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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy IX, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

I'm Spark the Clairvoyant, after a character I'm working on for a game. She's hates her given name (Rose, by the way), so she's called Spark. She's a Mad Genius who can see, understand, and use Dimensional Harmonics, which drove her mad in the first place. She's more sane than before now. Mostly because her abuse comes mostly in reading people and pseudo-divining for them based on it.

The lovely picture to your left is Wren Long, a friend's RP character, as she is seen in the opening story of a fic I wrote for three friends. I may post it here, I may not. Leaning towards not since said RP is a Pokemon RP with gijinka, and there really isn't a good place in Pokemon for Gijinka. Stuff about me Fic-wise:

1. I only use the portmanteaus when I have to write about the couples in spaces with very limited character count, otherwise, I just write it out in full.

2. I'm not much for light fluffy things, both when reading and writing. Couples don't work that way. Happily Married is something like how it's written in the Dangerverse.

3. I don't read smut. If I filter by all ratings, it's because I suspect my cache to be playing games with me. Nor will I ever write smut. It's not because I prefer to use my imagination, it's because I just don't care how they did it.

4. My Wicked fics are all discontinued. Ask about them, and I will scream. Partly because I lost my drive with them on it. Also partly because I'm burnt out on Wicked and can barely keep myself from hating it. Hating non-sapient objects and/or Celebrities just seems pointless in my not-so humble opinion. Also partly because my crazy universe, beginning with "Red Crown" has been particularly active lately. To the point I actually posted the first chapter of the fic.

5. My writing follows something I call LostOzian's Rule: If you don't feel funny, write angst. When over-angsted, write humor. I use it for the inverse purpose of writing my lovely drama/angst fics. Yet I seem to have become the go-to girl for crack when I'm in my over-angsted moods.

As for stuff about me outside the fanfiction world:

1. I am crazy-in love with traveling and want to go to all seven continents, including and especially Antartica. Only continent I can't get excited about is Oceania (aka Australia), unless I chose to visit some people I find awesome on the net and go to NZ, but good luck finding other things to do with my time.

2. Recently, a friend drafted me into a game he wants to make. It lacks most of the plot, but the characters are going to be awesome. We're both tropers, so it'll probably end up being "TV Tropes: The Japanese-ish RPG." Heck, we have two genre savvy characters, an idiot mage with spiky hair who's wrong genre savvy (And a butt monkey).

3. I believe one should ship whomever they want in whatever fashion they want, and that's okay, as long as you don't try to force me to do so. I tend to ship canon pairings or canonically both-have-a-crush-on-each-other. I do happen to have a few other pairings I like that aren't, and I openly admit they're crack. Try to force me to like one of your pairings, and I'll force my one-sided shallow infatuation Zidane/Squall down your throat. Like that? I have worse...

4. Number three applies to more than just pairings. Such as various forms of media, especially and including M-Rated games and R-Rated movies.

5. When I say "torture" in regards to things, I don't mean those BDSM images in your head. I'm far more creative than that. If only head!Zidane wasn't too kinky for most.

6. Yes, I do have muses based on fictional characters. No, they won't be appearing in too-long author's notes or on this page, unless head!Kuja tries to take over me again. Said taking-over is the closest it gets. It's not just the muses though. Overly charismatic characters tend to affect my patterns for a while afterwards (I've been known for pointing like Jack and saying/writing "Savvy?" at the end of a high percentage of my sentences for hours after a Pirates Marathon, among other things.)

7. My favorite countries are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland and Japan, for more than just their awesome media (In fact, said awesome media got pretty low on my list after visiting them. Japan is nothing like Anime/Manga/JRPGs make it out to be. It's not some holy land Mecca, but an amazingly beautiful country that is so different from the west despite attempts to emulate it.)

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