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All Yours – Finished!

Waiting – Finished!

Nothing Really – Finished!

Tradition – Finished!

Mr. Snuggle Muffins – Reviewing

Twitch – Finished!

Moan – Reviewing

Real – Finished!

In Progress

All My Heart– Long ago I had a Beta for this story, but that was long ago. Originally, I was going to have her beta all the chapters and then I was going to update them all at the same time. But my computer died and along with it those chapters. A day or so ago though, I found two of her edits in my e-mail. It is fate. I'm going to edit my story as much as I dare to and then I will write it. I don't know what since I don't know where I was going with this story, but whatever.

This is – Originally, I wanted this to be seven chapters, but fuck that. Chapter six is offically up! Even though I haven't gotten a lot of reviews I did get a ridiculous amount of views on the first day it was up. My hits have declined drastically since then, but I'm still going to finish this story. I am working (slowly) on chapter seven as we speak, uh, write.

Untitled – This is going to be my attempt at a very long, progressive story. It's genres are going to probably be angst/romance or something along those lines. Yes people, angst. I WILL MAKE YOU CRY.

Guilty Pleasures – Title still kind of up in the air though this will probably be the title in the end. Probably going to be Humor/Romance. Definitely Romance. I don’t know how else to put it except that it’s going to be a long story. Again we've got me with tons of random events I want to happen and no real idea how to connect them. I'm just going to play this along as I go and hope it turns out good in the end.

IMPORTANT Announcements

08-25-2009I truly intend to stop writing fanfics after finishing my yet-to-begin- stories. Yeah, I know, worst thing I could have started with, but it’s true. I’ll probably still come on and read stories now and then, after all habits (and addictions) die hard. Plus reading stories here is what actually got me into wanting to write again. Maybe it’ll happen again after these two stories, it probably won’t. Regardless of all that I intend to start two totally new stories soon. I’m probably going to give up on the other two and I’m sorry. Those are my two most liked stories and I’m basically giving up on them. Maybe I’ll finish them; maybe I won’t let’s see how these new stories go. On a side note I’d just like to say that I don’t really care for writing anymore so the fact that I didn’t just delete my account and let things be is a miracle. But I’m rambling and I know that either no one reads my stories anymore or no one cares. So, I’m putting up a new poll because I truly intend to take out my Author’s Notes with Sasuke and Naruto. Does it matter to you guys? Do you like them, hate them, or feel it’s just not my story without them? Pick an answer and maybe send me a message with your feelings. Anyways, slowly every day I’ll try doing something to my stories. I really am sorry. I always start backwards with things and I tend to worry more about the ending than the progress itself which makes plot lines nearly impossible for me. But I’m going to try for you guys. So please bare with me on this bumpy ride and thanks for coming on board anyways. - Lyn

12-08-2010 Here I am more than a year later. You all can thank not only yourselves (my faithful fans) but the people on here who write Draco Malfoy X Harry Potter fanfics. Yes, that's right. I finally gave in and read a fanfic for them even though I believed fully that I would hate it and I fell in love with this pairing. So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm a different person now. I'm not sure if I'll write the same way that you all know and love. But I will keep my convos with Sasuke and Naruto as it seems that some people HAVE been voting on that things and most want me to. This is stil subject to change, all you have to do is vote. So, I'm going to watch Naruto from the beginning and maybe go back and re-read some SasuNaru fics to get back into the SasuNaru writing vibe, and we will see how things go. At the very least I promise some type of ending to my two fics All My Heart and This is I didn't say GOOD endings, but you shall see the finish nonetheless. Lastly, depending on the feedback I get on those stories I may as well start the other two stories that I've been meaning to start for like ever. And who knows, maybe I'll stick around for good and write more stories. Always yours - Lyn

07-19-2011 It is 4:17 am, I am tired as hell, hungry as hell, and I am going to update something, dammit. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING HERE; NOBODY STOP ME. My friend, Kira, is writing again and, dang it, it's spreading to me. I'm even rewatching Naruto to get back whatever feeling made me start liking this pairing. I'm not sure what's going to happen now, but after all this time I am still getting reviews, and hits, and added to people's favorites, and alerts, etc. I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING. IT MIGHT BE SOMETHING DRASTIC. - Lyn

08-20-2011 It's an omen I swear. A very bad one. So, as you may or may not know, I am cursed. Yes, how? Every time I start writing or trying to write fanfiction again, my computer dies. This is the third time this has happened. I lost everything. I was doing so well too! I was already working on the seventh chapter of This is, had like 4 files of notes on Naruto and what I wanted to incorporate in my two new stories, I even started writing some parts to one of them! And everything is now gone. So, please be patient. I will still push forward, but school starts in a week and I am super upset at having lost everything. I am determined to write, but I need to get back my dertermination to start over. - Lyn

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