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Poll: Would y'all hate me if I wrote some... -cough- Curtiscest? Dally/Pony is still my main ship, but I've been neck deep in brothercest pairings these days lol. Vote Now!
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I'm Angelic Samurai, a 28 year old non-binary folk who's been writing for over twenty years. Over my years of writing FanFiction, I've learned a great many things about the literary craft. I cringe when I read my old stories on here, but won't delete them because I know people still get enjoyment from them. That, and I learned I have hella bad guilt when I delete old stories because I can't look back and see the improvement. I have multiple accounts on this site; my most active is Resonant Crimson, while Resonant Delusion is used for crime drama stories. If I combined all the stories on my accounts (I have more than listed, but I don't use them anymore), I'd have over a hundred published works. Damn.

This account is used for The Outsiders. My main ship in this series is Dallas Winston / Ponyboy Curtis, so most of the stories I'll write here will feature them. I'm contemplating branching out and writing other ships in this series... mostly Curtiscest. -coughs- What can I say, I like my brothercest. Don't shoot me. -holds up hands defensively-

I can appreciate other ships besides the ones mentioned. I'm a huge multishipper and tend to have a bunch of ships for one particular character... at least in other fandoms. In The Outsiders, I'm pretty set in my pairings. The section below this introductory part tells you my ships in this series. If you want to throw another ship in my face, besides the ones listed, please feel free to do so.

Remember how I wrote in this profile I wouldn't write OCs for television / movies? Well, that got thrown out the window. lol. I have so many Canon x OC pairings now it isn't even funny... including ones for Criminal Minds and Numb3rs (although the latter doesn't last). I might delve in Canon x OC pairings for this series... and maybe write some myself. Who knows? Lots of things can change, and have since I started using this account in 2010 (when I was 17... -shudders-).

I'm still floored by all the support I received when my baby self was using this account. I was amazed by how much people loved my writing (even though I look back now and realize it was crap haha). Even if I lost my community from not posting on here for so long (although I'm planning on posting something... soon? Soon-ish. Hopefully), I'm so grateful for everyone who supported my young self in their writing journey. Y'all are the best!

Now, this is the section of my profile that you all care about. What I'll write. What I won't write. Pairings. Saddle up, amigos!

What I will write: This account focuses on The Outsiders and slash pairings. If you wish for your own story, check out my main account, where my commission information is posted. However, I'm willing to take requests - only to continue stories or write a spin-off of them. If you want a unique piece, commissions are your way to go.

What I will not write: Pretty much the only genre I won't touch is sci-fi. Don't know how that'd work in this fandom either lol.

Pairings I love

Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis: No doubt my OTP in this fandom. Their chemistry and their dialogue makes me do an internal fangirl squeal whenever I watch the movie or read the book (which I haven't done in a while, sadly). Also, I'm pretty sure Dallas doesn't say "Pony..." at the end of the movie when he (SPOILER) dies for no reason.

Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis/Johnny Cade: My OT3, no questions asked. The only two people Dally gives two shits about are Pony and Johnny, so all three of them together is a perfect picture in my mind. He (Dally) protects Johnny, he understands Pony better than anyone, and he helps them escape when Johnny (SPOILER) kills Bob. The fact that he flips when Johnny dies and then says "Pony" as he himself dies? Yeah, he felt something for them.

Sodapop Curtis/Ponyboy Curtis: In my mind, the most canon incest pairing out there. Usually incest pairings are far fetched, but this one is a far cry from it. They sleep in the same bed, Soda hugs Pony as they sleep, he trusts him more than anyone, and the part where they reunite? Yeah, you seem just a little too excited that your brother is back, Soda. -pats him-

Darry Curtis/Ponyboy Curtis: Their relationship was off to a rocky start, but it improves drastically near the end of the book/movie. In his own way, Darry is trying to look after his younger brother, albeit in the wrong way. Also, he's shown to never cry, but as soon as he sees Pony, boom, he starts crying. Do I have to mention the odd affectionate term? "Baby"? Aren't you supposed to say that to a lover?

Darry Curtis/Sodapop Curtis/Ponyboy Curtis: Oh yes. Smash the three Curtis brothers together and you get the most canon incest threesome that you've ever seen.

Pairings I support

Steve Randle/Sodapop Curtis: I'm a sucker for pairings inspired by the two characters being best friends. Granted I think Steve is a douche (I blame Dally/Pony fics), but hey, maybe Soda can get rid of his doucheness and make him a half decent person. -whacks Steve with fish-

Tim Shepard/Dallas Winston: I believe I enjoy this pairing because they're both cold hoods who've been through more or less the same experiences. I enjoy pairings that have a backstory like that. Two characters who have similar pasts find comfort with each other. Blah. Cheesy. -shoves Dally with Pony-

Ponyboy Curtis/Johnny Cade: You have to admit that their relationship could go a bit further with the right kind of push. Johnny seems to be the first one Pony runs to when something happens, and they're always there for each other. Then again, Dally's there for both of them. Go cheer 'em up, Dal. -shoves Dally with them-

Pairings that don't tickle my fancy

Dallas Winston x Cherry Valance: This one is... I don't know. Something about it just doesn't sit with me. Maybe it's the fact she loathes him, they talk for, what, fifteen minutes which ends with Johnny having to make Dally stop harassing her, etc. In short, this pairing won't sit in my brain. My brain boots it out.

Dallas Winston/Johnny Cade: Yes, I know. "What!?" I dunno, but this one doesn't want to sit in my brain either. My mind will let it sit there as long as Pony is sitting with them, but other than that, my mind kicks it out.

Any pairings not listed? Throw them in my face. I may like them. I may not. You never know until you try.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for... STORY INFORMATION! -throws confetti-

Silent Moon: "Under the light of a silent moon, one friend protects another from the black hand of death. However, would that friend take that fate instead? Slash." This is my first Outsiders fanfic and the main pairing is Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis. The summary pretty much tells you what the story is about. I have marked this story as complete, but that may change in the future.

Safe in his arms: "I ran, wanting to forget about it all. Who knew that in my want to be safe, I'd run to the one most would argue was the most unsafe guy in the universe. Slash." Second Outsiders fanfic and this one is a oneshot. Once again, it features the pairing of Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis. I wasn't kidding when I said that it would be the pairing I mainly write. It is written in Ponyboy's point of view and my take on what could have happened after Darry slapped him. Basically one huge ball of fluff, but I hope that Dally isn't too OOC in this one. Annnnnd for some reason, you all love this. -cheers and throws confetti- No, I'm not saying that to stroke my ego. I don't think I have one of those.

Blades of Blood: "If you were gonna be by yourself, you should've carried a blade." What if Ponyboy HAD been carrying a blade? Violence and Slash." Third Outsiders fic, and once again features the pairing of Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis, although if you squint, there are some Johnny/Ponyboy hints. A "what if" story, if you will. Sometimes the temptations are too great to pass up. Meant to be a two-shot, but who knows what will happen with my muses.

Escape: "After Johnny died, the knife was his new best friend. The cutting was his escape. It would take one tiny error to make him realize that a certain someone could have been his escape all along. Graphic imagery. Slash." This was the result of listening to a song obsessively, and it spams 3,000 words. I am quite proud of this piece, despite the graphic nature of it. The pairing, as always, is Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis, but if a person wants to see it, they could see Johnny Cade/Ponyboy Curtis in it. Please heed the warnings, as it is rated M for a reason.

Of Cellphones and Ex's: "Modern day AU. My phone was broken, and I was going to have some hell of explaining to do to Darry, but my ex wasn't going to bother me. Plus, I got to see the protective side of my boyfriend. Win-win situation. Slash." This is inspired from true events that are happening in my life. It's a bit shorter than my usual length, but this was a little fun thing to get me back in the swing of things. I left who Pony's ex was open ended so that the reader could decide for themselves who his ex was. The pairing, you should know by now, is Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis. The rating is to be safe, because of a single curse word.

Trip The Darkness: "Lovin' Dallas Winston was a disease that ate away at every part of you until there was nothin' left. Mild sexual content, slight dark themes and slash abound." Well, almost two years of not posting something and I come out with a short drabble. I'm sorry it's so short, but this was written solely to get a feel for the fandom and the characters. You all know the pairing by now so I don't need to repeat myself, yes? The rating is there because of mentioned sexual situations and the dark themes mentioned in the summary. I'm slowly getting confident in writing sex, yay. I hope my fans and readers enjoy this piece after the long hiatus!

This is a new section of my profile that will update my fans and readers on current writing status. What I mean by that is the likelihood of sequels, status on the next chapter(s), among other things that have to do with my writings. Ready? Here we go!

Silent Moon: The idea is swimming through my mind for a sequel, but at this time, I have no ideas that are pinned down. If anyone would like to PM me any ideas they have for a sequel, I would appreciate it. Credit will be given for your ideas when the sequel is written. Possible name: Shattering Sun.

Safe in his arms: A follow up story to this is possible in the distant future once I get my bigger projects finished.

Blades of Blood: The second part has been uploaded. This story, I decided, will span more than two chapters. No other multiple chapter stories will be posted until this story is completed.

Escape: This story is staying as it is. There is no likelihood for a sequel, unless the ideas strike me.

Of Cellphones and Ex's: I might do a follow up. It depends on what happens with my fickle muses.

Trip The Darkness: This stays where it is. The way I wrote it, I didn't anticipate continuing it.

Misc: I have a poll up to gauge how people would feel if I wrote some Curtiscest. I'll probably end up writing it anyway, but I want to see what my community (if I even have one of those anymore oops) thinks of the whole prospect.

Personal updates

26-3-2013: I know it says that my profile was updated on the 25th, but it is the 26th over in my part of Canada. I would like to apologize for my lack of activity here. If you'd want to see my other works, you can head over to Sakuyan or Aquamarine Alice. Until then, I'll try to get Blades of Blood updated sometime soon, as well as post some new works.

21-10-2013: Whoops, I haven't visited this account in a while. I've been focusing on my original stories and characters more than FanFiction these days. I have a lot of projects to do and will be quite busy until April of next year (with a break in December), so we'll see what happens. I hope to have some stories posted sometime in the future. Thank you for sticking with me until now; I appreciate all of your support.

19-01-2014: I need to reread the book or watch the movie again. Seriously. I have the ideas but at the same time, I'm unsure of how I wrote before so I might attempt to write in a different style. However, that being said, perhaps all it takes is watching the movie again. Sigh. I don't want to watch Dally die again but I guess I'll have to.

04-06-2014: Holy hell, I finally posted something after a nearly two year hiatus! Granted, it's short, but if you read above where I explain my stories, you'll see why. I'm in the grip of another fandom, a crime show called Numb3rs, but I bought The Outsiders movie yesterday so I hope I can write some more for my OTP in the fandom sometime soon. Thanks for sticking with me so long, lovelies!

12-06-2018: Um. Damn. Hi? I haven't been on this account in four years (I know, terrible right?). I'm hoping to get the book back so I can read it, but my new(ish) computer doesn't have a disk drive, so I can't watch the movie (since I don't like watching movies on TVs). My Dad is supposed to be getting me one, but that was during the holiday season, and I haven't heard anything yet, so... yeah. Nonetheless, I may write the sequel to Silent Moon when I read the book again, but my writing style will be drastically different from it. I don't know how I managed to write in first person, but the style doesn't sit well with me anymore. So keep your eyes peeled... and I hope I don't disappear for four years again haha. (Though if you checked my main account Sakuyan, you would have seen me on there.)

15-06-2018: Changed some wording in my profile to fit my current... self? Does that make sense? But I'm going to attempt to stick with first person, since I'm sure that's why people love(?) my work. Besides, once I read the book again I'll probably be able to dive in the characters mindset again. And I mentioned to my Dad about the disk drive and he's going to ask his friend about it. So hopefully I'll get that soon!

20-06-2021: Hey... Does anyone remember me? lol. I haven't been on this account in a long time (again). In the years I haven't been here, I've gone through a lot. My Dad passed last year, I moved, discovered my non-binary...ness and gaining more independence. So hooray for that! Unfortunately, when my Dad passed on, I lost the movie and book, so I have to buy it again. Bugger. I could attempt to download the movie from somewhere, but... not a fan of illegally downloading things anymore lmao. Learned my lesson when I got a copyright strike from trying to download Big Hero 6. If you want to keep up with me, you can find me on my alternate accounts (Resonant Crimson and Resonant Delusion). If everyone forgot about me, it's okay. I'd forget about me too if I haven't been here in three years and haven't uploaded a new story for... seven? oops. I've also updated my profile with some current things. Holla.

Thank you to everyone who's read, commented, favorited, or added one of my stories to my alerts. As I said in the beginning of my profile, you gave my younger self more confidence than you possibly realize. I hope you'll continue to support me as I near my thirties! (Yes, I'm old. Shush.)

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