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I am 19 years old and a junior in college. Yes, while I was not writing I actually doubled up on classes, so at least something was accomplished. I am doing exceptionally well in college, but that leaves little time for writing and reading. I live in the U.S. and I am a DBZ/Harry Potter fan! I enjoy debating about each in forums and other types of sites.

I read both HP and DBZ fanfiction. At this point, Potter fanfiction is NOT in my writing future. However, I absolutely adore writing DBZ fanfiction, so this will serve as my creative outlet through college!!! LOL, you all will get it whether you like it or not!!! LOL, jk (dodges crazy fan girls who think they are married to Vegeta screaming "He's mine don't you dare write about HIM with HER") Just kidding, but hey I thought that was funny.

Harry Potter:

Ron/Hermione: They are just the best couple I think in the entire universe of literature, movies, television, or even real life! I think they go well together, even if they are completely opposite of each other in many respects.

Harry/Ginny: Ummm...I was so wrapped up in R/Hr in the first 5 books that I did not really pay attention to who Harry might end up with! (looks slightly ashamed of herself) LOL, It was like "Oh, you like Cho now, ok cool," or "Yeah Fleur's pretty, MAYBE something will happen there," but the Harry and Ginny thing totally blindsighted me!!!! In retrospect, I think they are cute, and there were hints along the road. I am not as zealous about them as I am about Ron and Hermione, but I think they are cute and whatever Harry likes is fine by me. I always liked them separately, and now I get to enjoy them as a couple!!!

Draco/Hermione: Ummm...only if it's angsty, and somewhat realistic. This is clearly just-for-fun, I have never believed they would get together in the books, but hey, it's fanfiction, you can do whatever you want!!!! Also, Dark!Draco is just the sexiest man in the entire universe!

Snape/Hermione: This is VERY new, but I like a few of these stories. Granted, it has to 'work.' What I mean by this is, everyone must be in character. I don't mind reading them when HBP is disregarded, but I like them better when HBP is taken into account :). It adds to the long list of issues this couple must face in fanon. Like D/Hr, I don't think this couple will EVER exist in the HP canon, but hey, it's fanfiction.


Bulma/Vegeta, my very FAV couple ever! I mean, they are just so CUTE! They are both so much like each other. I think it is funny when you watch the series progress and notice how they act around each other, they kind of start to rub off on each other! No other couple really does that, but then they both REALLY needed to change. (You know, Bulma's selfishness/spoiledness/pride, Vegeta's selfishness/spoiledness/pride. They both needed each in order to exist in the universe)

Goku/ChiChi, how in the world did I leave them out before? I am telling ya, this college stuff messes with your mind! Anyway, they are just classic. I mean, it's obvious he loves her, and she loves him. They are the only couple who ever hug, (I have seen them hug at least twice in the show!) and they are just so sweet in their forever innocence. Aaahh...that would be a nice realistic love I could have, maybe. Although, with my love of S+M I'll probably end up with a Vegeta! HEAVEN FORBID! Jk, but hey if he was as good in bed as we make him out to be...

Trunks/Pan, this is new, but I have been converted by some excellent fanfiction that didn't even center around them.

Krillin/18, they remind me of Bulma and Vegeta because it must have taken a long time for them to accept their feelings for each other and it must have been fairly difficult.

NOT a couple, but Gohan/Pan NOT INCEST! I just love how protective he is of Pan. It warms my heart. For that matter so does Bra/Vegeta.

BEST PARENT/CHILD RELATIONSHIP EVER: Bulma/Trunks, come on you guys, you know Trunks is the biggest momma's boy there ever was. But I guess he would have to be, what with a father who wanted nothing to do with him until he could train. But even then, he and Vegeta have never shared that closeness that Vegeta has with Bra. And, if you need more proof, just look at Mirai Trunks.

Gohan/Videl, when I first watched DBZ, it was right in the middle of their flirting and stuff. So I am a bit partial at heart. For a long time I wanted to name a future daughter Videl. It was a little scary... LOL

And that's about it; however, I do want to write about other things in the DBZ world as well besides just couple Bulma and Vegeta love (and of course write about other couples!).

My Thoughts on GT:

There were some parts I liked and some parts I didn't. Even though the dragonballs dying sucked, I feel that it was right. I always thought the dragonballs were used too much anyway, and someday something would probably cause them to stop working. I mean, you can only wish so much! Anyway, I realize Trunks was sort of a "pussy," as I believe someone said in the forums, but Bulma was getting old and someone needed to take over Capsule Corps. I do think though that he should have trained and kept his oh so sexy muscles he had at the end of DBZ. But I also respect him for taking over for Bulma.

My Stories:

My first story is Cry which I began way back in '03, but I have found that freedom from parents really helps when you are trying to write a story that has graphic scenes. Anyway, I LOVE college! I am a freshman so that will probably wear off, but I am going to soak that up as long as I can! I spend a LOT of time studying and usually only get to go on for like five minutes every now and then a day, unless it is at God-forsaken times in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. So, if my updates are slow, don't worry because I promise to always continue my stories.

Special Thanks to lilvampgoddess who has graciously agreed to beta Cry!!! Hopefully we will no longer see as many faults!

Update: Chapter 15, Vegeta returns, and an awkward conversation ensues.

New Story: When Sparrows Fall, it is an AU about answering these two simple questions:

What if Goku never came to earth?

What if Bulma never went looking for the dragonballs?

This is a big undertaking, and I have been planning it about a month. I really hope you all will check it out. I even have Cappuccino Penguin, who is an excellent writer (see Vegeta and Bulma How it really happened! It will make you laugh and feel very good!), as a beta so as to make sure the story is relatively errorless and moderately interesting!

If you are a fan of Cry, please read and review When Sparrows Fall, it doesn't seem to be getting all that much attention.


1/17/08: Chapter 16 of Cry is up. I am writing this year (for real) and will continue both stories. I will finish Cry first, then will move on to When Sparrows Fall.

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Cry reviews
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