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Greetings and Salutations :-)

I am me and my initals are RJB and this is my Computer. So now you know. I live 90 miles from Chicago. I don't live in Lake Michigan. Following Rule Number 3 in MileyWorld's chat rooms, I can not give out personal information. I have found writing stories is and can be more fun then computer games. I have a wide range of music likes because of band. However, I view rap as talking to a rhythm and not singing. I like 50's,60's,70's,80's,90's, and 00's

Sorry there isn't much on here like other pages, but I will give you a better run down of my stories.

1. Out of Town Girl: published 7-18-2006

This is a story about a girl that comes to Malibu for a special doctors appointment. On a side note, her parents are going to take her to see her favorite singer, Hannah Montana. Our trio first meet Maggie in a paper supply store as Lilly gets supplies for making poster for the concert. The next day, Maggie runs away from her parents as the doctor office or the hospital make a mistake and Maggie won't be able to go to the concert. Find out how our trio saves the day for Maggie.

2. The Christmas Concert: published 7-26-2006

Follow Miley through a week of school as the solo for the Christmas Concert is picked. On one hand, Lilly is pressuring Miley to try out and stop Amber from getting it. On the other hand, Miley thinks she has no right to try and get the solo because of being Hannah Montana. Find out what Lilly learns about forcing someone to do something they don't want to do and what Miley finds out about being a normal school kid and not Hannah Montana.

3. The Fifth Album: published 7-27-2006

The fifth album was a goal her mother and manager set to determine just how well Miley's music career was going. However, as Miley starts to make her fifth album, long buried feelings come back to the surface with a venegance. How will Miley be able to cope with feelings she has shut off and not dealt with since her mother died.

4. The Benefit Concert: published 8-4-2006

Maggie's medical conduction has taken a turn for the worse. Our trio feels useless and unable to help. So they set out to find a way to help. At the same time, Robbie Ray does the same thing and finds the same answer our trio finds. So Robbie takes everyone to the Tipton in Boston for a national fundraiser to help Maggie. Find out how the Tipton crew and Miley's crew come together to help each other and to help Maggie. The only thing that no one knows about it the weather as other ideas for everyone.

5. The Stalking of Hannah Montana: published 8-15-2006

Every famous person has had a stalker of one type or another. Oliver was a stalker of Hannah's. However, Oliver was a harmless stalker. After one concert, a slightly unstable person thinks that Hannah is only singing to him becasue she is in love with him. What will he do to prove his worthiness to her and prove his love. Miley learns the hard way that she should listen to the people around her and what happens when you don't.

6. Hannah Montana's Theme Train Vacation: published 8-29-2006

Tracy is having a party. A theme train murder mystery.

7. Your Eyes Are Leaking: published 9-17-2006

Maggie needs an operation that well cure her or kill her. She and her family stay with the Stewarts. Meanwhile over in Boston, a very old eletric grid in the city fails and needs to be replaced. This means no school for a lot of students. Carey decides this is a great time to go and visit some friends in Malibu. Carey even asks Maddie to come with. The week everyone comes is the week of a fundraiser contest sponsored by Hannah Montana. The winning school will win a dance hosted by Hannah herself. Can Jake Ryan help our trio beat the deep pockets of Amber and Ashley's parents to win the contest? What about Jackson and Cooper you ask? They plan on playing in a beach volleyball league.

8. Miley's Story: published 11-21-2006

Jill has an assignment she is not to fond of, write a paper on how you family has influnce who she is. When she starts in the attic, she finds some trunks that are locked up with a stylish HM on them. Jill asks her parents what's in them. They inform her they belong to her great grandmother and she is the only one to tell her about what is in them. Jill isn't that fond of her great grandmother either. On the trip to pick her up from the retirement community, she listens to her favorite singer, Hannah Montana. Travel with Jill as she discovers her family history as her great grandmother Miley relives her life.

9. Welcome To High School: published 2-26-2007

Our trio has maded it to high school. Find out what happens to our trio and Jackson as every settles into the year.

10. The Tale Of Two Girls: published 3-4-2008

Amber as made her life and Ashley's life in high school a mess. Amber blames Miley for her down fall. Ashley blames Amber. Ashley has gone to great lengths to erase the mistakes of her freshmen year. Amber plans on taking revenage against Miley.

You can read all my stories separately. However, Out of Town Girl, The Fifth Album, The Benefit Concert, The Stalking of Hannah Montana, Your Eyes Are Leaking, Welcome to High School, and Miley's Story have characters added to the cast and are developed through out the stories. But you don't really need to read all the stories in order. The Stalking of Hannah Montana, Your Eyes Are Leaking and Miley's Story are my must popular stories. If you ask me, I can't decide between the three of them.

The Stalking of Hannah Montana is my most exciting story.

Miley's Story is my saddest story.

The Out of Town Girl is a very good story that is not appreciated enough because it is a one shot story and not a chapter story.

Please read and enjoy my stories. Thank you.

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