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Hi i'm Traykov, i used o be ZeroXx but i changed the name because Traykov was the name i wanted to get first but i had used it in other account and i had forgotten the password so i couldn't change it... plus my other e-mail was deleted and well... you get the idea XD, my muses are: Zero, X, Axl, ShiloTCD (The Crazy Dog) which i'm just gonna call Shilo (O_o Wierd uh?) and Mic.(My sis.)

2/09/07 News

Yeah, I know I haven't updated since a long time ago... but my mother had a car accident and i was more worried about her than the story... i'm also moving to my country and i don't have internet in there. So i don't know i would probably update... plus i have to get good grades so they don't make do 9 grade again. And that really keeps me busy from updating... so please sorry for not doing that. It's not like i forgot about it... i just don't have time... -_-

Damn.. I didn't expect to go to orlando for vacations.. that's the reason i didn't update... anyways i'll try more this time

If you know how to make a flash, or have a tutorial on how to do one, please e-mail us to or so that we can make ZERO'S MARRIAGE a flash. PLEASE if you know how to do one, help us (ZeroXx and Mic).

Homepage ...Not Exactly a homepage, but is my Profile of YouTube! Check The Videos I Made!

Real name: Diego

Location: Usa

Favorite Megaman X Couples: XxAlia, ZeroxIris, AxlxPallette (LOL X IS IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING!).

Favorite Jak and Daxter Couples: Jak/Kiera, Dax/Tess, Torn/Ashelin,etc.

Favorite Sonic The Hedgehog Couples: ShadAmy, Knuxouge, SilverxBlaze, TailsCosmo, CharmyCream, VectorVanella and very very slight ShadowWave.

Couples hated: Shadouge, Shaosmo, Sonadow, Knuxblaze (Who the F came up with that?), and EspioCream.

About me: I'm a 14 years old boy from Argentina but i live in USA.I don't like to read but my sister showed me stories of megaman so i joined here.I have stupidly given her ideas for some stories but she haven't done anything yet.I'm so in love with a girl but i'm too shy to talk to her, so pleaseeee help me!

Favorites characters: Zero(THE BEST!), X(The Pacific one) and Axl(the young rookie)I don't hate Axl to make him look like the dumb of the game, he is just a rookie.

Favorite music: Sum41, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Mudvayne, The Offspring, Disturbed, Sonata Arctica, Foo Fighters, Korn, Three Days Grace, Trap, and other bands that reminds me of the girl of my dreams.

Hobbies: Play games, Listen music, Play Guitar, Spend time with friends.

Hates: School Tests and the homework.People trying to fight me just because i'm a peaceful guy,but when the piss me off i became like Zero,lol. Shakira's HIPS DON"T LIE song.My sister is sooo sooo sooo obsess with it.she keeps singing "i want tonight"..and whatever the lyrics says.And I mostly hate Yaoi stories!

Favorites Songs:Linkin park:Lying from you, Papercut, and Faint.

Nickelback: Someday, Photograph, Animals, Figured Out, and Savin'me.

The Offspring: Starring at the Sun, Can't Repeat.

Sonata Arctica: San Sebastian

Three Days Grace: Home, Animal I Have Become, Wake Up.

Posible Stories:

Megaman X Jelous: X obsession of being popular as Zero drives him insane, so much that he is going to wear Zero's armor to get what he wants. Rated T. Genre:Humor

Zero and Axl's Body Change: Zero and Axl had a problem and accidently change bodies, but Zero had a date with Iris who was alive and Axl with Pallete, how is Zero gonna handle this? Rated M. Genre: Humor

Kill Sonic: Summery comming soon! . (Sonic X)

I may write these stories if i get luck in the one i'm doing now Zero's Marriage. Which by the way i have changed the rating. I didn't want to, but with I'm gonna use the F word in some cases. I hope you enjoy the story.

I specially want to Thank the people that read and review the story. I asked the readers to vote about:

If They like Axl to be Lumine's Brother or Cousin. (Which is done! Lumine is Axl's cousin. Thanks for the votes.)

And if They would like to see Sonic X character.

About Sonic X characters, They will be in the story for just 2 chapters. I don't want to change category from Megaman to Game Crossover.

If you want me to put some stuff or want to give me ideas for "Zero's Marriage" or want to talk about it, you can send me a messege.

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