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I don't know whats right and what's real anymore
And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore
And When do you think it will all become clear?
'Cuz I'm being taking over by The Fear

Well, hello there! Thank you for taking the time and visiting my profile. :)

I’ve been a part of the fan fiction world for a few years now, since about 2006, actually, when everything was new and shiny and I was more interested in reading and leaving reviews than I was about venturing into the challenge that is writing your own. ;) More due to lack of confidence than anything else.

My first fandom was Harry Potter, but my first fan fiction was Twilight…I’ve long since left the Twilight fandom, though, and I don’t have any thoughts of returning to it any time soon, so all my uncompleted works have been deleted or put into hiatus.

I had more stories before than the ones listed below; however, call it spring cleaning. ;) I’ve deleted a few, either because I personally didn’t like the way it was written or because I didn’t make any plans of ever continuing it.

I like to think that my writings have improved greatly over the years, with school and just general knowledge that people pick up while living and growing older. At least grammatically, anyway. I’m still working on the “substance,” the most important part.

For now, I’m focusing more on the Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean, and Tokio Hotel (yes, the weird German band) fandom. I’ve babbled a fair share of Tokio Hotel ones, but for the other two I still enjoy reading rather than writing.


I have a livejournal, one that I maintain daily and keep up with. Just click on website and it will take you directly there if you ever wish to speak with me. I used to have a myspace, but I've lost touch with it-Again with the lackluster! ;) Everything loses its original brightness after you get used to it; Myspace just isn't all that interested. Not like Livejournal that has all those communities and it's easier to contact others. I've made great friends through there. :)

I also have a yahoo messengar, but that I won't give you unless I'm absolutely sure that you aren't some 40 year old man sitting in a basement, looking for a naive girl to full his daily quota of harassing. ;p

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Irgendwann wird es Zeit sein
Lass uns gemeinsam
In die Nacht

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Chris' feelings for his co-worker might not fade at all, but he's doing everything he can to keep them as a secret.
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I Blame Karofsky by Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare reviews
Max Adler has never questioned his sexuality. He's totally into girls, no doubt. But suddenly the lines between how his character Karofsky feels and how Max himself is feeling are blurring without his consent, and now he can't look at Chris the same way.
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Glass Mountain by korel.c reviews
for my muse; a schoolboy attempts to ascend a glass mountain to save a Prince from being alone. A Klaine fairytale AU; warnings for swear-words and minor suggestive themes. And slash.
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The King has decided to throw a three night long festival so that his son, the charming Prince Blaine, can find a wife. However, Blaine seems to be far more interested in the blue-eyed boy he meets than in the shallow noble women. Klaine, AU. One-shot.
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Stepping Stones by Sasha Dimierez reviews
-Slash- After the defeat of Voldemort, McGonagall comes up with a plan to help the eighth year students settle into the real world. Harry soon discovers there really is life beyond the Prophecy. HP/CW -oneshot-
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