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1337Nerd's Profile!

Hey everyone, this is 1337Nerd Speaking/Typing!

This is my profile, so why don’t I tell you a bit about me?


Video Games:

RuneScape: Best. Online. Game. Ever. That’s all I can say. I love playing, (Level 106, Name Hiroblade999 for all you other RS players :D)

Nintendo: Um…Nintendo owns Sony? Sony doesn’t have characters like Mario fighting other people now does it? And it doesn’t have Zelda, and Samus, and…and.. TACOS!

Friends: My friends ROOL!

Anna: Like, my best friend dOOds. Annoyed me into getting onto this site, and I’m eager to start writing already!

Ed, Tom, And Kevin: These guys make my day at school, making me laugh and such.. They give me money! (Except Tom :S)

Preston: Know him over RS, and real life when we figured out he lived 10 minutes away from me in real life…


SoccerFootball: GO ITALY! WOOOOOOOO! I like soccer OK?

Squash: Best sport next to soccer, it um…Is like tennis against a wall :D Its fun for all you squash haters!


School: I don’t like school for homework, bullies, ( Yes I get bullied because my name is pretty much true about me ), and boringness-ness.

Flame: I get burnt by flame, please don’t do it, its my first time here!

Spam: Canned meat is gross, kthxbai

Hope everyone likes my stories! (Ill be sure to add to this pro more later :p)