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There is a simple formula/rule for our Yugioh fanfics, and they go as follows:
Tea = evil friendship minion
Yami = "high and mighty" Pharaoh
So if you happen to love these two characters, we're telling you now that these fics will probably bash them!

Deep in the underground vaults and caverns of the Ancient Egyptian Underword, two eccentric little Muses scrawl out bad stories on coughing papyrus scrolls. The good Mystic Muse squeaks and tumbles over a stretching chair, while the evil Dark Mystic Muse smirks, ignoring the trashed scrolls littering their pathetic little home carved out of the cave walls. Yes, these two sad Muses' only point in life was to waste away writing random fanfictions - especially relating to Ancient Egypt!
...As can be told from the fact that they were obsessed enough to live n an underground cave in the Egyptian Underworld in the first place.

Tacted on the wall, which was currently recieving a not-so-kind scowl from the dark Mystic Muse, was a worn out piece of parchment the good Muse had so merrily strung onto the wall.
It read:

Hello all you people in the Outside World!

The Mystic Muses have a horrible fascination with the world of Ancient Egypt, writing, and just strange things in general...and since none of us can think of something witty, smart, or creative to say in this profile, I'll just tell you somethign very important:

We, your little Mystic Muses need reviews in order to survive. Really; it's depressing to have worked hard on something, pass it around to your friends for feed back, get excited about it, then wait for weeks and have not a single review (we're emotionally insecure, but in a good way...if such a thing exists). So, even though you might hate the story, please spare us a review once in a while!


Oh yeah: enjoy the stories! Well, story now; soon to be stories...
And the lack of a profile is totally not my fault, because the darker side of the Mystic Muses must approve of everything this little good Mystic Muse says, or else she's in great big trouble, and people in this "human" world may never here from her again!

Dark Mystic Muse opens one eye:What did you say!
Little Mystic Muse: Whimpers

So seneb-ti, hopefully not for the rest of eternity!

The evil Mystic Muse decided to grant her partner-in-crime's "wish".
She turned to the happily humming, unsuspecting Muse and wacked her on the head with a pencil. Ha ha! The evil Muse crowed, vowing to change the profile later. Revenge is mine! She ignored the fact that it was a very pathetic revenge indeed.

A little bio and background about our stories...

SAT Prep Horror:
To all you High School students out there in America, you know about it, you fear it - your parents have been hounding you about it every day of your life. No one can get out of it, and that includes Ryou and Yugi. Will their squabbling dark's mess everything up; will the SAT Prep tutor go insane?
SAT Prep Horror, by the way, is sort of Mystic Muses pilot one-shot; we plan to make our stories pretty much relate to one another in some way.

Angel Tears:
Derek and Andromeda are two orphans living pay check to pay check - but little do they know that they are the perfect tools for a certain Millenium Rod holder. Kidnapping and enslaving Andromeda, Marik (Hikari)uses her to defeat his mortal enemey, planning to tear her apart too. But things never go as one might suspect, even for Marik...
Ahh! Romance can be hard...

The Demoness Has Purple Eyes:
Sick and tired of having to deal with Ryou's pitiful school, the Pharaoh and his minions, and his host's less-than buff body, Bakura decides it's time to split. Helped by Malik (Hikari), who steals an amulet from his sister's unopened exhibition, Bakura finds a spell to grant his wish. Only someone says the spell wrong, and it reverses, leaving them with a new addition: a sorceress from the tomb robber's past that hates him must as much as he hates her. Poor Ryou; now he has to deal with two insane spirits.
This story is our explaination for how the Yugioh character manage to obtain spell books, travel to the Egyptian Underworld, and most importantly how the dark's get their own bodies. Still, it's not as bad as it sounds - just plain weird!

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