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Hi everyone! This is Lil Devil 66 speaking! For those who are confused, this is a joint account for myself and my dearest friend, Unknown Fool.

(Hence the name Unknown Foolish Lil Devil 66) Anywho, we are going to write a joint story called Operation Figg! The odd chapters are going to be written by Unknown Fool while the even chapters will be written by moi_

Info about LD66

Likes: To shop with bi-sexual guys! To hang out with insane people. SESSHOMARU! Milkmen, Michigan (Don't ask...I have a slight

obsession with Michigan for some reason...I haven't even BEEN in Michigan...weird) And chocolate. (Doesn't get much better than that)

Dislikes: People against Homosexuality. (If you're one of those people...please leave)

Neutral: Flamers...I don't really care.

Pairings: (In no particular order)

Inuyasha: I love Sess/Kag pairings. Inu/Kag are...OK...San/Mir, Kag/Mir, InuKik, Rin/Shippo, Rin/Kohaku, Kouga/Kag

YYH/INU:Youko/Kag, Kurama/Kag, Hiei/Kag, Yusuke/Kag (It's ok...), Botan/Koenma, Yusuke/Keiko

Fruits Basket: Basically anyone with Tohru. Kyo/Kagura, Hatori/Kana

Full Moon Wo Sagashite: Eichi/Mitsuki, Takuto/Mitsuki, Izumi/Mitsuki, Takuto/Meroko, Izumi/Meroko

Dislike Pairings:

Inuyasha: Sess/Rin (There relationship is like a father/daughter thing! Would you fall in love with YOUR dad?) Sess/Jaken (Yes, there are sick

people who do these pairings...sick) Sess/Inu (THEY'RE BROTHERS!) Anyone besides Kagome/Sess,Inu/Kouga, Miroku/Kouga

YYH: Keiko/Kurama, Keiko/Youko, Keiko/Hiei (I don't have anything against her...but I only like her with Yusuke...they're so cute together.), Botan/Kurama,

Botan/Youko, Youko/Kurama (I don't really understand this one...they're one person, aren't they?),

Fruits Basket: Akito/Yuki (Yuki HATES Akito...why would they like each other?) I don't really like it when Akito is a woman...I find it...disturbing.

Full Moon: Anyone with Jonathon...I have yet to come across this pairing...but if there are sick people who put Sessy with Jaken...this pairing must exsist somewhere.

Please check out my account: Lil Devil 66

Hey whoa! This is Unknown Fool, broadcasting from the dark plains of NEBRASKA! No, not really. :)

Info about the "dark one" known as Unknown Fool

Likes: Good books, thunderstorms, and my friends. I also LOVE yaoi andshouen-ai (That's boy sex, yo) but only if it's done correctly. I also enjoy a good hearty plate of steak, and my all-time favorite Bishie, Gil.

Dislikes: Inane pairings, people against homosexuals (seriously. You don't have to love them or anything, just leave them alone) stupid people, and any from of vegetable.

Is Neutral About: Nearly any kind of sport. I just see no point in chasinga little ball up and down the field/court.

Favorite Pairings:
Inu-Yasha: Inu-Yasha/Kagome (it's called CANNON people), Miroku/Sango, Rin/Kohaku, Kouga/Ayame, Kouga/Inu (given the correct circumstances and timing, I think it's possible. Though it would be more of a love/hate complex . . . ) Sesshoumaru/Kagura

Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke/Keiko . . . and that's it. Really. It's a Battle Manga, not a fricken shojou.

Dragon Knights: Rath/Cesia, Rune/Tintlet, Thatz/Kitchel, Nadil/Cesia, Lykouleon/Roselene, Alfeegi/Ri-ma, Gil/Bierrez (I really have no clue WHY I like this one. They just seem to go.)

Chrono Crusade: Rosette/Chrono (of course) Satella/ Chrono, Azmaria/Joshua, Aion/Pandemonium (erk . . . ) Father Remmington/Sister Kate

Full Moon: Mitzuki/Takuto, Meroko/Izumi, Eichi/Death ((twitchtwitch))

Meru Puri: Airi/Aram, Jeile/Lei, Jeile/Nei, Raz/Nakaoji,

Hellsing: Seras/Alucard (don't ask me why . . . I just do) Integra/Alucard, Integra/Seras, Integra/Alucard/Seras, (menage-et-trios!)

Cirque Du Freak: Darren/Evra (Kinda sucks that it doesn't work past Book 3 . . . )

Fruits Basket: Yuki/Tohru, Kyo/Kagura, Kisa/Sheep-boy (forgot hisname . . .)Yuki/Kyo/Tohru, Tohru/Anyone (really. She's just so lovable she fits in ANYWHERE)

Least Favorite Pairings:
Inu-Yasha: Sesshoumaru/Kagome (Holy Hell, where do I start . . . the fact that Sesshoumaru would KILL Kagome if he ever met her on his own, not to mention he DESPISES HUMANS (desides Rin. Rin's too cute to hate)), Sesshoumaru/Rin (Like Lil' Devil said, he's her FATHER!)

Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama/Anyone (Really. He's largely asexual. I don't know where people got the idea Sexy Fox Demon = Sex God/Playa.) Hiei/Anyone (read the previous comment) Kagome/Anyone (SHE'S NOT EVEN IN THE FRICKEN MANGA!)

Chrono Crusade: No imediate pairings jump into my mind, but Remmington/Chrono sounds a little shaky . . .

Full Moon: Takuto/Meroko

Meru Puri: Jelie/Aram (Half-Brothers . . . that's like Sesshoumaru/Inu-Yasha. Pretty to look at, but rather unrealistic and sick) Nakaoji/Airi

Hellsing: Nothing, really

Fruits Basket: Akito/Anyone-Other-Than-Tohru (What about him screams "Affectionate and Loving"! Tohru would be the only one to put up with him if the occasion arised)

Any Book/Movie/Series/Manga/Anime: Mary-Sue/Anyone (You HAVE to agree with me on this one)


Mehehehe...this is ...LD66! The evil lil devil that nobody really likes.

Advice for any poor souls...don't read the even (aka...2, 4, 6, 8) chapters of Operation Figg. They're written by moi. Just skip it and review. Okay? Okay.

P.S. I think UF is weird.

P.S.S. I love milkmen...Michigan...and not Nebraska...because it's where UF is supposedly from...and as we all know...I hate her...kidding...



Operation Figg reviews
An insane rambling story cowritten by Lil Devil 66 and Unknown Fool. Yuki and Kyo are in love with Tohru. But will Akito come in between? Of course he will, and we're gonna make him! 3rd chapter up!
Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,759 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/29/2006 - Published: 7/21/2006