Tommy and yes, I chose to draw on the Muirantian aspect from the movie. The idea for it began in late 2006 as a movie script and, like a lot of things that are done jointly, the original six collaborators all branched out and eventually did their own thing. I could never have put it together without the original group though, which is why I continue to give them credit. (COMPLETE).

2. The Alternate: The Alternate is a celebration of all alternate universes everywhere and the minds of those who imagine them. It's premise: What happens when original characters grow up differently and under different circumstances? Are they hard wired to become what they did in the original canon or did their alternate experiences morph them into something different? Then it asks the question of what would happen if alternate universes crossed and familiar faces from very different worlds were forced to depend on one another. Each chapter is shorter and lighter than The Coins and is not nearly as serious :o) (COMPLETE)

3. Hartland:Netau has sent forces back in time to insure Kim's grandfather is never born. As an equaline wave threatens to erase all traces of Kim from their dimension, Kim and Tommy race back in time to an 1880's Angel Grove where Calamity Kim is reunited with old friends and Tommy is given one last chance to seek guidance from a 19th Century Zordon. Together, they must unravel not only Netau's plot, but their own links to Angel Grove's history and to each other. (IN PROGRESS)

4. The Alternate: A Zeo Beginning. This is a transition story between The Alternate and The Alternate: Senior year. It explains how the team transitioned out of the Mighty Mophin Powers and into Zeo. Life was just about perfect for the Alternate, that is, until her mother decided to get married again and move the family to France. Now the young Kim who had survived the death of her family and the destruction of her home world by the demon Kemora was being separated by an entire ocean from the only person in the entire universe she loved with all her heart. Worse, Zordon insisted she hand over her Ninjetti power coin to Katherine Hillard. It was only for a year, but she was well aware that in that short eternity anything could happen…(In Progress)

PS: I'm absolutely fine with people using my characters for other fanfiction stories, but please ask me first (I'm not gonna say no if you give me credit for them) and please let me know when you post so I can read it!


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