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Hello there! This is a joint account! Fifer will be in bold

Whom, you ask?

It's simple; Master Fifer and SexySpoonsWillRuleUsAll.

What do we write?

Well, Fifer (or Sexy Forks) specialises in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. SexySpoons, on the other hand, is an anime and yaoi junkie who needs a life.

What does that equal?

Multiple crossovers.

Our first fic will be a multi-crossover story featuring SexySpoons wearing her combat boots to boots some head, a gender confused anorexic palm-tree known as Envy and a razor. No, that isn't the sound of an emo, it's the sound of Harry Potter getting his head shaved. Honestly, he needed it...

The crossovers:

Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Naruto - whatever the hell we feel like.


Wherever the hell we want. Generally Hogwarts.

DADA teacher:

SexySpoons and Fifer take it in turns. However, punishment is SexySpoon's job. She boots head. You have been warned...

Here is a list of people in our opinion that should:

a) get their head shaved

b) retire and become a useless piece of extra space

c) do the chicken dance and look like a complete idiot in front of friends and/or family

d) do the world a favor and DIE

~Daniel Radcliffe, we like to call him Mullet Man (i'm very sorry, Meggie-Moo, he's just not my cup of tea...) And will probably write a short comic book like story about his adventures in the future

~Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Carribean who is just there for cheap drama

~Rogue from X-Men please see Elizabeth Swann

~Kitty from X-Men please see Rogue where it will tell you to please see Elizabeth


~Ron Weasley from Harry Potter who was just a waste pf air the moment he was born

~I believe Angelina Jolie, but I'll have to consolt with SS on that... from... wherever she's from...

~Viggo Mortenson from various roles i.e. main targets: ARAGORN (gag)

~Heath Ledger NOT Jake Gyllenhaal... (drooling for two)

~Shannon from LOST please see Kitty, then see Rogue, then see Elizabeth (but she's snottier)

~Kate from LOST please see Shannon, then see Kitty, then see Rogue, then see Elizabeth

And so far that is all., but don't worry, we'll keep you posted on who we hate and think should ~ please see a-d =) Have a terrific day.


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