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Hmm... Ok, I'm pretty unsure of what to write... I suck at doing these things.

About The Author

As you will be able to tell, I'm not very good at these kind of introduction things! But I will try.

Ok well, my name is Liiv (although I use the name Nadie ask an alias sometimes lol!) and the phrases usually used in conjunction with my name are ''shut up'' or ''stop talking about that''!

I'm 18 and I love writing. If I have inspiration, I can't be kept from writing it down somewhere (especially if I'm at work-- any excuse not to do it!). And if I'm not writing, I will most likely be listening to music or singing (um, well I like to call it singing!)

I love music too and although I'd love to be a published author, my heart is in the music industry! My goal is to be a band manager (by manager, I mean devote my life to promoting the wonderful Scandinavian music I am so fond of!!!)

Hmm..I guess, I'd say the current thorn in my side, when it comes to becoming a becoming a published author is that my fanfics take over my life and I have no time left for my originals (although one is experiencing a bit of a comeback and will shortly be going up on! I love writing fics about musicians, especially as their music usually inspires me to write about them (and also explains why most of my fics have songs as their titles).

I have many many many fics planned, so I hope you will enjoy them. My current obsessions are an unhealthy mix of The Mighty Boosh and William Sledd (theYoutube celebrity lol)...And now I have nothing left to say...

O wait, there is one last thing...feel free to add me on Myspace or Bebo ( ; or email me on hotmail at (my MSN address is different)

If you're interested in my music fanfics, they can be found at

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Little Black Dress by Lady Rhapsody reviews
*OLD WORK* (Formerly known as beautiful::irony.) Bulma is a troubled girl swept up in the intrigues of drugs and parties. She is devastated when Yamcha dumps her unexpectedly and finds comfort in her bad habits. Meanwhile, Vejita gets interested... B/V
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Duo needs a haircut...
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