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Personal Information: I have nothing to say. Any personal info such as name, birthdate, home location, age, and gender will not be given out. Try hunting me down in another non-existing demension, than I'll tell you whatever you wish to know.

What I have to say:

I'm putting this here as a little rant so you can choose to ignore it or read it, it's up to you. If you are a guy and have EVER made ANY type of anti-feminist comment towards a female you know, I want you to do this: First, next time you see her, go to her, apologize. Second, do something nice,if you're in school, offer to help her study for an upcoming quiz or test. If you two are dating, take her out one night to do what SHE wants, no complaining from you AND NO comments that would make her feel like you want her just for the way she looks. If she is your sister offer to do some of her chores for her. Is she just someone you happen to know? Do anything nice that you can think of that would make someone feel good, BUT make sure they know you are doing this because you care, NOT because you think they are weak and need help. Third, take the opportunity while completing task number two to once again appologize, be sincere don't laugh or shrug it off, she will think you're just joking around. Fourth, NEVER, EVER MAKE A COMMENT LIKE THAT AGAIN! Also, if you Don't care, than you are the biggest a-- in this universe and NOTHING should ever be accepted as an atonment for your actions and behavior.It's the same as racial discrimination and is not something that you can let slide, it is very serious. Remeber, this is not the 20th century anymore, so you should not act like it is.

Try this:

If you are a married female and you are someone whose husband still lives in the 20th century and expects you to cook, clean, raise kids, keep the house together, and basically expects you to make his happiness your priority, or he's just extremly lazy, try this.

If you spend all your time doing things that he can do and you are tired of it take control: Gather all the suplies for whatever task it is, le'ts say cooking and cleaning their room. Put these suplies in a convienent, easy to reach spot, where he will see them. Next time he asks you to do one of the boycotted jobs, simply point to the suplies and go back to whatever you were doing before he inturrupted. If you must, explain to him that because he is a grown man, he should be able to do the task easily himself and that you would apperciate his help with keeping the house in order.

Now, say he refuse, thinking you will probbably take care of it sooner or later. Well, don't. Leave it like it is.If he really wants it clean he will either find someone else to clean it or he will (hopefully) do it himself. If it's cooking, leave a phonebook near the phone so if he refuse to cook, saying it's not his job, than point to the phonebook and tell him to order in or pick something up. The trick is to not give in, show him that you are sick of being his maid. Sooner or later, he should get the point and than you two can (try) to converse about the problem. (I can't ganruntee that they will talk, being the self-proclaimed gods of the universe and self-centered beings that they are) I can not garuntee that this will work, but it's better than living in misery under male oppression.

Something else I feel must be pointed out. In SF fiction, many people have Krystal and other characters act different than they may seem, for example; Krystal's 'love intrest' is changed from male to female. (I do not use the word lesbian or gay, it just sounds to mean to me) The author than is flamed continueouly by anti-homosexuals or people who feel Krystal should not be portrayed that way. They always write "Krystal is not a 'l-word' how could you write this you sick perv." Most of the time they use chatspeak, write in all caps, etc. What I want to know is where did is specifically say, Krystal is striaght? All the games told us is that she is a blue furred vixen, she is from a planet called Cerinia, her home blew up, and her parents are dead. If that is the case, than who are we to say she is such and such or she can't do this or that? If you find concrete proof of her sexuality, than post it for everyone can see it. Also, her flirting with Fox is NOT a concrete piece of evidence. People flirt, it's natural, just like eating, sleeping, talking etc.That is also far from being perverted, a perv would explain explicit details of certian forbbidin actions. Another thing I have spotted is people telling an author with a 'find Cerinia after so many years fic' like my own, How the Other Half Lives, that the story cannot be happening because Cerinia is blown up. My reasoning is this, how do we know? Was Krystal standing on the planet when it did and she somehow managed to escape? Was she close enough to see what happened? Or was she far away so she only saw a liitle bit and that is what she THINKS happened, but in reality, something else occured. Nintendo tells us it is gone, but they are telling it from the veiw of Krystal, so that could be idea. It's like field of vision; one person standing somewhere can see a certain angle of an event, but someone standing at another angle sees only the angle which they are facing. Krystal only saw one angle, not the whole thing. It is just something to think about before you go flaming or critizing a writer for writing their veiw on an event or piece of info not given.

I have another warning to give to fellow readers and writers; it is fine to not like the way someone else writes. But do not start behaving rudly and all snobbish. For all you know, someone else could hate your way of writing, too.What goes around comes back around so do not get over confident.

Favorite Games:

Star Fox (all)

Dr. Mario

Cel Damage (gc)

Worms World Party (pc)

Favorite Shows:

That 70's Show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewert

Favorite Characters:

Star Fox: Krystal, Fox, Wolf, and Falco (in fan fics if portrayed right, otherwise I hate his guts).

That 70'S Show: Donna, Hyde, Leo, and Fez

Favorite movies:

The Fith Element

Hudson Hawk

Favorite Books: (there are more, just only felt like naming a few)

Artemis Fowl Series

The Sight

Favorite songs: This is a very short list (I could go on forever and ever and ever and...well you get the picture)

We're All Alright (That 70'S Show's theme) - Cheap Trick

Hotel California - Eagles

Life In the Fast Lane -Eagles

Cell Block Tango-Chicago (So what if I'm a bit twisted)

Take It to the Limit-Eagles

The Fly, Elevation, Mysterious Ways, Desire, and Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me- all by U2

Alice's Restaurant -Arlo Gunthrie

Anything by Led Zepplin, the J Geils Band, and Joe Walsh

I also like some songs by Jimi Hendrix, Billy Joel, Steppenwolf, ZZ Top, and Santana to name a few, but like I said this is a shortened list so I won't go any futhur.

Quotes: I felt like putting this up, so there.

Tommy: "Did I miss anything?"

Hawk: "Gates tries to blackmail me, you ask did I miss anything. Gates gets killed, you say did I miss anything. I bet you went up to Mrs. Lincoln at the Ford Theater and said how was the show, did I miss anything?"- Edidie Hawkins aka Hudson Hawk to Tommy 'Five-Tone' in Hudson Hawk

"A name means nothing and yet a name means everything." -Me

"Thou shalt not be a perpetrator, thou shalt not be a victim, and above all, thou shalt not be a bystander."-Holocaust Museum Washington D.C.

Giant Notice To General Public And All Fan Fic Writers: I am looking for someone who would be kind enough to maybe proofread some of my work before I post it on the site becasue let's face it, my grammer skills and spelling sucks! It sucks big time so I'm looking for a little help; any help is apperciated enormously. Anybody willing to help, please let me know. Thanks!

Story Status:

Outcasts in a New World-In Progress

I have once again decided to delete this one and almost completly redo it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

How the Other Half Lives: -Complete Finally, this story is complete! This is the link to the lyrics of Cellblock Tango, the inspiration for this story:

Jaded-Complete This is just a short poem to go with the end of How the Other Half Lives. Jade reflects on the relationship between Fox and Krystal.

Survival of the Other Half-in progress

Chapter 4 is a work in progress. It should be up sometime next month hopefully.. Later on, the Dino language from Adventures will be used so here is the alpha-bet for future reference:



Note: There will be no updates for a while! I am going to spend a long time writing multiple stories that I may or may not post as well as several chapters for already existing stories. I will be busy.

Stories that are worth Mentionig: More to come if I find something worthy of geting a special notice.

The Ties that Bind-Lady Sikerra:

A story that I would call sophistocated. Not only has she written a great plot with wonderful discription, but she is not afraid to take a look at what could be Krystal's more personal ideas and past. Well done and a story for those whose brains can handle mature subjects without flaming or doing the stupid immature gigle. Yeah, you know who you are.

The Little Drummer Girl-Kezztip:

A That 70's Show fic, it portrays a side of Jackie never seen before, well, believably portrays a side of Jackie never seeen before. Many people try and show Jackie as more than just a cheerleader, fashoin guru gal, but somebody who aches to be bad and do what she wants for a change. Most however, don't quite get the hang of it. Not to say their stories aren't good, they just lack a certain something that makes it all seem realistic. That is except this one. This fic portrays Jackie as that kind of a girl with connections to her actions that make her seem all stuck up. A great read if you are a Jackie fan.

Lastly, feel free to drop by a few words. Despite the way things sound, I am actually friendly and I won't bite your head off. (Unless of course you're an anti-feministic, selfish, alduterous, perverted, closed-minded, flaming idiot. Than, for your own good stay far far away, more than 200 yards would be a good start.)

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