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'Ello, I am Salvation-ala-mode. If you're wondering why I take my salvation with ice cream, I do suggest that you research Jethro Tull's song, Aqualung.

If you are dying because your story lacks reveiws, or you simply want an objective opinion on a real-life matter, my e-mail is located somewhere on this page. I'm quite happy to help. If you would just like to chat, I also have multipe AIM screennames, and one YIM screen name, both of which are available, also if you e-mail me.

Thank you for coming to my profile, and much love to anyone who decides to read my work.

Things that piss me off:

-'Ships that will never happen (Including slash 'ships)

-People who clamor for reveiws.

-People who say, "This is my first fanfiction so be nice."

-People who are egotistical about their writing abilities (especially if they suck.)

-Flamers in general. If you don't have some thing nice to say, then shut your mouth.

-Fanfics in which James is Head Boy. Althought I have no evidence as of yet that he wasn't, it is implied that to become head boy, you must firest be prefect.


"The earth shook The angels wept. The Polaroids my other coat." -Harrison Ford In Some movie or another.

"I alway knew my mother could kill me. Even when she was in a wheelchair, I knew she could kill me." -A friend

"There is rarely a disagreement where all the truth, all the wrong, and all the angels are on one side." (Or something like that.) John F Kennedy

"The thing about going to war and telling your country that 'God is on our side!' is that the 'enemy' is doing the same thing! I mean, who starts a draft by saying, 'God is completely against us, he's rooting for the other side, we'll all be sentenced to eternal damnation, so go sign up and fight for your country!'"-My History Teacher

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

"I ask people, 'Why take drugs?' And they say, 'Well, drugs amplify your personality.' So I reply, 'But what if you're an asshole?'"
-Bill Cosby, Himself.

With Much Love And Thanks

-Salvation Ala Mode


12/12- Hello to anoyone who reads LPASTBB. I appologise for my recent lack of updates. I have excuses. Recently a good percentage of my so called friends have essentailly abandoned me, leaving me sad, and not very inspired. I only have a handful of peers whom I truely consider my friends, one who attends a school that is not my own. One of the others ones, however confessed to me that she wished to end her life. Bein my spazztic self, I told a teacher, who then told the principal who then spoke to my friend. Later, she told me that she had decided not to commit suicide, but if she was still thinking about it, my telling the school administration would have sent her the other way. This has left me feeling depressed and guilty.

Also my band instructor decided that I would enjoy a jazz solo on a instrument that I have only been playing for half a year in a style that i barely know, for our next concert. Also, my flute choir Christmas concert is fast approaching, and flute evaluations are looming ever nearer. My homework load is piling up on me. It's the holidays and I haven't purchased a single gift, and my birthday is coming up.Needless to say, I'm in a tad bit of a personal crisis in the moment, and I will try to update before Christmas. Keep in mind, that the next chapter, which I plan to make longer to compensate, will need to go through my fabulous beta before I can post it, and that she, however efficient she may be, has a life, which I do not expect her to sacrifice on my behalf.

I will not lie and say that more reveiws on my next update will make me write faster. Thought I love and appreciate reveiws very much, they don't solve any of the problems in my life which prevent me from updating frquently/

Having dumped my entire life and second sob story on my beloved readers shoulders, I depart. Thank you So very much!

Love, Salvation ala Mode.

12/07- If any of you are wondering where I've disappeared to, I do apologise. My life's in a bit of a tangled heap at the moment and I'm trying to smooth it out without getting out the scissors. So bear with me, while I take forever to update. Thank you much.

11/24- Neither Fanfiction or Fictionpress is letting me post anything. )=

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