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Author has written 6 stories for Fire Emblem, StarTrek: The Original Series, and Young Justice.

Pename- Pebblekit

Age- College student.

Occupation- I'm a Theatre Major who wants to get into film directing/cinematography and script writing. I also love writing stories too! My favorite genre is Science Fiction, but Fantasy is a close second.

Hello everyone! I apologize for being gone so long. I've had many things happen in my life that have completely thrown my entire family off kilter and put me in a very awkward position. I've also been trying to balance a full time school schedule. And I've started my own crafting business. I've been very busy and, while I've been trying to write, I recently also had ANOTHER computer failure (apparently, when I had to load a software for school, it screwed with my default systems and started making the computer overheat) and have been trying, again, to re-write everything. My back up failed as well. I've been trying to let you guys know for several months what's going on, but my old computer stopped loading and the computers at school don't like going there.

For those of you reading "Endless Crossroads", it is coming. There's so much tangling of the time line that I have to write a lot of it ahead of time so that I don't have continuity errors down the line.

For those of you reading "Prisoner in Reality", I am so sorry. I've re-read a lot of it, and, since I started writing it seven years ago, there are a lot of things I frankly hate about it. Particularly how it's become mostly about the OCs. So. I'm rewriting bits and pieces of it. That's why it's taken me so long. I apologize for not making an announcement before, but I honestly had no idea how big of a project it was going to become. This will make it easier for me to write the sequels in a timely fashion. So, please, if you're still interested, please just hold on a little longer. It will be updated soon.

Also...I feel I should warn you guys. This last year and a half or so, I've had a few medical issue pop up that have thoroughly succeeded in delaying a lot of my work. I'm trying to work past these as best I can, but it's difficult.

I used to have a faithful editor- Spottedtail- but they quit because they got too busy and said that they were slowing me down. My mother, Silverlocke, has recently taken up this post! She is, by far, one of my harshest critics. My sibling is Marquin, for those of you who know them. So, here's some details:

Likes: Writing, drawing, playing video games, reveiws (even flames), fanfiction, pacing, playing my bass, playing the piano, Sugarcane Orange Burst, Science Fiction, anime/manga, and sewing.

Dislikes: anonymous flamers, when people are homophobic, when my writing gets deleted, when a drawing gets destroyed, my mom's snoring, bullies, when people act rightous but aren't, how technology HATES me, writer's block, and insomnia.

NOTE: I previously said that, while I support homosexual pairings, I would probably never write them because of family opinions. This has changed. I've made the decision that I am, indeed, going to start writing homosexual pairings.

NOTE: I also previously said that I will not use bad language in my stories. This has...also kind of changed. You may see the odd bad word here and there, but they will be rare.

Favorite Pairings: (There are many on here that I don't mention because it took up too much space when I had them all before- these are my absolute favorites)

Fire Emblem-

Rolf/ Mist- I think they're cute. I also think that Rolf is a late bloomer and is 12 when the Mad King's war starts. My sibling thinks he's 13.

Jill/Haar- I count Haar as about 5-10 years older, for he is the pupil of her dad. He can't be that much her elder.

Boyd/Mia- DON'T ASK.

Astrid/Oscar- don't know why...

Rhys/Mia- their relationship is odd


Shinon/Leanne- if any of you haven't read this one shot I found, go find it. NOW.

Shinon/Jill- I had a REALLY weird dream about this one...

Tauroneo/ Titania-just think it's suitable.

Nephenee/Ranulf- don't know why.

Meg/Zihark- that conversation in the game convinced me.

Soren/Lethe- heh









And many more.

The Belgariad:



Sandstorm/Firestar- duh.

Cloudtail/Brightheart- double duh.



and so many more, I don't feel like naming them.

Young Justice (Cartoon) / DC Comics

Dick Grayson/Wally West- in my top five pairings, probably

Dick Grayson/Roy Harper

Dick Grayson/Timothy Drake

Timothy Drake/Stephanie Brown

Wally West/Roy Harper

Hartley Rathaway/Dick Grayson - I don't think they've ever actually met in the comics, but...they just seem like they'd get along real well.

Hartley Rathaway/James Jesse

Wally West/Artemis Crock

Wally West/Linda Park

Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon - Though this ends up so fraught with tension all of the time

Roy Harper/Cheshire

Artemis Crock/Kaldur

Barry Allen/Iris Allen

Barry Allen/Hal Jordon

Connor Kent/M'gann

Transformers Prime

Bumblebee/Raf (Yes, I know it's...weird, but...)




Arcee/Bulkhead (I really like her friendship with Jack too, but have trouble seeing it as anything else.)


Optimus Prime/Ratchet


Blues (Protoman)/Kalinka

X/Zero - judging by what it says in the games, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this actually happens at some point.



Loki/Steve Rogers

Loki/Tony Stark



Lee Rock/Gai Maito

Lee Rock/Gaara Sabaku

Lee Rock/Naruto Uzumaki

Iruka Umino/Kakashi Hatake

Gai Maito/Kakashi Hatake

Naruto Uzumaki/Hinata Hyuga

Ronin Warriors








Medley/Komali (Windwaker)

(Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)

Sakura/Sayoran (I spelled that SO wrong)

Magic Knight Reyearth





Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd/Zelos - one of my favorites of all time.



Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kaworu/Shinji - another of my absolute favorites, especially the Kaworu from the manga and rebuild



Alice 19th

Alice/Kyo (



Charles /Erik



Logan/Nightcrawler (Kurt)

Many, many others.

Favorite Games:


Megaman (Original, X series, Zero series, and Legends)

Tales of Symphonia (The sequel doesn't exist, as far as I'm concerned.)

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Paper Mario (1-3)

Zelda (all of them)

Final Fantasy 6

Odin Sphere

Young Justice: Legacy - it's a bunch of fun, even if it's not a very good game...

Arkham Asylum

War for Cybertron

Sword of Mana

Lunar Legend

Bravely Default

And...many others

Favorite Books:

Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn - it's a little different than the movie

Lord of the Rings - a work in progress, as I haven't finished it yet

Warriors series - I've read through the second book of the third series

The Belgariad series - working on book II



To Kill a Mockingbird

I'll love you forever

The Giving Tree

So many, I can't name them all.

Favorite Movies:

The Digimon Movie- the first half. Once it gets to the season two cast...well, I'd rather see them as all the separate movies in Japanese


Homeward Bound


Super Mario Bros.- even if it's totally goofy and, dare I say, stupid.

Star Wars (particularly the old trilogy)

Back to the Future

Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade


Transformers (The first one)





Legend of Bagervance

To Kill a Mockingbird

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Favorite manga/anime:

RONIN WARRIORS- Probably my favorite

Transformers (The original)

Transformers Prime



Alice 19th

Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Outlaw Star


Magic Knight Reyearth

Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


Carcaptor Sakura

Twelve Kingdoms


Bubblebum Crisis

Evangelion (rebuild and manga - not the original series)

Some more that I can't think of... Really, I only watch TV that I own usually, so I get stuck with this stuff a lot.

Other Shows:

Law and Order (All)


Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Original Series

Star Trek: Next Generation

Cold Case

Note: I do support all of the homo-sexuals out there. Seriously, it's their life, so who am I to complain? If they're happy, then good for them. That's a lot more than many others could say.

Favorite Characters:

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance:

Rolf, Oscar- 1st

Shinon and Astrid- 2nd

Boyd- 3rd

Jill and Haar- 4th

Mia- 5th

Fire Emblem: Awakening:

Stahl, Gerome - 1st

Morgan (male) - 2nd

Donnel - 3rd


Axl, Blues/Protoman- 1st

Zero- 2nd

X- 3rd

Megaman Volnutt- 4th

Vile- 5th

Young Justice/DC comics

Hartley Rathaway, Dick Grayson - 1st

Wally West - 2nd

Roy Harper - 3rd

Timothy Drake, Stephanie Brown - 4th

Damian Wayne - 5th

Completed Stories:

Black Prospect: (Fire Emblem) My first fanfiction ever. Rolf finally discovers what it means to lose those close to him because of a fight with some bandits. Takes place one year after the Mad King's War. (You might want to read the version on Gaia- it's a lot better)

Disappearing World: (Young Justice Cartoon) Wally West always loved being Kid Flash and habitually ran around to think about and solve his problems. Then, in an impulsive mood, Bruce fires Dick and kicks him out of Wayne Manor, beginning a run of several bad decisions that make tensions furl and sparks rise in the Batman clan. Wally tries to be strong for his friend, until one night, he runs too fast and starts disappearing. Literally. Panicking, he quits the superhero business and stops running altogether, hiding what happened. Until Bart comes from the future, opens his mouth, and the huge secret Wally has been harboring comes out into the open. (The idea for this story comes from a prompt on the Young Justice anon meme and parts of it are based heavily on a couple of episodes of "Justice League: Unlimited")

Stories in Progress:

Prisoner in Reality: (Fire Emblem) (ON HIATUS for revamp and reworking. Will be taken off said hiatus SOON.) It's my longest story yet, clocking in at over 800 pages and 400,000 words. Some characters from PoR, particularly the three brothers, Gawain, Shinon, and some others, run into things from the past that may have been better off forgotten. Little by little, Rolf remembers memories that he had blocked out, all at the same time as he comes to grips with his true feelings about Mist.

Unexpected Support: (Fire Emblem) (MIGHT BE REWRITTEN as a multi-chapter story so that the ending won't be so sudden. I will probably leave the original up.) This is a story that I originally wrote due to Alais's commission. Shinon is going through a rough time. But even in the darkest of places in the darkest of times, there is a light waiting to guide us to safety- even if that light is a white-winged Laguz that we've shown nothing but hatred towards.

Endless Crossroads: (Star Trek) (ON HIATUS thanks to losing over a hundred and fifty pages due to computer failure. Will be continued SOON.) It's been about forty years since the Enterprise first took flight with Captain Kirk's crew. Now, Sulu, Uhura, Spock, Chekov, and Dr. McCoy's daughter, Joanna, are the last ones left of the old team. They've made a promise to meet again in the next forty years, but Chekov just might have to break it...and if he does, the others will be sent on a journey unlike anything they've ever experienced before.

The Antics of Speedsters and Robins: (Young Justice Cartoon with aspects from the pre-relaunch comics) (My main focus right now in the hopes to break my writer's block.) It's been two years since Dick Grayson gave his life to save Damian Wayne's. But Damian has never been able to accept that his old mentor is gone for good. It's been five years since Wally West disappeared saving Central City. Iris West may have thought that her father was dead, along with everyone else, but now she's not so sure. Armed with new evidence, the two of them team up with some unlikely allies to bring the long lost heroes home while almost everyone else is convinced it's a waste of time.

Stories lying in wait:

For the Sake of Happiness: (Young Justice Cartoon and pre-relaunch DC comics CROSSOVER) Through some miracle, James Jesse has returned to life. Both he and Hartley Rathaway, fed up with continuously running from enemies that hate their guts, as well as other heroes not trusting them and treating them like dirt, decide to jump ship. They travel through boom tubes that Hartley creates with his flute until they find a world to settle down (The Young Justice Universe), away from their pasts. Of course, nothing can ever last and, months after the two of them leave, the Justice League realizes where they've gone and, to save the time-space continuum from possible collapse, go to retrieve them. But by the time they arrive, both James and Hartley have built new lives with people who actually need and want them around. (Basic concept came from a prompt on the Young Justice Anon meme.)

The Place Where Heroes Tread (Fate/Zero anime) Kariya would have given anything for his "niece", even his very life and soul. His summoning of Berserker, along with his returning to the Matou family to begin with, should have proven that beyond a doubt. When he runs out of the necessary prana to uphold the Mad Enhancement and Berserker regains himself, he sees his new master as nothing short of a hero. One for whom he'd fight even his former King. This will DEFINITELY be an adult story that deals with non-con and dub-con. Mostly because of...well...crest worms. And emergency prana transfer.

Between the Lines of Time: (Megaman - Classic, X, and Zero hybrid) X and Zero have worked together fighting the Maverick wars for decades. Axl has established himself in their hearts over the years as their little brother. Things have grown into a cycle of normalcy. Then, during a simple defense mission, they run into an odd reploid named Blues that ends up joining their team, and things start changing. This will be an adult story and will deal with many of the DARKER sides of war and discrimination.

Freed without Redemption: (Fire Emblem) The sequel to Prisoner in Reality. Some story lines will carry over, but most of them will be resolved from the first part. I can't say much, for I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to end its prequel, however, I can give some info. Rolf starts to become worried when he starts having impulses towards Mist. Slowly, he becomes afraid of himself, all while another war is going on. Mist doesn't know why he's so distant. Other things happen with other pairings, but you have to read Prisoner in Reality before I say anymore. Takes place during RD.

Lost in a Hopeless World: (Fire Emblem) The sequel to Freedom Without Redemption. I can't say much because I don't want to spoil the ending to its prequel, but it centers mainly around the three brothers, Shinon, Mia, Astrid, and Astrid's family. My OCs will be in it as well, but not nearly as much. A lot of it is about the problems that Astrid and her 'husband' face when her parents meet the Greil Mercenaries- If you want to know who she's paired with, you can probably figure it out from "Prisoner in Reality" by now.

Carvings in our Hearts: (Fire Emblem)This is a fic concerning random pairings that pop into my head. I haven't actually written it down, but it's spinning around in my mind. Anyway, it's going to be a bunch of short stories that each concern different pairings. Some people may be used twice, because I may support Ike with Elincia, and also Geoffery and Elincia. Just consider them alternate realities. I will be taking commissions for this fic, either hetero or homosexual pairings.

Bonds: (Ronin Warriors) Talpa has returned with a vengeance, and he's forced the warlords back onto his side. Then, after several fruitless battles, the dynasty king comes up with an idea- what better way to defeat the enemy than to split them up? Cye, being the weakest of the team when not surrounded by water, finds himself in a very precarious position, and he may just drag Rowen into danger along with him.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time: (Zelda) On request of my friend, I have finally succumbed to the oldest idea on the web- a novelization of the game we all know and love.

The Way Things Are: (Naruto) As for a challenge posed to me, this story will include several things that I'm actually very uncomfortable writing about, including non-con and omega/alpha dynamics. SO. This will probably be one of my most adult stories. Rock Lee has struggled his entire ninja career to prove that he's just as capable as anyone else, even if he is an unbound omega. But, no matter what he does, not everyone is convinced.

Stories that I'm not too sure about writing:

Robin Falls: A Batman fanfiction revolving around Dick Grayson as he grows from a kind-hearted, happy child into a slightly bitter, upset teenager. After several incidents, a wall has been erected between him and Bruce, and it may just ruin his life once and for all.

Nightwing Rises: The sequel to "Robin Falls". I can't say too much for fear of ruining the first one, but...Dick comes back to Gotham after doing a lot of thinking and training. He now bears the name of Nightwing, implying that he's finally been able to move on in his life. Or, at least, he thought he had. Now that he's discovered Bruce has replaced him, he's not quite so sure anymore.

I have no name for it yet, but it'll be based on a dream I had a while ago. The central pairing would be...I'm probably going to be killed for this...Shinon and Jill. I think she's a little older than Boyd, so it wouldn't be too bad. Oscar would probably be paired with Mia...

OCs: I'm currently re-writing "Prisoner in Reality", and these guys are not going to be nearly as big a part of it.

Shinzu, Hienz, and Mari- friends from the three brothers' past. They're siblings. (Fire Emblem)

Gemini- boy dressed in dark green that keeps stalking Rolf. I know that sounded really weird. (Fire Emblem)

Mr. Hood- mysterious man whom Shinon and Gatrie met in Gallia. He gets caught by Daein along with Shinon and seems intent on being the sniper's friend. (Fire Emblem)

Lariana- soldier of Daein that befriends Shinon and Mr. Hood. (Fire Emblem)

Tukuru- Commander Greil's old friend, and apparently Mr. Hood's father. (Fire Emblem)

Hikari- Tukuru's wife. (Fire Emblem)

Peter- I guess he can be considered an OC because he never actually shows up in the game, but he is in the actual storyline. (Fire Emblem)

Falairow- He's been mentioned by Lariana as her brother that was killed because he couldn't pay his taxes when someone stole his money. (Fire Emblem)

Kina- Lariana's cousin. She doesn't really have a very big role. (Fire Emblem)

Nenfere- He shows up in Prisoner in Reality and Freed Without Redemption once or twice. Really, he's got a bigger role in Lost in a Hopeless World. He's Petrine's son. (Fire Emblem)


If anyone really cares, then I am willing to take and write commissions.

My sibling and I may co-write something once in awhile, but not very often, and those probably won't be our best works either.

I will read stories about pairings that I don't even support, but I will not flame anyone for their choice of couple- that just doesn't seem very fair to me.

Anyway, to those of you who read this, thank you! I hope to write a lot on this site and in the coming time I will have (hopefully). I'm currently working on a book and wish to be an author, so any thing I need to know, what I need to fix and stuff is really helpful.

Last thing for now:

One thing I don't Like:

Aynonomous flamers- if you're going to hurt someone's moral and tell them that they stink, give them an opportunity to answer or redeem themselves!

Thanks and good bye.

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