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Hi everyone!

I was hoping to reveal a tiny, I'm-guessing-no-one-cares secret. My name is Caroline. I created adrigoose61 as another account for my stories. My first account is CLfev and thats where most of my faves and stuff are.

I made a new account for my stories on there for the "others." My CLfev stories were mainly HP and my trailer for AGTAB and my POTC fanfic don't interest my friends so I made another one for it under a secret pen-name. I just wanted to throw that out there for you guys so you wouldn't be confused. lol My name isn't ADRIana or whatever you may be thinking.

woah: OH! I just realized that someone posted my trailer on the AGTAB imdb messageboard! That's exciting! I'm glad so many people like it! I'm a very visual person and I was playing it over and over in my head for weeks until i finally wrote it all down months ago. I only posted it once I found out they were going to make a movie (! I know I know) I actually have posted a lot of comments on IMDB under the name Carolinefev if you wanted to know.

anyways thanks for the reviews! I appreciate it!

Favorite couplings:

Gemma/Kartik: Yes yes yes. Gemma and Kartik make my life! If nothing happens in book #3, heads will roll. This is destiny, people. Total destiny. By the way, if you haven't read CampbellMay's The Power of Suggestion-GO RIGHT NOW.

Will/Elizabeth. Will/Elizabeth. Will/ELizabeth: I'm sorry to J/E fans. Actually, no i'm not sorry! hahah I love Will and ELizabeth. That's how it's been from the very beginning and thats how it should stay. J/e fans should stop littering with stories and fantasies that will.never.happen. Oops. My bad.

( haha I feel so mean. But I feel very strongly about W/E)

James/Lily: Yay! My favorite! We've GOT to learn about them! Luckily, this site has some GREAT fics about them. CHeck out my faves on CLfev to see.

Dimitri/Anya: Anastasia is one of my favorite movies of ALL time. It's the best and Dimitri and Anya are the best. If only there were more fics about them. I actually have a few ideas...:)

Elle/Emmett: I love Legally Blonde and E/E are soooooo cute. I love them!

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